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>>My Gallery<<

21 | Female | Digital Artist | Indiana, USA :flagus:
Animal Sciences (Pre-Veterinary Medicine) Major

Terms of Use for my Artwork: Most of the time I am willing to allow people to use my artwork for non-commercial purposes only (unless, of course, it is a commission that you pay me to draw for your use), but you must ask first (please send me a note). You must then post credit to me next to each of my drawings, linking to my art page.

Luna: Animated Icon by Yellow-K9
By Yellow-K9

Commission Information

Commission status:

Unlimited slots are open! Please see the journal below.


Paypal | Points with Commission widget

You can see the prices here:
2018-2019 Commission Info!Commissions are open again! ~ Please note the changed prices! <3
Hey guys! It was time for an update to my commission info, so here it is! Prices have been adjusted a little to compensate for paypal fees and the time I spend working on commissions. :)
Commission status: Open! Slots are currently unlimited.
Commission completion time: Up to 1-2 weeks due to college starting again. It may be shorter if you are at or near the top of my list!
Methods of Payment: Paypal (USD) and Points!
How to request a commission: Please check out my available commission types and prices below to decide what you would like to commission from me. Then, fill out one of the forms below and send it to me as directed.
Commission Types: 
Listed below are the types of commissions I offer, as well as examples of what I can do. :3 I have done hundreds of pixels at this point, so feel free to check out m

For USD conversion, 100 :points: = $1

_______________Policies & Info________________

I am currently an Animal Sciences major with a pre-veterinary concentration in college, and I am not only taking classes, but also volunteering and working. Because of my busy schedule, sadly it may take a while for me to complete commissions. However, do not be afraid to contact me at any point asking me for a status update on your commission! I will happily give you an update on your commission. Once you have sent payment, your commission is 100% guaranteed! However, if you think the wait is too long, I will happily provide a refund as long as I have not started on your commission yet.

As a general rule, I usually ask for payment before I start the commission. This makes bookkeeping more organized on my end, so I know who paid. I used to take payment upon completion of the commission, but I had people who would take the commission and never pay. However, I understand if you have had bad experiences with other artists in the past and you are afraid to send payment beforehand. If you have any concerns about this, please contact me and we can make an arrangement! :3

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me! <3

Commission Waitlist

Angel Pixel Doll [Personal] by Starrypoke
_______________Waiting List________________

Commissions will be completed in the following order.

Notice 1/28: Commissions are going a bit slower this week due to several assignments and exams coming up. I will be working on commissions this week as much as possible, but not as often as before. If you would like an update on the status of your commission, or any questions, feel free to note me!

Waiting time: 3 days to 1-2 weeks
1. renevene - journal √
2. WindWaken - note √
3. stargazng - journal √

About Me

About Me

By Blusagi

Hi there, my name is Sarah! I am a senior at Purdue University, studying Animal Sciences with a concentration in pre-veterinary medicine. I hope to become a veterinarian, but I will always stay in touch with my artistic side! c: My passions include science, animals, art, and all kinds of fandoms (check out my stamps, lol). My life is almost constantly busy, so I can be slow in replying to comments/notes/etc. and completing commissions during those hectic times. But I will do my best to get on DA in any free time that I have. <3

Feel free to message me any time about anything! I enjoy talking to and getting to know all of you wonderful people. <3 If you have any questions about the process of creating art, if you want advice about anything, or even just want to vent about something (it doesn't have to be art related), don't hesitate to contact me!

Computer: iMac & Macbook Pro
Tablet: Wacom Intuos4 Wacom Cintiq 13HD
Program: Photoshop cs6
Traditional: Prismacolor Premier Pencils
Pixel | Digital drawing | Traditional drawing

:bulletpurple: Luna Lexy Grace- Female AKC White German Shepherd
:bulletpurple: Pepper- Female Bearded Dragon
:bulletpurple: Tigger & Sylvester - Rescue kitties!

My Other Webpages

Social Networking

Feel free to follow/add me! c:





Hey all, I have just a couple of updates regarding commissions. :) First off, this will be the last week my commissions are open for a while, as I have several exams coming up. If I have responded to your commission request and you still want it, please respond asap so that I am able to get your commission to you while I have the time. <3

Second, it was brought to my attention that some of the prices in the description of my commission widgets didn't match the cost that the commissions were listed for (I forgot to update the description with the price when I changed it about a year ago, and I didn't realize it until someone pointed it out just now). It should be updated now. :3

Also, I wanted to make a clarification about one of my policies that I never really stated in my commission journal. Many times, commissioners will link to a pixel commission I have done in the past, and ask that I draw their character with a similar pose/animation. This is totally fine and I think it helps me get a better idea of what you want. :) However, I had someone ask me recently if I would recolor a commission I did for someone else to match their own character. I draw each commission from scratch, unless it is a base that I create specifically for recolors (which I don't do that often), so that way each commissioner gets a unique pixel. I think it could be disrespectful to a commissioner if I just took the artwork I originally drew for them and recolored it for someone else (and it would also look lazy on my part). People generally want a pixel to be unique to them so it stands out as an avatar, page doll, etc. So, yes I will gladly draw a pixel for you with a very similar look to a pixel that you reference me to, but I won't copy it pixel for pixel. I think this helps make the overall quality of my art better, allows me to improve my drawing skills, and respects the commissioner. This doesn't happen often so it really isn't a big issue, but I wanted to put it out there just in case it comes up again! ^^


Animated 50x50 Pixel Icon
Commissions are open! Feel free to send a request!

This is for a 50x50 pixel icon with an animation of your choice. I can do barking, bouncing, tail-wagging, etc, as well as a combination. It can't be too complex, though, because I have to be able to keep it under the 14kb limit for DA avatars. Feel free to note me and ask if you have any questions. These icons are great for use as avatars on DeviantArt or wherever you choose. By default I draw in a white border surrounding the lineart of your icon so it is sure to show up on any background. If you would rather not have this border, or would like to have it in a different color, please specify. Please send good references and/or a description of what you would like your icon to be.

Note: I can do linked icons for you if you want (1,500Points each). Please send in a new commission request for each icon.

I will also accept direct payment by PayPal. If you are interested in sending me money through Paypal instead of using points, please contact me by note. This icon would be $15.00 + paypal fees.
100 x 100 Animated Pixel Icon/ Journal Doll
Commissions are open! Feel free to send a request!

This commission is for one 100 x 100 animated pixel icon. These are very similar to my 50 x 50 animated pixel icons, except they are even better because they have much more detail. :3 They are great for use as avatars on other websites, such as FurAffinity.

I draw a 1 pixel white border on these by default, so your pixel can be seen on all colored backgrounds. If you would like me to leave the border off, or make it a different color, please let me know.

Please let me know if your icon needs to be under a certain kb limit; this way I can be sure to keep it within range. More complex animations require more kb, however, so please take that into consideration when ordering your icon.

If you want two of them, to be couple icons, please send in two of these commission requests as they are still 2000 :points: each. If you do choose to ask for couple icons, I will post a 200 x 100 gif of them as a deviation, and send you the separate 100 x 100 icons.

You may also choose to pay with Paypal. This would cost $20.00 USD +paypal fees. In that case, please send a note with a description of what you would like.

Please be specific with what you would like the animation to be of, and please give me links to references of your character if you have them.

I can do headshots or full body pixels, just let me know what you'd like. :D
Pixel Journal Doll (150x150)
Commissions are open! Feel free to send a request!

This is for a pixel journal doll that is 150x150 pixels. It's like the 100x100 pixels, but bigger and better. ^^

My specialty in animation is bouncing and blinking, but I can do other animations as well, feel free to ask. :3 Other animations include barking, tail-wagging, etc; not anything too complex though, please. 

You may also choose to pay with Paypal. This would cost $25.00 USD + Paypal fees. In that case, please send a note with a description of what you would like.

Please be specific with what you would like the animation to be of, and please give me links to references of your character if you have them. I can draw dogs, cats, and dragons the best, but I can also draw other animals; just not people. :)

Comment Rules

Please do not ask for points.
I don't have enough points to donate to everyone, and when I donate to one there will be others that ask me for points as well; it has happened before. It isn't fair to everyone, because I'd eventually run out of points to give, and plus, I work very hard to get the points I have. Sorry, I am not trying to be mean. If I could give out points to everyone, I would. :c


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Hey, just a question. What program or app do you use to make the pixel work? I wanted to make some of my own but I haven’t seen any good programs. 
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galexiux Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hey these are a few months old but I found someone thats selling base adopts of your f2u icon linearts

Head Flop YCH OPEN - Unlimited Slots - by Marquez0725 Bouncy Pupper YCH OPEN - Unlimited Slots - by Marquez0725

plz feel free to hide this comment if you want. I just wanted to let you know since thats against your terms in the original base posts
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LegendLC Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2019  New Deviant Hobbyist Interface Designer
I wish I could do a commission with you but I don't have enough points and I cant pay you money because this is on my school account.Waaaah! 
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bulldyke Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
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I admire your pixel art so much *^* You truely are talented. 
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