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I will walk the skies
Where ever you are.
I still have your roses in my hand,
The daisies in my hair,
And the water at my feet!
Where ever you go
I will always be with you;
What ever path you take
I will hold your hand;
How ever many hopes you dream
I'll always help you finish.
When you think your all alone,
Remember what I said,
"If you ever dream of me,
Don't be ashamed to remember.
When I'm gone,
Don't forget I love you.
You are mine,
And I am yours."

If anyone can write music to this, I would gladly like to hear it. You guys are the best!!
Do you guys like what I do? If not, that's okay. Just tell me what you think I should do, and I'll try to do your request!
Love is complicated,
Love is evil.
Love is wondrous,
Love is confusing.

We love,
We hate.
It is our way.

But the one true love that never fails
Comes from God.
He always loves
And never stops.

Jesus died for us
Out of love.
He rose again for us
Out of love.

He didn't have to,
But he did.
He loves us,
So you should love him back.
There's a fire in the forest,
And the same fire in your eyes.
I see truth in you,
You just need to let it show.
You're different...

There's water in the sea,
And the same water in yourself.
You go with the flow,
But sometimes,
You break away.

There's nature in the wild,
And the same nature in your soul.
A rose is what you are.
Beautiful to the eye,
Hurtful to the touch.

There's wind in the air,
And the same wind in your hair.
You're so lovely,
And I can never touch you.
But you surround me.

You are an Elemental.
My Elemental.
You're my Evermore...
One soul may not seem important, but maybe it is. Maybe it's something greater than you would have thought it could become.
One soul may not be found in a sea of others, but it's still there. Just try to find it, and maybe you will.
One soul may sound like a stupid amount, but it's something. Look deeper into your discovery about it, and maybe you will understand it.
One soul can lift the world; one soul can love you no matter what; one soul can light a path in the dark. All it takes is one thing: Curiosity.
My lost friend has now come back! I am so trilled that she will by making more art with new inspiration.
I hope you all are having a wonderful day. If not, think of something good that can come and be your sun and not have dark clouds over you!
Also, it's the 500th year since Revolution began and Lutherans were started.

Anyway, enjoy this amazing day!!
Yesterday, I found out that one of my friends is not coming back to dA. She was the one who taught me about this amazing place, and it is very sad to hear that inspiration for others' works is now away. Her poems were the best I have heard, and so here is one for her in the style she loved.

You were so
Understood by little,
Now you shine in their eyes.
Go and
Dazzle other people
Around the world.
Remember us though,
Love and cherish the memories of us
In times when you are alone.
Never will we forget you.
Go and take caution to the wind!

"You have two superpowers and one weakness."

    That is the dream I had last night. Of course, I didn’t understand what it meant, but it might be true. Tonight I will try to dream that again, and questions will need to be answered. But for now, I need to go to school.

    I jump out of my bed and don’t even bother to fix the blankets, it’s almost time to leave! I should have woke up thirty minutes ago, but with that dream, it held me under the waters of sleep. Stupid dreams, they make me wake up late!

    I go to my closet and get out my school uniform. Quickly changing my clothes, I try to make sense of that dream. Then I look over at myself in the mirror. My school uniform were all crumpled up over me, but that wasn’t all I was seeing. I wasn’t me.

    That’s when everything went dark. The lights turned off by themselves, the candle blew itself out, and the warmth was gone. It seemed as if Death herself came into my room.