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Make Your Own Oddbods Cast Meme

Here is My Own Meme for Oddbods Recast. The Rules Are Simple. Pick a Character from a Show/Movie/Game/Franchises on Each Character Slot.

The Strongest (Fuse - The Red One, Calm But Bursts with His Anger, Strong, He Uses His Hammer, Dynamite Explosion Tester)
The Lazybone (Zee - The Green One, Loves Food, He Sleeps All The Time, Lazy to Exercise)
The Selfie Queen (Newt - The Pink One, The Youngest of The Group, Being Social on Online Websites, Loves Her Teddy Bear, Eats Sweets)
The Hipster (Slick - The Orange One, Loves to Dance, Really Likes Music, Expert on Sports)
The Prankster (Pogo - The Blue One, Pranks to His Friends, Likes to Laugh, Being a Troublemaker)
The Optimist (Bubbles - The Yellow One, Eats Insects and Frogs, Scientist, Very Cheerful, Being Fearless)
The Gentleman (Jeff - The Purple One, Polite, Well Behaved, Likes to Make Everything Clean, Loves Famous Art)

and Then When You Are Done, Submit and Then Credit Me Back. Enjoy!

Here is The Example Just in Case. :…

Oddbods Belongs to MDA Singapore and One Animation.
Meme by Me.
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