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AT : Childish Fears

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My half of an art trade with ~FallenHorizion

I finally got around to doing it, sorry for the wait hun.

i n f o :
I've started and restarted about six manipulations for Fallen, but I finally got around to finishing one.
I really like how it's turned out, but there's a few things I'd wish I'd done better.
Like the mane. I tried to do a curly one originally, and that failed, so I did a more normal one, but I couldn't get the lighting right on it at all, so it looks kinda really odd.
I wish I'd done a better job of the lighting on the horse too - I suck so bad at lighting it's not even funny...
I thought it looked really good, then I blurred the background and put an extra overlay on it (yeah, this has six overlays) and it suddenly looked amazing.

The quote was hand picked by Fallen
"I'm so tired of being here, suppressed by all my childish fears"

It's a quote from My Immortal by Evanescence.
A song I was in love with a few years back, also.

s t o c k s :
Horse by ~absurdus
Background by ~stocks-by-manaXmomo

p l e a s e - n o t e
This image is not for the use of anyone other then the person created for.
Please to not take this image to use for whatever purposes you have, such as layouts on games, wallpapers for your phone/computer/ipad/anything else, uploaded on facebook or other social media websites, and most importantly do NOT claim this to be your own artwork.
If you do any of the above, even if you change the image, you are stealing, stealing is bad, and you will get caught.
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Pretty :D Great job
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Wow! I love it, really really pretty :D I also, should be apologizing for the wait :ashamed: it should be finished soon ;)
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yaaay, I'm glad you like it ^-^

And no worries, take as long as you need