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[Q: Engraving Memories] Overly Dramatic Husband

    Corvus had fond memories of the night that he and Dreamer were married. They had chosen to have the ceremony as a private, night time, affair as it was a secret marriage. The stars had been lovely, the moon a bare crescent, and the two men had rode out to the area for the ceremony on their horses. After the ceremony had finished, Corvus had sat quietly with the light of the Everlit Candle  glowing at his feet while idly playing with the two Dridgeons he and his husband owned. Dreamer had laughed and rolled his eyes while saddling the horses as Corvus struck various ridiculous poses for his husband's entertainment. The officiant and two witnesses had long since left which allowed the two men to simply enjoy the private moment of joy. In the morning, they would have to go back to pretending to be only nobleman and bodyguard but for now they were able to simply enjoy each other's company. Dreamer, after getting the horses saddled had swung up into his horse's saddle, named Silver, and was waiting a hand against his face as he laughed. Corvus had struck a particularly dramatic pose while smirking. It was good to tease each other, it was good to find happiness in this moment, and Corvus found that he was not embarrassed but rather pleased with himself. No he was content for now, he had gotten the chance to declare, abet quietly, the love he had for Dreamer and nothing would dampen that joy. Even if Dreamer was embarrassed as Corvus struck yet another silly pose while grinning back at his husband.  Dreamer groaned in mock annoyance but the laughter in his eyes was enough to soothe any concerns. Finally, Dreamer brought the horses over and handed the reins for Ivory over to Corvus as it was time to head back. Maybe someday they would get the chance to have a proper ceremony but for now, leaning over to kiss each other, this was enough.
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