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Services website:

- Cleaning of impurities and imperfections.
- Custom Photo montages.

- Deleting people or objects.
- Retouching and color changes, both hair and clothes.
- Book Covers.
- Design of flyers, posters, websites, logos, cards, etc..

Only paypal payments or a Payoneer payment with any credit card. 

Remember to send legal and to use for commercial stock images and not plain photos you find in Google if you have  a specific image you want me to use.

Book Cover Art Website

Send your Idea or stocks to my email with all the info possible to
Using only high quality photos for best resolution. 
-Starting from 50$ depending on the resources used/purchased by me.

-20$ for e-books.

Buy Already made covers -here-

 Anything you want, I will make it possible. Please send you basic idea if you have one or the argument of your story/novel and let me create something just for you.

Photo retouches

Send me a note with your request and to my email the photo you want me to edited or the link to it. Specify colors you want, shape, theme and what you want me to express in it. Please send large photos.
After the payment is done, i'll send it full size to your email. For commercial use the prize will be more but will see after the finished work.
No refunds after the full size work is send.

Book covers
 Lucifers clock waiting for the beast by T. Hayden by StarsColdNight Submerged - The guardians II by S.L.Morgan by StarsColdNight Book cover 81 by StarsColdNight



Before After Jodie 1 by StarsColdNight Removing And Adding Make by StarsColdNight Before After Jodie 13 by StarsColdNight
Crvb Icon 2 by StarsColdNight

 Adding make up by StarsColdNight  24 by StarsColdNight
Changing bg 4 by StarsColdNight  8 by StarsColdNight

Removing items by StarsColdNight  7 by StarsColdNight
Banner 2016 22 1200px by StarsColdNight  Png Logos 4 Copia by StarsColdNight

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TehAngelsCry's avatar
:wave: Hello!
Sorry if I just haven't spotted it, but how much are your book covers? Are they also $5 today? If so, how much are they normally?
StarsColdNight's avatar
:wave: so sorry the late reply, for some reason in did not show up in my message center, Book covers have other prices because of the licensing of the images I may use from other stockers in case you dont provide them, they are 35$, one time payment only for commercial use :aww:
TehAngelsCry's avatar
No problem :hug: Thank you for letting me know :D It's more for future reference really.
creationtakesun's avatar
I have add you to the group : o0-freebies-stock-0o.deviantar… :

here is a group that you can submit your comission : paypal-commissioners.deviantar…
StarsColdNight's avatar

:wave: thank you very much! :hug:

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"Other customize by you we will see the prize then in $"
I guess you meant price?

Full body with background & objects for only 200 :points: ? 200 points, it is only 2 dollars. Dear, you really (!) should value your art and time much higher because it is worth much more :hug:
StarsColdNight's avatar
Oh sorry my bad gramar hehe and when i put a higher price, people dont show up :/ thanj you for the nice words :happycry:
Trisste-stocks's avatar
If it is not a secret, can I ask how much time did you spent on making this work? [link]
StarsColdNight's avatar
Trisste-stocks's avatar
So 2 hours of your time is worth 2$?
StarsColdNight's avatar
believe me i would love to make it more, but well, i need the points and $, is the only way
Trisste-stocks's avatar
Ok. I see, but it's just sad. It's not that people can't affort good art. It's just about their priorities. They rather like to buy a DA t-shirt for 1200 points + shipment than buy your art? Fuck them. Just think of it. I'm sure that among that people who commisioned you are people who spend throw money away for things that they don't relly need. Girls who buy their 10th handbag for 70 dollars. But they pay 2$ for art? Fuck them. But I know that there are still people who value art, even in times when they are flooded by hundreds of thousands of self proclaimed artists. It saddens me that you need 2 dollars so badly that you don't respect your own art. Would you go to regular day job to work 1$ for an hour?
goldielocks30's avatar
Hi, please send me your mail in inbox ;)
darkest of greetings! I hope we can become friends. I have many photos that I would love you to play with!:)
StarsColdNight's avatar
awesome thank you :D
vampiricmistress86's avatar
how long is this for? I would like another commission just need to find the right picture
StarsColdNight's avatar
just till i get all the points i need :) maybe a week or so
vampiricmistress86's avatar
Ok I will try and get a picture for you by friday :)
Little-Ms-Spooky's avatar
Yay Fullbody with background & objects!
FirstDarkAngel2001's avatar
omg omg omg YAY!!!!!!!!!!! *runs off in order to note you*
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