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"I was traumatized. I mean, I'm going to have nightmares of this forever. I'm going to need therapy. And as horrible as this sounds, my first thought was 'that will never come out of his apron!', Because he was wearing that lovely yellow one with the..." ~Chapter 28
"Not that I don't love her, but when a filly's cutie mark is a glass of hard apple cider..."~Prologue

Littlepip's mother is a unicorn mare living in Stable 2. She has been described by her own daughter as the "town drunk" of the stable and often tends to self-victimize in order to get attention. Her cutie mark is a glass of hard apple cider, which is likely the result of underage drinking.
In Chapter 28, Littlepip is reunited with her mother, who is actually slightly disgusted at the sight of her runaway daughter. She uses this as an excuse to down another drink and complain about how she will need therapy to "get over" the Steel Rangers' attack on Stable 2. Velvet Remedy becomes enraged by her outrageous statement and general lack of compassion for her own daughter's return and strikes Littlepip's mother, reminding her that there are ponies in the Wasteland who are much worse off.
I chose these colors by fiddling with Littlepip's most common fan interpretation colors, and combining what I liked. Her name is never given, but I call her Appletini. Because little+alcohol.

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Just send her off to Gin Rummy, maybe her very distant cousin from Stable 99 will set this mare straight at last?
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I bet that her "special talent" is being able to win in a drinking contest against Dionysus himself (that is to say, Appletini's liver is so resilient that she can literally out-drink the patron god of alcoholic beverages).
human-groveback's avatar
I once saw a picture from a "gamer Trixie" blog. When the Great & Powerful 1 played Minecraft, an exploding Creeper caused her HEADSET to explode in real life (complete with singed face). She shouldn't have gotten her gaming equipment from Hengst Co. (or as the human world equivalent is called, Mann Co.).
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That was me too XD
human-groveback's avatar
You do know what Mann Co is from, right?
ArtFlicker's avatar
Man, what a jerk of a mother...reminds me of my own.
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That's gotta be a disappointing cutie mark to get.

"Does it mean I'm going to be a brewer?"

"Not exactly..."
StarryOak's avatar
Yeah, that's gotta suck
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Don't see a lot of art of her laying around, nice to see some visualization.

Been awhile since I've read FO:E and I'm drawing a blank, isn't she supposed to be a direct descendent of (Spoilers people) Applejack?
Kim-Fareseed's avatar
Most of Stable 2 is linked to the Apple family.
StarryOak's avatar
Yep! And Sweetie Belle, if you think about it.
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have you listened to FoE yet?
StarryOak's avatar
No, but I've read it
coyotecyb's avatar
got 8 of the chapters done and 9 is on the way - here is 4 just to randomly see what you think…
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Well, we can guess that a certain earth pony mare made it into Stable 2 before the bombs hit :)
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Probably, yes.
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I hate that bitch.
I'm gonna go in PhotoShop and mutilate this picture out of pure spite.
StarryOak's avatar
....please don't post it
ShaboomBanana's avatar
I'll probably just share it with my friend, who hates that whore as well.

Still though, nice vector! Looks a little bitmappy around the edges though.
StarryOak's avatar
Uh, it's not a vector XD. I'm flattered that everyone thinks my drawings are vectors, but they're all without anti-aliasing.
ShaboomBanana's avatar
Oh...*shifts eyes* well it's bitmappy around the edges...
StarryOak's avatar
I have absolutely no idea what you mean.
ShaboomBanana's avatar
It has jagged edges. It's not a fluent curve.
Well, it is a fluent curve, but I can see some small fraying on the very edges of the image.
Just some sort of criticism is all.
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