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:w00t: Here my awards, acknowledgments, publishings and dedications! Thank you so much for all the love you give me here and for letting me get this far artistically and mentally. Love you all :heart: :blowkiss:

Art of the week majesticARTS 
art of the week by StarsColdNight Captura de pantalla 2017-02-15 a las 18.01.57 by StarsColdNight


Premio  place place at the Dark fairy contest at  Paranormal-artists.

Premio º1 place at the Short challenge at Wesley Souza contest.

    2013 In my sight You were just in time Premio 1º place en Manip Challenges #005  Photomanipulated contest.

2013  Premio º2 place en Designer of the Month  at TheArtsAbove

Premio artista del mes at Laboratorio Creativo.

Premio 1º place en Da Rebirth contest at DeviantArt.

Premio  Random acts of Kindness contest at DeviantArt.

Premio º3 place en Twins Contest at Deadlulu contest.

Premio º3 place en Winter Queen Contest at Intermediate-Manips.

2011 If today was the last day Premio º1 place en In a Bottle  contest at Photomanipulatorsx3.

Premio º2 place en ​Dreams and Nightmares  contest at Photomanipulatorsx3.

2010  My darkness hunk  º2 place Hunky Dwellers of the Dark at Fantasyhunks.

Interviews Online



      Get inspired Magazine

      Laboratorio Creativo

      Out of the Dark Book

      Galleria San Francesco Aadenianink

ºGet to Know My Muses: Artist Feature

Awards & Achievements
reBirthday Contest Winners!Hi all,
Apologies again for taking so long to post this; I've been under the weather.
In honor of deviantART's 13th birthday, the Photomanipulation community launched a reBirthday photomanipulation challenge! Here, we remade old manipulations with skills we have developed over time. Here are the winners!
:trophy: First Place :trophy:
for a one-year premium membership OR a print up to $30 in value
:trophy: Second Place :trophy:
for a print up to $20 in value

:trophy: Third Place :trophy:
for a print up to $10 in value

:heart: Honorable Mentions :heart:

  Behind The Screens: Interview With StarsColdNightHello, and welcome to another edition of Digitalists new interview series:

Behind the Screens: Digital Art Masters

Through these interviews, we will get an in-depth look into the minds

and careers of DeviantART's most influential digital artists.

Today's featured artist is StarsColdNight

Jessica Nicoll Dueck Dualrte is a 24 year old artist born in Paraguay. She speaks Spanish as a native language but also knows English and German. Her father is Mennonita/canadien and her mother is Paraguayan. She has been married since 2009 and is a full time house wife with time enough to do Photography Editions as a job/hobby, which she does from home. Her personal company is Starscoldnight and she is also a photographer for small events. 
She loves to read novels by Christine Feehan. She says "They are the best in romance, passion and have i
  Random Acts of Kindness Winners and AnnouncementHello, everyone!
As you may or may not know, we had "Random Acts of Kindness Day" in the photomanipulation community for dA's 12th birthday. I hinted at some prizes, and I want to let you know who the lucky winners are!
These individuals all did something awesome for the community, either by being an involved newbie, or leaving a kind and supportive comment, or featuring other deviants on this special day . . . or being awesome by being involved in the community. They all have won a one-month premium membership from Moonbeam13 and the Community Relations Team! Please join me in congratulating them.
They are, in no particular order:




  Staff Feature (edit) + Xmas giveawayHi there The-Average-Alex here
So today i will be featuring some more of the Digital-Art-Club staff.
StarsColdNight (aka ~Jessica Duek)
Jessica has made herself known as an extremely active member of the deviantart community, regularly hosting competitions, live streaming, writing tutorials, sharing amazing stock and other resources as well as creating beautiful artwork. She has been a great asset to Digital-Art-Club and has helped make sure that everything stays under control when it comes to voting as well as helping with the general administration side of the group.
She was promoted to the status of an admin because she truely cares about the deviantart community, and even though she runs many other groups such as HighQualityArt, Supernatural-art and others she still manages to have the time to work on her own artwork, her own personal competitions and the rest of us here at DAC.
Jessica excels in the field of photo manipulation an

TEMPLUM MAGAZINE ISSUE 7 by StarsColdNight aRt's Creation magazine #7 feature by StarsColdNight photoshop creative uk Issue 124   by StarsColdNight CosWise Magazine Issue 5 (Dark Art Issue) by coswisemagazine Photoshop Creative 99 by StarsColdNight Out of the dark book by StarsColdNight Photoshop creative issue magazine 169 by StarsColdNight
get inspired magazine issue by StarsColdNight  Submerged - The guardians II by S.L.Morgan by StarsColdNight  Lucifers clock waiting for the beast by T. Hayden by StarsColdNight 


Ghost by StarsColdNight  Cadence Of Her Last Breath commission 2 by StarsColdNight  Swamp GnD cards by StarsColdNight  swamp VI BG by StarsColdNight  Swamp V premade By by StarsColdNight
Madness is the Finish Line Commission GnD cards by StarsColdNight


 Suggested by Aeirmid and Featured by kuschelirmel




The suggester writes, "What I love the most about it is the motion, I feel the energy floating just by looking at it!" Please enjoy Breaking inside by =StarsColdNight, a stirring piece from an artist who is not only incredibly talented, but also goes out of her way to give back to the community. This piece deserves your attention, but be sure to see her other ones, too. (Suggested by XilaPhoenixArt and Featured by Aeirmid )


Good gone Bad by StarsColdNight 
 Featured by Emerald-Depths 



Lights fractals by starscoldnight by StarsColdNight
This beautiful set of fractals will be very useful for artists creating a mixed media piece.  Lights fractals by starscoldnight by StarsColdNight ( Suggested by KPEKEP and Featured by CelticStrm-Stock



I can feel the change inside by StarsColdNight
 Featured by AbbeyMarie 


Come set me free by StarsColdNight

Come set me free by StarsColdNight is a piece created with attention paid to all the small details, with the artist skilfully using lighting effects to tell the viewer an intriguing story. ( Featured by Gejda )

Won 2º place at the Designer of the Month



Editors choice february 2013  


Artist of the month may 2013 Laboratorio




Inspiration Featured 4 by StarsColdNight Inpiration Featured Magazine 3 by StarsColdNight
Inspiredmagazine 1 by StarsColdNight Inspiredmagazine 2 by StarsColdNight





Dark & emotional art Artist features º2 



 -Inspired Magazine Featured 2  - Inspired Magazine Featured 3  -Inspired Magazine Featured 4  -Inspired Magazine Featured 5 
Daily Inspiration #1384
Daily Inspiration #1383
Daily Inspiration #1381
Daily Inspiration #1374
Daily Inspiration
Inspiration Featured 3
Catalog Artists of the Month 2013
Daily Inspiration #1342
ispirazionegrafica fractals features
 Daily Inspiration #1333
 Daily Inspiration #1342 

Daily Inspiration #1251

 Daily Deviation º4 

Daily Inspiration #1221

Daily Inspiration #1222

Daily Inspiration #1209

Daily Inspiration #1179

Monthly features

Inspired Magazine Featured 1
Reached 1000 likes!
Pic of the day
Daily Inspiration #1173
Blog featuring my recent work!
Daily Inspiration #1162
Daily Inspiration #1161
3000 watchers at DeviantArt
Daily Inspiration #1143
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Daily Inspiration #1134
Pic of the day
Artist of the day! Paraguay
Daily Inspiration #1123
Daily Feature Award
Daily Inspiration #1106
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Pic of the day 2
Daily Inspiration #1066
Daily Feature Award
Artist of the month - February
Daily Inspiration #1046
Daily Inspiration #1026
Eye candies 13 2013
Daily Inspiration #1010
Daily Inspiration #1011
Daily Inspiration #1009
Daily Feature Award
Daily Inspiration #998
Exposition in the gallery san francesco
3º Daily Deviation
Eye Candies 2013 11
Get inspired magazine
Daily Inspiration #983
Daily Inspiration #982
Daily Inspiration #981
Daily Inspiration #980
Daily Inspiration #979
Eye-Candies 10
Daily Inspiration #968
Top Poster October
Daily Inspiration #966
Eye Candies 2013-09
Eye-Candies features
Daily Inspiration #939
Pic of the day at onlyunique
Pic of the day at onlyunique
Won 2º place at DA Rebirthday contest
Daily Inspiration #900
Daily Inspiration #886 portfolio featured
Daily Feature Award portfolio featured
Seniority Announcements - August 2013 by $fourteenthstar on deviantART
Daily Inspiration #879
Book Featuring amazing artists, including some of my works
won first place at Manip Challenges #005
Daily Inspiration #809
Daily Inspiration #806
Daily Inspiration #805
Artist of the Month May
Daily Inspiration #780
2200 watchers at
Published in Photoshop Creative Issue º99
Won 2º place at the Designer of the Month
Editors choice photoshop creative
daily inspiration 694





Won 2º place at the Merfae contest 
Daily Deviation º8 Story Weaver Fae


Your Plan by creativemikey La cancion de tu recuerdo by DanielPriego 
 Day 60: Commission - WIP by Caedy sunset wood by L-A-Addams-Art  Dahlia flower by Nexu4 The Descent by vampirekingdom Revenge by vampirekingdom Vampire Jessica-Dark Sleeping Beauty by Darkest-B4-Dawn Spoiled Kitty  by KarahRobinson-Art  


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Wonderful works, Congratulations!:love::iconwhiteroseplz:
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thank you very much :hug:
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WoW ... congratulation ... all pics are so beautiful! :heart:
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thank you very much :hug:
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Excellent works:clap: Congratulation :party: Your prices are much deserved!!!
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thank you very much :hug:
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Congrats :) they're very Beautiful works :wow:...Keep it up ;)
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thank you very much :hug:
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you're welcome :)
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