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:w00t: Here my part of the prizes for the winners of the Bad To The Bone - WINNERS contest!
Thanks to all who participated and donated, we had fun! 

1º :devkid-eternity: :iconkid-eternity:
Scullfaced Death by Kid-Eternity
Scary Solstice by Kid-Eternity  Glory of Undeath by Kid-Eternity  The Wizard Dolman by Kid-Eternity  Captain Kirk's Halloween by Kid-Eternity

Skinny by Mesozord
Seeking by Mesozord  Bram Stoker's Noivern by Mesozord  As The Monster Becomes by Mesozord Sick Weez by Mesozord

3º :devwesley-souza: :iconwesley-souza:
Special Night to Kill by Wesley-Souza
Sweet Dreams My Dear by Wesley-Souza  A Wonderful Dream by Wesley-Souza Queen by Wesley-Souza  The Love of Mermaids by Wesley-Souza

Black Bats and Skulls by AngelicHellraiserBlack Bats and Skulls by AngelicHellraiser

Halloween 2014 by reikomiori
bee by reikomiori  king of zombie by reikomiori  sheep by reikomiori  bone by reikomiori

RubyRyn :iconrubyryn:
Little Familiar by RubyRyn
Upwards by RubyRyn  Wonderment by RubyRyn  Lily (WIP) by RubyRyn Hatchling by RubyRyn

3º :devrebeccahirst: :iconrebeccahirst:

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Congrats to the winners! Amazing pieces of Art! :heart: