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[closed] 6999 Bagbean - Perihelion - sale


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how to overcome the AI art apocalypse: DRAW BADLY. LEAVE SKETCH MARKS BEHIND. DON'T MAKE CLEAN ART.


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Drakehest Import X2516

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Woollykoi Auction Adopt Patch [OPEN]

My Characters

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#2 - Pinga

My Mistwalkers

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Boucle Unicorn Bataille Import C772

My Boucle Unicorns

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001 Pulchritude Blue

Zephyros Pegasus

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Augustine 0459

Misc ARPGs

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YHH for StarryFeathers

Art of My Characters

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J975 Kuroyuki

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[closed] 6999 Bagbean - Perihelion - sale

Dream Designs

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45 min painted comms [closed]

[45 min Painted Fullbody Comms] Base price: [30 USD] +4~10 USD for design complexity; +20 USD for extra character; +5 USD very simple bg. -Not first come, first served; -Payment in advance via Paypal invoice; (The sketch will be sent at the same time of the invoice) -Drawings will be finished on livestream under 45 min each, on days 13 and 14 of June, 6pm UTC; ( ) -Flat color bg is the default, but you can ask for transparent bg instead/too. -You may ask for small edits after you receive the final piece. If interested comment below/note me: -Character(s) ref: -Pose/mood: -BG idea, if any: Any questions, feel free to ask!

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The Agate Line

Adopts CS and ARPG Creatures

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Changes to Reference, Foal Submissions

Hello everyone! This journal will address the new reference and foal templates that members will be required to fill out for references and foals upon submission to the group. All references and foals uploaded starting January 2017 will be required to use these templates. All current references/foals and those accepted before 2017 will not be required to change their information templates, unless they are re-uploaded to a new account/user, or removed and resubmitted to the group. The rules around using templates were added October of 2016. All other rules in General Rules and How To Breed also apply. It is recommended that whenever you see th

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Look at all these chickens

Awesome ARPG Art

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Rolling Thunder

Awesome Artwork

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Spark In The Abyss || Part 2.1

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Equine Base

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meadow 3

Inspiration for SotW

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Comm for Ecanusiofiel

Requiem of the Night Related Art or Music

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Dalinar the Blackthorn

Stormlight Archive Art

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Syenite / Essun / You

The Broken Earth Fanart

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Wheel of Time, Rand

Wheel of Time Fanart

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