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Sketchy Brushes Add-On - Towns

By StarRaven
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- The zipped folder contains a Photoshop brush file containing all the brushes shown here, as well as a transparent .PNG file with all the images on it, in case you're using something that does not support this file type.

- This is an add-on to a larger set of brushes that can be found here: [link] Please see that deviation for more information!

- These brushes are in their own set to make it easy for those who don't want to redownload the whole brush set. To find all of the brushes, please go to the previously mentioned link!
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Very very nice... Thank you so much.

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It looked like these are being used in a kickstarter game called 'The Adventures of Bread Man"…
Its being used in the map. They were so distinctive they kind of stood out.
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Thank you so much for creating this tool! I would love to with your permission make eventual use of it for a world book I am working on for commercial use. I would definitely make sure to mark full credit for your work and give direct links to the tool. Thank you!
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Great looking brush sets. I was hoping to publish a map for commercial use would that be okay?
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Cannot thank you enough...
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how do i install this on my photoshop?
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you could make some cool maps with these
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Logo for Myself I made with help of this brushes: [Artist Logo Link]
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Thank you for this. really helped put a nice finishing touch on a map a made for a friends campaign
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thank you for uploading this stock 
i have used it here
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Hey StarRaven, I love your brushes and I use them for all my RPG maps. Do you by any chance have a brush for deserts? I'm having a hard time representing them properly on my maps. Thanks!
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used your brushes (and the other set) here: [link]

thanks for making and uploading these!
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Thanks! It's very nice!
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i want to play that
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Thanks for these and Adding a PNG File!
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very nice ... thanks!
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