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Basically... Run

Managed to get the image of all three girls done. If you look, you can see the silhouettes of a couple of men in the background; one with a knife and one with a gun. Hmmm... I wonder who they could be? :p

If you are something that goes bump in the night, you do not want to meet this group.

Caden: (The original model I used for this character stopped posting stock and took down everything she had. This had been a close second, so I am glad to get to use this model now!) [link]



Background: [link]

'Sam and Dean' Silhouettes: [link]

Blood: [link] and [link]

**While Auryon, Caden and Mal are my own creations, they are characters in a world created by Eric Kripke. I claim no ownership of Supernatural or anything connected to the show. Soul Searching and the girls belong to me.**

Auryon's Image: [link]

Caden's Image: [link]

Mallorie's Image: [link]

Micah's Image: [link]
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nice work
thanks for using my stock :hug:
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Thank you for providing it :) I love all of your stuff.
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Nice to see all three. Really cool background :D
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Thanks :) I had fun with this one. And they all looked so badass that I couldn't resist the title :D