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A year ago, I got an amazing job. It was perfect for me. And at the same time, the perfect man came into my life with his beautiful one-year-old daughter. He got a job at the same place. And everything was perfect.

Then everything changed. The company started growing. And we weren’t growing fast enough for them. We both lost our jobs. I had two jobs after, but lost those too, due to miscommunications on the employer end and (surprisingly) not on my end.

And now?

We’re broke. We’re running on fumes, day-to-day getting money by turning in bottles or selling our personal belongings. Our parents can’t (or won’t) help. We’ve received an eviction notice, and need to be out by July 1st.

That little girl I mentioned? Her life is about to be completely changed. She is going to lose the place she has learned to call home for a year of her short life (she is two now). We’re struggling to even find a place to move to because our current landlord isn’t working with us to make a payment plan or anything. Even telling him we have nowhere to go received an “I don’t care.” We were paying him $800  a month, plus EVERYTHING else (oil, electricity, land maintenance, and trash removal.) which put us at $1200  a month just to live there. 

So why am I telling you this? Because for once in my life I am asking— begging— for help. I hate it. It is tearing at me. I want to delete every word I have typed but I. Need. Help.

So here’s the deal. I set up a Paypal, in hopes that my amazing online community could help me out. If this was just me, I wouldn’t be asking. But the perfect little girl I have grown to love so much doesn’t deserve to have her life get fucked up because life screwed me over.

My paypal email is:

Please, please, please. Anything you can do helps

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I totallyget that situation
freakishly my family was in a very similar situation asking for help
we had this house this business in another place another time then we lost it all bank took the house and we had to move but that didn't work too well either pretty soon we were headed into an eviction we almost landed directly into the street
G-d was watching out for us in the end we found a place to live and its still hard as hell but my dad got a job after years of trying to find one and we hang in there barley get by but we manage somehow
I guess I told you this cause I know what it was like for me and my parents and I had never felt so alone in my entire life.
I want u to know that u are not alone and G-D WILL HELP U somehow just don't ever give up it will all be ok it has to be ..............lastly I don't know ur daughter but if u could kiss her on the head for me and tell her all will be have a family and in the end that is what truly matters the most that and belief in G-d .
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Thank you. Your kind words and encouragement... your personal story. It's so helpful. Really. Knowing that someone understands this. Knows that it is so hard and discouraging. It makes me feel like I have hope to get through this all.
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I am so glad that I can help even if its just a little bit ...............................
how is your situation now?
I wish I had money to help you but I don't have any we can barley get by ourselves
I could give you a llama
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Oh my.. I didn't know that things were so tough for you :huggle: I recently got a job and if I can help in any way once I start, I will. Keep your chin up hun, you're all going to get through this :heart:
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Thank you, darling. We found a place, but neither of us have jobs yet. Pretty much selling our stuff on Craig's list and facebook to pay for gas and stuff xD It's rough going, but we are making it through day-by-day. I am truly blessed with some AMAZING friends online that have been able to help out enough to get us by in tough spots. 
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awe, I can't imagine how hard that must be :huggle: keep fighting, you'll get through this, I'm glad you have had good friends helping you! :heart:
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Thanks doll. Thinks are still tight money wise, but we are slowly getting there. At the very least, we've got a roof over our head and we are happy. And together. Which is always important.
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very important, I am glad, things will always come out alright if you keep having faith :heart: 
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I have absolutely no money to donate with, but I send you all of my love and hope! My heart and mind are with you, and I hope you and your family get all balanced out...
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Thank you very much for you help. I don't have internet access unless I go to the local campus, but I will definitely offer features and short stories to those who help me for when I do have constant access again. I understand your hesitation, and I am very thankful for your help and trust that I am being honest. And I swear on anything that has great meaning to you that I am being completely sincere.

Thank you again, for everything. Blessed Be.
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I am so sorry to hear this! I shared it on my tumblr maybe I can help by sharing :) good luck I have been there and I can tell you it does get better. 
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Thank you so much, darling. :glomp: I hope it does. We're on our last $5 and still haven't found jobs/a place to go. :/
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I hope you find something soon and no problem. I hope people donated. 
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So far only 3 people. I am hoping for more :/
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me to hopefully me bloging it will help. 
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