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[Engraving Memories] The Night I Knew I Loved You


There was no single moment that Dreamer could remember that was his most fond memory, the memory that led to him getting his horn carvings, but if he had to choose, it would be the first night he’d realized he was in love. Spending his childhood on the estate grounds of a noble family, having a secret friendship with the noble heir, and looking up at the stars. Corvus had always called him “Dreamer” due to his tendency to daydream but that night he had not been looking up to the stars dreaming off far off lands or the mysteries of the universe; he had been looking over at Corvus. Corvus had been explaining something about his training to take over on the Estate, complaining more like as his uncle was tightening restrictions, and Dreamer had found himself realizing he wanted nothing else in this world but to spend the rest of his life listening to Corvus talk about his day. Though Dreamer hoped to hear more happy things in the days to come; hoping that the future would bring a peace that Corvus’s youth had rarely known. 

    Years later on another night after their wedding Dreamer would find himself musing over the first time he’d known he loved Corvus yet again. As Dreamer thought back fondly on that memory he smiled, picturing the younger Corvus, gangly, and not quite fitting into his shirt while the image of his loving husband sat in front of him laughing. The Corvus of today and the younger, teenage, Corvus juxtaposed one atop the other to create a gentle blending of the two. Dreamer found himself realizing that even now, after marrying this man, he could fall in love again and again just listening to Corvus talk. So Dreamer listened and loved this man.

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