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Fionnula - Engraving Memories Quest

As a rule, Fionnula did not bring others into her small glade that she called home, but every once in a while she would bring those that she considered friends to a small area just outside it. This little area was mostly where she kept her bee hives and favorite native plants or flowers. It was a nice little sitting area, good for eating a meal with friends or colleagues, and sometimes just for herself to sit quietly. This was the first time she had ever brought people she considered friends though. Typically it was just colleagues that were allowed into this special area. Fionnula glanced back behind her to look for Birch and Vixen. Birch was flying along behind her, fliting between various trees to look around, while Vixen was astride the Sol Roc that she was borrowing from a mutual friend. Birch seemed to be, just barely, resisting the urge to pick every flower that caught his eye and Fionnula was grateful that he had remembered her warning to leave the plants alone. Vixen on the other hand had a contented look, head turning to look at every new flowering bush or patch of wildflowers that came into view. It wasn't much further before the trio entered the little clearing that Fionnula had wanted to show her friends. As the trio settled into explore, or in Fionnula's case show off, it became clear that Fionnula had found herself good friends. Birch was clueless in terms of gardening or even biological studies but he genuinely seemed to care that Fionnula was excited about the subject. Vixen even listened attentively while carefully avoiding stepping on any new shoots from plants. Fionnula was delighted that her friends let her sign excitedly about her interests and even more delighted when Vixen asked for some clippings to take home.

Drawn Entry +5
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Additional Characters (2) +6
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Frostfall Scarf +1
Golden Emblem +2
Adult Mount +3
Bonus Story +3
Total: 26
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