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Return to Wonderland. Poster. by Lora-Vysotskaya
Poster by Lora-Vysotskaya

RETURN TO WONDERLAND  by :iconart-revival:

Here my second part! First time I see a contest with so many winners :love: Congratulations to all the winners!

Check out the Bonus Winner features!

Art Masters:

1st place


Wonderland: Down the hole, we go! (part 1) - WON! by SecretDarTiste Wonderland: The Rose garden (part 2) by SecretDarTiste
Heart of a dragon - print available by SecretDarTiste The sea witch (print available) by SecretDarTiste Tales untold - The pearl of the ocean by SecretDarTiste Between two worlds by SecretDarTiste

2nd place


Return to Wonderland by Cold-Tommy-Gin
Sorrow Smile by Cold-Tommy-Gin Genie In The Bottle by Cold-Tommy-Gin Ladder to Heaven by Cold-Tommy-Gin The Artist's Imagination by Cold-Tommy-Gin

3rd place


The story of Alice by Amaranta-G
Spirits by Amaranta-G The Tree of Life by Amaranta-G The other side by Amaranta-G

Art Mediums:

1st place


this is wonderland by yellowicous
wanderlust by yellowicous Silent Prayer by yellowicous jack and the beanstalk by yellowicous moon child by yellowicous

2nd place


In Wonderland by jiajenn
Koi Mermaid by jiajenn Motherhood by jiajenn Gold Mermaid by jiajenn Blue hair mermaid by jiajenn

3rd place


Red Queen by anais-anais61
Lady with  a  Fan by anais-anais61 New Year2015 by anais-anais61 The New Year 2018 by anais-anais61 Moonlight by anais-anais61 

Art Amateurs:

1st place


Run Run Alice! by Fisch-mit-Ohren
Mr Pestis by Fisch-mit-Ohren Aslan by Fisch-mit-Ohren  Mermaids Tears by Fisch-mit-Ohren

2nd place



3rd place


Alice 2 by annemaria48
The Summer feelings by annemaria48 The drake revenge by annemaria48 The secret 2 by annemaria48

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Thank you so much for the feature, Jessica! :love: ^_^