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Mr. Hayao Miyazaki's famous movie "Laputa".
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You make the characters so soft and cute! >w< I love this movie.
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these robots are like us under the steel;loving and warm,but willing to kill to defend their home and themselves. doing all they could in defending laputa against in evil man bent on the power to live eternally,fallen by his own pride as we all relate to one or another character,if not,all of them.
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i swear i saw laputa a day or 2 ago.. clouds in the exact shape of it..what if it really exists..?
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I wish I could visit it^^
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me too, get away from the worlds troubles,just be one with nature at 30,000 feet,nobody judges you,offends you,or harms you likethey do at ground zero.
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oooooh the little creature from Nausicaa :)
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Beatuful picture :)
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How lovely :) Very sweet; excellent work.
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This is absolutely amazing!! I love it!!
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You're welcome!!!!!
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beautiful *-* i love this movie!
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I know this is an old piece of yours, but I'm so glad I found it. I love this movie and am always happy to find artwork on it. As usual, the colors are really nice and I like how you have the background more out of focus, which really helps center the attention on the kids and the robot. And nice job on showing the metallic texture of the robot!
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Thanks! I love this movie very much too!!!
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i love this movie too much it was one of my childhood movies that i will never forget :')
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