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Sketchy Cartography Brushes
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Published: February 21, 2011
- The zipped folder contains a Photoshop brush file containing all the brushes shown here, as well as a transparent .PNG file with all the images on it, in case you're using something that does not support this file type.

- Please link to this if you use these brushes, so that people can easily find them if they like them! (In fact, that's just a nice thing to do with any stock you use.)

- You don't have to ask my permission to use these (except for commercial purposes*) - the answer is yes. If you ask me anyway, I'll tell you yes and thank you for being polite. :3
*You may use these in deviantART Prints. For commercial use outside of deviantART, please do contact me for permission.

- I always appreciate a link to deviations made with my resources; I love to see what people make!

- If you have any comments or critique, I would love to hear it! Tell me what you think so I can make these better and more usable.

Edit: Now contains bigger town icons, by popular demand. Also contains the jungle blocks, which were missing from the first version for some reason. If you want to download the recent additions only, you can find those here: [link]

My favorite maps that use these brushes: [link]
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AsraselHobbyist Artist

This is really awesome! Thanks for this amazing brushes. I want to use them for a map of mir Fantasy world that I use in DnD. X3

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GrimsaceHobbyist General Artist

Thank you for the Brushes, I'm using them for a regional map for a dnd campaign, check my profile if you want to see them.

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ForcevisualNew Deviant

I love these brushes!

I'm making a animated fantasy travel map, and it wil just be for non-commercial purposes (for now).

But just in case anyway.

Can i use them for my After Effects project?

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Hi, I would like to use your brushs for a comicbook, I dont think I will finish it, but if I do, there is always hope that it becames comercial, just hope. May I use it?

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Thank you so much I am new to Gimp and am trying my first map. These will help me immensely 
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Archibald1984New Deviant
It seems that the download link is broken. Any idea how i can download them from another source perhaps?
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OlgolaHobbyist Digital Artist

Hello, used here:

Map Baden-Wuerttemberg


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PrismPrescriptionHobbyist Digital Artist
This looks amazing!
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Hi, Fantastic set of brushes. Would I be able to use them in an indie RPG adventure I am writing for the D&D ruleset. End product will be published on drivethrurpg.com. Either way thanks for sharing this wounderful resource with the community.  
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Hello Starraven,

Don't know how to contact you outside of this website, I have used your brushes for a fantasy book. If there is somewhere I can donate to you I'd love to. You will be credited in the book. 

Thank you for your work,
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XalosTheInsaneHobbyist Digital Artist
Here's my most recent project using your brushes
Tarestel: The World of Hope by XalosTheInsane
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kagatsuoHobbyist Writer
is there a way to install these to Wonderdraft? I've attempted mutliple times but don't know how to get them working.
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Hey, I've been having a problem with the brushes, where the shadows of the various icons appear on GIMP as solid colour. Do you have any idea why this might be happening or how to fix it? Should I just reinstall the brushes?
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BSoulstoneHobbyist Artist
Hi, StarRaven. Do you mind if I use symbols on your Cartography Brushes? I am currently working on a fantasy world map in some sort of a fantasy story.
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oh god, whoever you are, I want to thank you very much, the truth this was my hobby as a child and now I can do it again with these tools, thank you very much
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Shadow-HyderHobbyist General Artist
Kelusia World Map 3.0 (WBW 30) by Shadow-Hyder
Used here! Thank you! :heart:
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Doctor-Fictionality Digital Artist
I created this map a long time ago tho couldn't remember where I got the brushes.
You've done an amazing job there.

Map of Shujutsushitsu world by Doctor-Fictionality
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Hi, can you update the link? I cant see the link for full brush palete. There is only link for recent addition and for favorite maps.
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Hi, StarRaven. Thank you for uploading the fantasy map brushes. With your permission, I would like to use them on a world map for my adventure novel.

All the best,
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MertlikatzeHobbyist Filmographer
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psychoasmeHobbyist Photographer
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marvelous! i'm super excited to use the in my game im running
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