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Star Sparkle

YAY SMUDGE TOOL! Also, if you dont understand why its smudged, pink cloud bonds flesh and other things permanently fusing them for all eternity.
Star Sparkle is the mother of Twilight Sparkle, and she was in Canterlot when the megaspells fell and survived the fallout, turning into a Canterlot Ghoul. She lives near Stable City but she is shunned by its inhabitants due to her daughter's involvement in the creation of the alicorns. She also owns one of seven Twilight Sparkle statuette's.
She is fused to a wheelchair, unable to properly use her rear legs for walking anymore, she knew Steelhooves from before the war and speaks with Littlepip and her friends during their visit to Stable City.
She inadvertently ignored her daughter in the years following her move to ponyville, focusing on Shining Armor, as he was not only closer, but more involved in her life, leading to a distant relationship that she has regretted severely for the rest of her "life", and has attempted to make up for it by besically creating a shrine to her daughter, giving her the love that she never got to truly give.
FoE (c) Kkat
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Her semi-canon name is Twilight Velevet, but you can use your own headcanon name if you wish.

And this description fits Fo:E perfectly.
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one of the saddest ghoul stories ever
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Holy shit. Poor thing. :C
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Being permanently fused to a wheelchair must suck.
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Then again it would be kinda fun to push her down a flight of stairs. :iconevilgrinplz:
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She's dead already.
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Aww I wanted to push someone down a flight of stairs. :(
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I am now sobbing. Not as much as when she died though.... T_T
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Gotta say you did a really good job with this. ^^

... and I'm going to have a sad now.
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When I mean have a sad, it's because of what happens to Star Sparkle. ;~;
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Hey, I didn't mention that she died before anything in her lfe could chang
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