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So as some of you know, my parents are kicking me off the internet; the only reason I'm on rn is because nobody's home.

I want you to know that I will have EternityKitten keeping an eye on all of my characters as well as my account. If you ever need to tell me anything, please note EternityKitten and she'll put your message in a coded letter and mail it to me when I get to my new house. Also there's a chance I'll be sleeping over at her house from Tuesday afternoon to Wednesday afternoon or so; feel free to message her account then, and I'll probably see it right then and there instead of just waiting for like a week or more XDDD Please don't just assume my characters and/or art are yours now because I'm gone, or because of anything. I will still be using all of my characters, I just won't post. for a really long time. Again, I'm really, really sorry; I'll try to do some owed art if I get a confirm for the sleepover and EternityKitten will post them on her account for me.

Again, I'm so, SO sorry that this happened.

Peace out, guys. have a great life.

Also don't tell anyone anything about this unless it's through notes where no one will be able to publically see it. Don't make journals, polls, devs about it, etc. DO NOT MESSAGE ME ABOUT THIS. CONTACT EternityKitten IF YOU NEED TO TALK TO ME/TELL ME SOMETHING/ETC.
also I won't get email or anything, so don't ask me for that either.

I'll have a secret one but EternityKitten will note people about it when it's up/whatever
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Submitted on
June 17, 2016