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Rick and Morty Font

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I felt like trying to imitate Justin’s handwriting on a whim. Some of the letters are poor traces while others are guesses as to what it might look like.

PS: The numbers and symbols are Bullshit. I had no reference so they are all guesses/fakes. 

This is kind of crooked and some of the lettering is off like that FUCKING (F) but I am too lazy to fix it at the moment, ha. 

WARNING: Be careful when using any symbol not featured in the image above as it will start to spaz the text out. Proceed with Caution and try to stick to lettering only.

Have fun using this imitation font… .

© 2015 - 2022 StarriiChan
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How about Justin Roiland Two by Adam Colás?

Perfecto!! Muchas gracias!!


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This is soooo perfeeect!!! Ahhh! Amaazing job!! I have a feeling I will be using these quite a bit. ♥ Amazing job! Great effort!
This is great! I wonder if it is okay for me to use in a game I'm developing? I will definitely credit you.
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Sure thing. Thanks for asking. GL.
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How do I download this???
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Download it, Unzip it, Open it, Find wherever the install font button is once you get to the preview screen or something like that.
Thanks for this, I love the font!

Any chance of updating the font to include a capital T so we can write "Time Travel Stuff"?

I used a comic neu capital T to some effect

Thanks again : )
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Sorry but this font was generated a long time ago and I have no prior knowledge of how to edit these letterings or font but you could swap out the T with a T from another font or draw your own to replace it. 
Thanks StarriiChan I tried Comic Neu capital T which sorta worked but in the end stuck with the lower case t.

It's all good, the flyer turned out good though.

Thanks again for the font : )
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NP, glad it worked out in the end.
Thanks for this. Great work!

Any chance of getting all upper case letters to write "TIME TRAVEL STUFF"?
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I tried downloading it, but instead got this error: This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below. :(

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Sorry, no idea on how to fix that since I used a font generator.
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Never mind, it worked, must have been computer related! Thanks!
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for future reference, always reply to the person and not yourself because if i didn't check the deviation, I would never be notified of this reply.
Nice font, how can i download  it?
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Download is to the right column 
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Hey, I used your font for my smartphonecase, I hope thats okay, its for private use. Thanks for the awesome font!
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Naw, it's fine. I don't really recognize the font as mines since it is a mimic of Justin's Handwriting. 
Thanks so much for telling me tho. It means alot, really ^ o ^ 
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See this, friend! Thank u for the foooont!…
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