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Hi! Hellooooo!
So here my part for the donators of the Halloween contest we had!
Thank you sooo very much for this, it would not have succeed if it wasn't for you all Love

Huge special thanks to pumpink gift 2 by StarsColdNightBloomingRoseXeniia pumpink gift 2 by StarsColdNight for donating most of the points we needed! :hug:

Bad To The Bone - CLOSED

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Leo - The Lion by BloomingRoseXeniia
Trapped Water Nymph by Carrion-of-Ro 
The door by Escorpion151195
Happy Halloween by Just-A-Little-Knotty

River Fire: Scene 1 by Subtle-War
Toxic Flow by OpticDeviant Exit the Beast by GraphRicks
Best Wishes for your journey ahead!! by LaviniaChu
The Lilly Witch by VeilaKs
D e s p a i r by BloomingRoseXeniia
J u s t i c e by BloomingRoseXeniia The Journey by ParadisiacPicture

Sunrise Too Quick by Amstef
Naruto: Garaa of the Sand by Jaj2647
 Alone in the Dark by RoseCS
Just a little drop of blood! by LuxBlack
Rose41 by tanzenderengel
B-n-W Ella by CyLexxx
Look Mommy And Daddy.. by EP-EpicSlave
Water Colour Tardis Paint by Tomsworld642 Assassin by Tetrodoxin
Fortune Online_login screen by daveisblue
NoOZA by naradjou14
Kuroshitsuji: Claude Faustus by K-Koji
Black Widow (Not Marvel's :P) by elcaide 

Desolation by shoutsandwhispers
BLOODY by miki-mochi 
The Hobbit: I Dreamt of Erebor by wolfanita
Golden Eagle Exclusives by RockStocks

The Lost Ruins by BloomingRoseXeniia
Cover for book Dioses del Espacio by MariaSemelevich Searching through the darkness below by StarsColdNight
 Slow Decay by KarahRobinson-Art 

Pose Request by Tris-Marie
 Gorgeous Jack-pumpkin head by WeirdSwirl
Tick Tock by DriPoint
Karin Stark by Wesley-Souza
The Last Photograph by ralfw666
Adraga on the rocks by Miguel-Santos
Plufflin by yubbi45

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Hellooooo :w00t:
This blog is to thank all the donators and contributors of contests i hold here :hug: Thank you so much for your help! :love:
All donators receive a llama from me and will be in this list forever :D

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Thank you so much for the feature sweetie, and your more than welcome, you know I love helping out with contests :huggle: