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Style test (not much of a difference really)

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Marie tends to be my test dummy with everything. :dummy:

This is the style I was talking about in my journal. And as this title states, there is not much of a difference with my style and the one i'm trying to achieve right now. Eventually I'll get there....eventually. :lol:

Also, sorry for the crappy lighting. My camera sucks no matter what I try to do for it to look better. ^^;

Marie and art belong to me~
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Loving it!❤️
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I can see a difference.  Looks kinda like you're going for more of a...chibi style?  That's the best way I can describe it.  The hands could definitely use some work.  I'd say that's the only sore spot on this drawing.

Also, I can understand the frustration of a crappy camera + bad lighting.  It's easier to fix than you think.  I did this with just my phone's picture settings but could probably do more if I used an actual photo editor. (I just removed the color and changed the exposure.) Idk if it looks better to you.
Untitled by Lali-Lop

An example of my own:
Untitled by Lali-Lop  <--Underexposed picture (dark but keeps color--can be corrected)
Untitled by Lali-Lop  <--"Good" lighting (brighter but removes color--can't be fixed much)
Rose and Pearl by Lali-Lop  <--Underexposed picture + color/exposure correction (done in Photoshop)
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Yeah, hands have always been the biggest struggle for me lol.

And actually, yeah, that does look better. Thank you ^^;
I'll have to take a look into the phones settings then ;w;
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