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pub council (meeting Mina, part IV) by sannekrueger, visual art

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Hi you lovely folks, and welcome to my universe of original characters! :D

First of all - I am not writing a book and I am not making an ongoing comic either and, at this point, I don’t have any plans in either direction!

So, how does this work then?

My universe centers around Orla and Declan O’Connell, a pair of Irish twins, as well as their friends, family and countless acquaintances. The two live in Galway, which is also the main setting!

This universe of mine takes place just now, in our world and our time. Means: I play these characters real time! However, I do write fiction and reserve my right to come up with fictional places, locations (such as my gang's favourite pub and clubs and restaurants... you get the idea), people, elements of pop culture and whatnot but generally speaking: I consider my universe "slice-of-life" fiction that happens in our very real world. (So, world affairs such as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic happen in my universe, too!)

All my OCs have pasts, presents and futures, like any normal person has. They enter and leave romantic relationships, maintain friendships and live their lives just like all of us do. Some of them do have an ‚endgame‘ partner (mainly speaking about Orla and Mick here), but they will still date other people on occasions until they eventually end up with them. Nothing in my universe is static, my peeps’ lives progress like ours do which means they also age like we do (hence their very specific birth dates). So: Being born in October 1992, Orla and Declan are 27 in most of 2020. They were 26 in most of 2019... and will be 37 in most of 2030. You get the drift. :D

When I started this universe some time in... late 2010, Orla and Declan were still teenagers and the cast was a slightly different one. Some of you may remember names such as Jill, Holly, Jerry. Those people aren't really written out but they no longer appear, I have moved on from their stories a while ago already and there is no longer any in-universe progress for them. Charlie, James and Kieran are also still very much part of the universe (much more than the aforementioned characters) but they no longer regularly appear either. My focus really has shifted to the twins and their friends. (Charlie and Kieran are married and living in Dublin together, and they are expecting their first child this November 2020. James has moved back to Brisbane/Australia a while ago, as I had it always planned for him, and he has finally found some piece. They're all good, I promise. Charlie and Kieran might have some cameos, though. Especially Kieran is still my heart and soul, as he's also the twins' older brother! I will never fully let them go. <3)

I don’t always follow my own timeline and I draw and write scenes and situations as they come to my mind. I have bits of a general progress mapped out (reaching far into the future in parts, up to having somewhat of a "Next Generation") but it’s all very raw and I build my world as it comes to me and I also happily embrace new impulses as they come. As my universe has been going on for 10+ years now and I love thinking about past AND future events, I sometimes jump back and forth in time! I will always try to make that clear by putting dates into my captions but I also understand that things can be confusing to anyone, especially new people, so if you are confused (and curious), don’t hesitate to ask! :)

Some quick notes:

* I don't do requests or trades!

* Please don't thank me for faves! You're welcome!

* I have no use for Llamas, especially not when you're only giving me one so you get one back. Not into that, thanks!

* Critique/negativity/hateful comments are not desired! I'm doing this for fun alone and I do not long for 'help to improve' (and when I do, I have my own sources to go to). If you don't like what you see here, that's perfectly fine, but in that case please just move on to something you like better instead of wasting your time by leaving me any comments of disapproval.

Thank you for respecting! :)

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Thank you so, so much for the watch ! I am extremely honoured  Rabbito Blush
Not at all a problem! :D For some reason I never managed to check out your art (on IG) before and now that I did, I just HAD to watch. :heart:
Panda Emoji-32 (Happy Blush) [V2] This is makes very happy :hug: 
Hey there, oh my gosh, thank you so much for the watch! I feel honored to be watched by such a talented artist haha 😍
Hope you like my stuff