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Good morning!

Another site...another thief.



From the start I never liked the app because of the low quality of the stickers they had just for fun.

And now It as come to my attention that the app is using my stocks without my consent.

THE USERS CAN UPLOAD whatever they want and people go and use those Stickers to create Art.

I know most use It for fun, but MY stocks are no longer free since 2019 and have NEVER been free to re-share Anywhere.

I downloaded the app again and it seems is basically just like those PNG sites that I keep reporting and warning you NOT to use.

A full on compilation of anything and everything online in pNG format without concern of the legality or the sources of them. Lots of DA stocks there too.


  • Your risk the work getting reported when the owner finds it.

  • Nothing there is legal, most are google crops other people made and are now massively redistributed by those png sites and most dont know there are NOT legal.

And even worst if you are selling it afterwards. You will get copyrighted stricken and the one who payed you will get the legal end of it.


  • Google Is not a stock site, is a search engine that shows you images from all the websites online.

  • Stock, even free stock, comes with a license. The license is a real contract.

  • Public domain doesn't always mean free to use in Art.

More information about LEGAL STOCKS SITES TO AVOID

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Sonia Ammar devil

I'm scared to use any stickers from these apps again. For example, months ago I used these horns, but I don't know if these horns are copyrighted!

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true, I highly recommend changing everything you used from there just to make sure

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Thanks for the heads up , here is 1 using people’s art that is cropped and some of these are being used in art on here being sold as prints and new art . this site is full of stolen art ,they do not check when anyone uploads if you upload to this site they assume you are the owner ,so people should beware as your art could end up being cropped and posted there .

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Hello! exactly my point, nothing there is legit, everything is uploaded by the users and nothing is checked :hmm:

please share this so more can know about it

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Ok , I will . Since you posted a while back I have been doing some research , and even some of the legit sites , have issues and lawsuits against them . As the stocks posted are culled and shared with some of the not so legit sites . It’s a real mess . And DA seems to be fine with people using others art , and making new art , as they are still allowing prints to be sold with the stolen art in them . 😎🇺🇸🌹

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ugh that's just worst :hmm:

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Yea , after what I have read , I’m not sure what sites can be trusted , if you post stocks on 1 site they get culled and shared to some of the others . If you decide later that you want to close the stock account you originally posted too , your stocks could be on others you never knew about . And some of these sites do not require you to prove you are the owner of the picture . Unsplash and pixabay for example are working in a gray area of the law . Some of their things are legit , but some are not . So it’s a hit or miss using things . Unless you do a lot of tracking things down . 😎🇺🇸🌹

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exactly, I rather invest in premium stocks sites than have issues later :hmm:

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Yea , I am very careful , and use things from a few on here who are trusted or I use my own stocks . I have been taking more pics of things and creating my own stocks . 😎🇺🇸🌹

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