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Inspired by Pinku's drawing Bzzzt and something evil Kryalla Orchid mentioned; something so completely unrelated to her E'ara Universe

Disclaimer: I do not own the Teen Titans, Warner Brothers or the Cartoon Network.

Warning: Robin in a naughty light.

There were so many things so right and so wrong with the whole situation.  First off, it wasn't exactly just a situation.  It was more of a game.  At least it was to Robin.

A solitary one.  Solitaire of sorts.

It involved Starfire's metal armband.  

Such an intriguing item.  She played with it all the time.  It was truly a badge of honor as she finally told him about it one night, given on the first night before battle.  A dog tag of sorts, not that 'dog' and 'Starfire' belonged in the same thought.  It stayed with a warrior for life, made of a special metal that was maliable, no stretchable, reshapable enough to grow and change as the Tamaranian Warrior who wore it grew and matured.  It could be taken on and off as Robin was well aware.  It was not unlike the N metal of the Thanagarians, it was beyond any Earth metal in durability and impermeability.  

Wondrous. Robin would have thought of the armband or the material it was made of that way if he had that word in his vocabulary yet from Starfire.  What is was was incredible.  Useful.  Utilitarian.  Awesome (he was teenager after all and thought of things that way).  Alien.  Why was it so warm?  So alive?

Just like her.

And why did she leave it in his room all the time?

For one thing, how did something metal smell like her so much?  

It seemed to respond to touch.  Like it was still a part of her.

The temptation was too much.

The temptation was too much for a sixteen year old teenager with urges that were just getting the better of him. Starfire's scent seemed to hang in the room as it was and that was before he actually smelled the armband and realized that yes, it still held her scent.

Lingering, tantalizing, kicking his hormones into overdrive.

Robin knew that he should not surrender to them in such a manner but it was his room and metal, well, wipes clean, doesn't it?

Robin had been so aroused by everything about Starfire for months and all those late night chats and the way she toyed with the armband, removing it, playing with it, slipping it one and off, up and down her arm...  

Anyway, dating was not in the cards, per some edict of Batman's, and this would make things better immediately without the complications of kissing and dating and the team.  

Not that he was thinking too much beyond his release.

The armband was smooth and slick and familiar and warm and enveloped him with more friction than he expected. It did not clamp onto him but did seem more snug than he would have thought given the size of Starfire's arms no matter how adaptable it was supposed to be. Then there was a brief moment of panic when he could have sworn it got almost too tight when he had most desired it too, but perhaps that moment was just about how forbidden and exhilarating all this was.

Very exhilarating.

After that first time it was quite clear what had transpired between Robin and the armband, Starfire clearly understood what had happened.  She accepted Robin's redfaced apology and it was to have ended there.  

Never to be spoken of again.

But she left the armband available to him, while Starfire herself, the actual object of his affections was not... and thus it became a game to her as well when she found that Robin wasn't able to help himself.

Not that he had a problem. No. It wasn't an actual problem.  He would just slip up, well, in the armband, every now and then.  

And it seemed that when he most needed that kind of relief, Starfire's armband just happened to be there for him.  Carelessly left behind.  

Or was it?

To test the theory, he allowed himself to get caught redhanded and purple, well other things.  

She feigned anger and shock and he feigned embarrassment.

Perhaps if they weren't so young the game wouldn't have ended with clothes being put on and starbolts being lobbed in Robin's direction.  

But for now that was how the game was to be played.

At least for now.
Inspired by a follow up comment by an evil Kryalla Orchid about Bzzt by ~pinku ([link])
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