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August 31, 2012
[Stock & Resources] Sketchy Cartography Brushes by ~StarRaven A well thought out and executed brush pack that will help your cartographic adventures to become more detailed.
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Sketchy Cartography Brushes

- The zipped folder contains a Photoshop brush file containing all the brushes shown here, as well as a transparent .PNG file with all the images on it, in case you're using something that does not support this file type.

- Please link to this if you use these brushes, so that people can easily find them if they like them! (In fact, that's just a nice thing to do with any stock you use.)

- You don't have to ask my permission to use these (except for commercial purposes*) - the answer is yes. If you ask me anyway, I'll tell you yes and thank you for being polite. :3
*You may use these in deviantART Prints. For commercial use outside of deviantART, please do contact me for permission.

- I always appreciate a link to deviations made with my resources; I love to see what people make!

- If you have any comments or critique, I would love to hear it! Tell me what you think so I can make these better and more usable.

Edit: Now contains bigger town icons, by popular demand. Also contains the jungle blocks, which were missing from the first version for some reason. If you want to download the recent additions only, you can find those here: [link]

My favorite maps that use these brushes: [link]
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This is absolutely fantastic! Thank you!

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This is fantastic. Will make my life so much easier trying to homebrew D&D maps.

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You are amazing for making this available!! This pack is wonderful, thank you so much!!!:squee::heart::heart::heart:

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I used this brush a lot. Check out my first attempt (it was very long ago). Thank you very much for this.


ty so much for this creation

Hi, these are great!!! Thanks! I'm writing a fantasy book that I want to self-publish, can I use them for my map, please?

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I wish to use these for a project that will be displayed publicly, but, where are you to give me permission?

These brushes are great! I am excited to incorporate them into my future mapmaking.

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I'm new to map mapking on Photoshop and am looking forward to using these brushes. Thank you so much for making them available. They look great!

Thank you very much!

Looks great. I intend to use them while designing a world for sci-fi series.

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Very cool, thank you for sharing with all of us!

Hi StarRaven, I am really looking forward to using these brushes. They are perfect for what i want to create and they are in the style that i really love. so a big thank you.

Absolutely AMAZING!

Thank you for putting these out there for people to find, and use.

I am teaching my kids how to code, by teaching them roblox scripting (and learning it myself as we go along!). We are designing a game and these will be PERFECT for making maps for the game.

At some point, it is possible this thing ends up good enough to actually get played and earn robux back from people using it, but that's not the main point of the game. But it would be smart to show my kids how to do things right, and get permissions etc. Can we work out a price arrangement that would be fair to you on the off chance their game ends up the next "adopt me" (lol! but, you never know!).

Either way- may God bless you for your sharing and pay-it-forward attitude. I truly appreciate it.


Hello! Is there any possibility that you might post these assets over on cartography assets?

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Excellent Job!!!


A friend of mine is about to publish a fantasy book and he asked me to make the world map for him

I hope you dont mind me using your pack to make it look better. I just need the montains and yours look great.

thx in advice

OMG Thak you! You really save my life with this! :hug:

Thank you so much! ❤

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I used these for my maps I've made for personal use. If you'd like to see them!

Mystal and Vistaan [Unmarked]
Island Map

Thank you so much for the brushes! Here's my D&D map using them:


I just saw your brushes showcased in a Youtube video about mapping with GIMP, and I knew I needed the set. I'm super looking forward to cracking out new worlds using what you've provided here!

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