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Shattered Past 2 - Rowan

    Rowan found herself traveling across multiple ports on her ship before finally finding the one she needed. Rowan had brought along her parent Willow's Sol Roc, named Lake, so that traveling off ship would go more smoothly. Goose, her Dridgeon, had also tagged along. Rowan found herself asking around at the new port, stating the family name she had only recently learned was her own, and asking for directions to the Estate. Rowan stuck out like a sore thumb as she wandered around asking for directions, Goose hanging off of her shoulders, and a large Sol Roc snapping at anyone who wandered too close. Rowan finally found someone who had a general idea of where to head and after finding a map the individual was able to point out the Estate grounds to which Rowan thanked the helpful person before climbing up into Lake's saddle and urging the Sol Roc up into the sky. Rowan's Butterfly Cloak whipped out behind her and Goose wedged herself into the area between Rowan and Lake; although sometimes the little Dridgeon flew along side when Lake slowed to a gliding pace. It took several days of flight before Rowan spotted the area she had been indicated showed the edge of the property. After landing, Rowan led Lake along behind her as she walked up the main path towards the Estate Mansion. She was halfway up the drive before she spotted a Satyr that looked almost taller than her father Ebony and paused in surprise. He approached and after a quick exchange of words followed by stunned silence he grabbed her hand and yanked her after him towards one of the side gardens and shoved her towards a small, dark, Browbird. Rowan guessed who this was after seeing the Lustrum Wings tucked behind his horns like her own. Her brother.


Drawn Entry +5
Detailed BG +5
Butterfly Cloak +6 (Everlit Candle)
Adult Mount +3
Rare Companion +3
x2 Additional Characters +6
Bonus Story +3
Total: 31
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