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[OPEN] HARPG Species for Sale! Zephyros Pegasus!

I've decided to sell my HARPG species the Zephyros-Pegasus as I no longer have time to develop it currently.

Terms of Sale:
-Any Zephs marked as owned by me are to remain as such (I will be moving them to the new lineart within the next few months as well.
-I must be notified of a resale of the group.

This sale will include:
-The rights to the species with me maintained as a cofounder role.
-The new lineart by PacificNoir 
-All the original lineart by DepartedDoe 
-All of the original art work for the group
-All notes I had started for the revamp and all current files.

-I had been updating the genetics to be more friendly and less awkward all of the planned mutations and genetics updates are included in the files. The updated genetics had been planned to work as a name + % pass/fail system rather than with true genotypes to make it a bit easier. 
-I had also planned to move the group away from the Greek Mythos theme and more into a general fantasy with Greek undertones but the new owner is welcome to go with either. 
-Above is an example of the new lineart; the full file includes multiple mane, tail, wing, hoof, and current mutation options.

I am asking for $400 OBO while will cover the cost of all current artwork, the new lines, and the group/species itself.
By purchasing you are agreeing to all of the above stipulations.
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