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official discord server!

Fri Nov 30, 2018, 4:52 PM
{ gallery }

invite everyone!

FrickThePirate anticringe Mintoria atlantropa cottoncandydeer star--s lucineSea hajoh !!!

tagged ppl i thought would be interested,,

also always on my page! in my navigation thingy

Also Here by starryeggs

customs!!! closed for now

Sun Nov 25, 2018, 11:24 AM
{ gallery }

okay so i just got asked ab a custom on discord so now i'm gonna do them here!


and from there on i will edit the price based on complexity!

the highest one can be i'd say is 250, but they probably wont get that complex.

examples of adopts/customs:

+ eternal flame + open adopt + by starryeggs + terra conjure + closed adopt + by starryeggs + dark sonata + open adopt + by starryeggs + night flower + closed adopt + by starryeggs
+ centaurus + custom + by starryeggs

I do also do stallions, i just don't have any examples yet!

for now i will only be doing 7 slots.


palette(if you want one specifically):
hair information:
coat information:
accessories/other info:

( i also am not taking anything other than ponies. no other species. )


i do word customs too! like if you were to tell me "earthy witch with flowers" i could make one based off of that!

thank you!

1. XxPixieKnight-ArtxX 
2. @
3. (holding a spot for @
4. SparkyTheDoog 

5. (holding)
6. hajoh 
7. WhySatan999 


all bases will be from SelenaEde

300-400pts by starryeggs

she was bought for 400pts! please i need money

i feel bad selling her but i don't use most of my ponies

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