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Shimeji (Rick Sanchez)

By StarriiChan
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(As a Reminder, Please Extract the ZIP File and make sure that you have Java pre-installed before use.)

Contains [6]: Nude (Hair) | Nude (Bald) | Labcoat (Hair) | Labcoat (Bald) | Yellow Shirt Rick | Shadow Rick
Feel Free to download the source files and/or base images to make your own. Please be respectful and give credit where credit is due. 
If you do make your own, please link me to it. I would love to see what you make with the Rick shimeji. 

Rick and Morty © Adult Swim
Shimeji by Group-Finity
Shimeji-ee by KilkakonOfficial

EDIT: The Shimeji has been updated to the Shimeji-ee 1.0.7.
If you haven't already, please (Download) the newest version of Shimeji-ee from KilkakonOfficial.
© 2016 - 2021 StarriiChan
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I need a computer screen like this
Ghast505's avatar
Hello! I made a version based off of this that has a blue outline to remove the white pixels for mac users. Can I upload it to DA and give you credit?
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The Rick looks really small on my screen, is there a way to enlarge the Shimeji ;v;?
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Answer is Yes. But it would be difficult to make. Unless you know how to code and willing to edit the defined dimensions it would be difficult to accomplish. Even then, the image size is fixed. There might be larger versions of the model somewhere but that just adds more work. You will need to save all of those frames just to make a bigger shimeji. And you cannot cut corners by replacing the frames without editing the code because the shimeji will start glitching.

So, unless you want to go thru all that trouble. . . the answer is no.
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Thank you so much ^w^
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*gassspppp*I'm downloading
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Hope you have fun with Rick.
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Thank you <3 I'm having trouble starting it up though ;-;
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Please make sure you have java installed before hand and to unzip the folder before use.
Amelios5's avatar
I do and I even downloaded Java version 6 but all I get is text when I open the file :v
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Are you clicking on the right executable?!
Amelios5's avatar
Yep I tried it and only text showed up on view
Amelios5's avatar
I'm pretty sure I'll try again and tell you if it works
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Is there a screenshot of what file you are opening and the result?
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(( OwO Could you make a Stanchez Shimeji?
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Sorry but Shimeji making is hard work and I have no experience with making two shimejis in one. But if you want stanchez I recommend getting a Rick shimeji and a Stan shimeji and hope they do something like sit in front of each other.
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The link is broken ;(
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Thanks for letting me know.
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i try and open the executable jar file but in the end it comes up with java exception has occurred
i have windows 7 and java 6 so i'm not quite sure they this is happening

i really adore this and it would suck if i'm not able to use this :<
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