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the sublime six by starsandpolkadots the sublime six by starsandpolkadots
Don’t like? Don’t comment.
Critique or any other "helpful" comments are not desired. Why not? I'm only drawing for fun! The very minute I need help, I'm going to ask and/or look for it, thanks!


Actually, there's nothing sublime about these six but I still love them like mad. :D

First row:
Charlotte "Charlie" O'Connell (nee Kreutz)
James Dashiell Hoffman
Kieran Niall O'Connell

Second row:
Orla Deirdre O'Connell
Declan Cathal O'Connell
Michael Theodore "Mick" O'Loughlin III

I have many O'Connells in my universe, lol. Also, quite a bunch of supporting characters whom I don't love any less and whom I want to draw in this style as well but that's gonna take a while.
These six above are the ones you'll see/read/hear most about.

These fellas belong to me and only me and I love them dearly. Heart
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TheEccentricCitric Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is a late comment. But you know, that's ok, because I still love these just as much as I did when I first saw them oh my goddd....

How're you so good I'm just...there's so much to admire about your art each time that I never know where to begin?? The colors? Poses? Expressions? Lightning? The amount of character you show in just headshots??? Not to mention the uniqueness between each of their character features, making them all such distinct people. also I still love the outfits you always decide on for your characters and how well they fit everyone jdalks Everytime I see these I always have to stop and just admire them for so long jalkdsad. You really have become such an inspiration to me, I almost wanna draw some fun headshots of my characters, too, and work on expressing mine as well as you do yours!

As always Charlie is the most beautiful lady I've ever seen and those CURLS are so well drawn aaah!! AND JAMES you're still such a cutie!! ;3; I think his style is my favorite haha, but he's also the one I think I know least about! Tell me your secrets James! Kieran is such a cutie showing off his wedding ring and of course I'm gonna scree over the O'Connels and their adorable freckles and beautiful ass hair h ow. ORLA'S IS DEF MY FAVE HERE THO!! Something about the pose, expression, her hairrr, the tattoo, it's all so beautiful and she's such a gorgeous lady oml!! ;3; I think hers is the one I admired most because there's so much to love aah...THEN THERE's MY BOYS DECLAN AND MIKE kdajlksd Declan's pose is ADORABLE, I just wanna give this guy a hug!! x'D And Mike I've never noticed but you have really pretty hair, too!! And I love his eyes kdjaklsd :'D 

this is the longest comment I could've ever left I'm s o sorry I just really love these!!
ArtisticSodaPop Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
AH each character is so beautifully drawn with their own personality radiating off their amazingly done expressions! Each one different from the other.
starsandpolkadots Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2018
Super late reply but THANK YOU SO MUCH! :heart: Oh man, that really means A LOT to me. :D Those are awesome things to describe artwork with. Oh man. I'm super happy! :heart:
fvhn Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2018
Oh man, you have a super neat style <3 I love this!
starsandpolkadots Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2018
Thank you sooooo much! :heart:
Psicomma Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2018
"nothing sublime about these six" ExCUSE ME?? O.o
I am in love o.k? They make me lose my French (literally lol) and my English too, that's how awesome they are.
Also the art itself is sublime, I really love what you did with the shading, it's so lovely and nice to look at (as usual ofc, but there's a really smooth contrast here that really makes them come alive without being overly dramatic and that's amazing tbh)
starsandpolkadots Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2018
Ahmagawd, that was KIND of what I was going for with these? I didn't want those flat portraits anymore. Still like them but I wanted something different so I decided to add at least some dimension and I am SO HAPPY it worked! :D :D Aw Psi. That was an amazing comment and I'm still so happy you like my bunch! ;____; :heart:
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