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Diamond Tiara Gets In Dead Meat
(We fade into a school for cartoons, and then we cut to a classroom that is filled with cartoon characters as students. Mr. Ratburn from the Arthur series walks inside the classroom holding a box and sets it on his desk.)
Ratburn: Okay class. Today is behavior card day. Some of you did good while some of you did bad.
(Mr. Ratburn opens up the box and takes out a white behavior card and shows it to the students.)
Ratburn: Here is an example of a behavior card.
Diamond Tiara: (Laughs) Mr. Ratburn, you're such an idiot! It's just a blank sheet of paper!
Ratburn: (Snaps) Diamond Tiara, you watch your language. (Calms down) Now here are the cards that some of you may be getting.
(Mr. Ratburn then takes out 12 cards with different colors.)
Ratburn: If you get a gold card, it means you have been on your excellent behavior and you can have a year off. If you get a purple card, it means you can have 6 months off. If you get a hot pink card, it means you can
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Fan Schmo 2: Intro
(The intro starts off by seeing some kind of planet rotating as we scroll in slowly.)
Sof18: (VO) Fan Schmo is back with another big hoax...
(We then see various audition tapes from the male fan characters from many franchises.)
Sof18: (VO) Not only that we have searched all over the fan-character world to find an average male fan-character...
(And then we see various audition tapes from the female fan-characters.)
Sof18: (VO) But an average female fan-character as well.
(We then see shots of moth the males and the females audition tapes combined.)
Sof18: (VO) After many days and weeks of searching for the two characters, we have found what we we're looking for. And guess who they are.
(We then cut to an audition tape of a 2 foot gray squirrel with a short spikey hairstyle done by his own fur.)
Boyce: I'm Boyce from Skunk-Fu, and I am ready to fight my way to victory!
Sof18: (VO) This is Boyce. A 17 year-old kung-fu fighter from Skunk-Fu.
(We then see one of his autition clip where he
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Mature content
Fan Schmo: Finale :iconstaroceanfan18:StarOceanFan18 1 6
Mature content
Fan Schmo: Episode 8 :iconstaroceanfan18:StarOceanFan18 1 6
Mature content
Fan Schmo: Episode 7 :iconstaroceanfan18:StarOceanFan18 1 8
Mature content
Fan Schmo: Episode 6 :iconstaroceanfan18:StarOceanFan18 1 6
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Fan Schmo: Episode 5 :iconstaroceanfan18:StarOceanFan18 1 4
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Mature content
Fan Schmo: Episode 3 :iconstaroceanfan18:StarOceanFan18 1 6
Mature content
Fan Schmo: Episode 2 :iconstaroceanfan18:StarOceanFan18 1 4
Mature content
Fan Schmo: Episode 1 :iconstaroceanfan18:StarOceanFan18 1 2
Fan Schmo: Intro
(The intro starts off by seeing a shot of the earth rotating.)
Sof18: (VO) The fan-character world. A great place to live, yet, it is sadly squirming with mary-sues that are either boring, annoying, irritating, or just plain jerks.
(We then see shots of most of the male fan-character’s audition tapes as Sof18 spoke in the background.)
Sof18: (VO) We searched all over the fan-character world to find the biggest mary-sue of all. And guess who we found.
(We then cut to an audition tape that has a blonde-haired guy with a green bandana, a brown shirt with a red vest over it, dark-blue pants, black shoes, a white wristband, and a goatee.)
Nerick: My name is Nerick, and I’m a fan-character from Pokemon!
Sof18: (VO) This is Nerick.
(We see more of Nerick’s audition tape.)
Nerick: I consider myself to be a really great trainer. I never lost a single Pokemon battle before in my life, and I have every single Pokemon that are all level 100.
Sof18: (VO) Nerick is a 19 year-old fa
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SBOTC: Days 4-6
(The camera cuts to the Destario tribe, minus Miss Perfect, coming back to their camp after their tribal council.)
[Rosko: The first tribal council was a complete turnover. The majority of us were going to vote for Leslie until Miss Perfect was revealed that she was the one who broke the shelter. It came to our attention that she's a huge threat, and we had to get her out for good, and that is exactly what we did.]
Pete: If this is what tribal council feels like, then i am not going back there ever again.
Freddie: Word.
Ginger: Well, i guess you get to stay with us for a little longer, Leslie.
Leslie: (Tears the smiley mouth sticker off her face and replaces it with a big smiley mouth sticker.)
Ginger: ...I guess i'll take that as a thanks.
[Ginger: I was expecting myself to be leaving this tribal council since i am one of the weakest members in this tribe. I was stunned to see Miss Perfect leave early because she was one of the stronger members. I guess anything
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SBOTC: Days 1-3
(The first episode begins, as we see the members of the Destafio tribe arriving at their camp site. Some of them looked beat out while the others we're still standing strong.)
Aaron: Ah man, i thought we'd never get here. Talk about good luck.
[Aaron: Well, we finally found our camp site filled with sand, trees, and maybe a bunch of wild animals that will gobble us up before we make a run for it, though i doubt we have any of those in this island.]
Hager: I hope you're all not getting tired, because we have work to do.
Aki: (Frowns) Aw, come on, Hager-pie. Can't we take a rest first?
Jarvis: Thus, you have yourself your first complaint, Hager.
Hager: (Sigh) Fine. We will take a 30-minute break, but after that, we're going to start building a shelter. So you best make it last.
[Hager: It'll be best if my tribe will let me take the role of the main leader. It has to be recommended since i am not only a powerful player, but i know how to take charge that will make m
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SBOTC: Day 0
(The show begins by the camera filming the whole island called Island of Hope. We then zoom in to see two mats. One was a dark blue mat that said Lucafio, and one that was a light green mat that says Destario. We now see Sof18 facing the 18 fan-characters that all look perfectly fine...but not for long.)
Sof18: Welcome to the Island of Hope, everybody. I want you all to take a good look around you, because these are the people that you will be stranded on the island with for the next 39 days. Some of them may be your friends, but some of them may be your enemies. But no matter what, one of you will be crowned the Sole Survivor this season, and will leave the island with the million dollar prize in your hand.
Jarvis: A million dollars, huh? Perhaps that'll be enough to buy myself the whole wizard world.
Pete: (Sarcastic) Hardy har. You wish.
Sof18: Now then, you will both be divided into two tribes. But we'll be creating the tribes a little bit differently. (Grabs a handful of pencils a
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SBOTC: Cast Release 4
(The final cast release of SBOTC begins, as we see Sof18 on stage for the last time.)
Sof18: Alas, we come to our final cast release for Survivor: Battle of the Characters. So far, we've shown you Aaron, Aki, Benjamin, Dynomite, Freddie, Ginger, Hager, Jarvis, Judy, Leslie, Markus, Miss Perfect, Naima and Olivia. Now it's time to meet our final four characters that will be competing.
(Sof18 turns on the TV with the remote, as we see a brown three-foot chubby chipmunk.)
Sof18: Pete is a chipmunk of course. Even though he looks cute and huggable, he sure doesn't act cute and huggable. Pete always gets annoyed whenever somebody calls him cute, nor whenever somebody pets and cuddles him. I can honestly see him making pre-merge, but not an early boot.
(Sof18 presses the button on the remote, as we see a black-haired man with a black bear, and is wearing silver mail armor, and some of the parts of the armor is green.)
Sof18: We have no idea if Rasko will
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SBOTC chart by bad-asp SBOTC chart :iconbad-asp:bad-asp 1 7 Gert and Bernie by tad-aster Gert and Bernie :icontad-aster:tad-aster 1,608 212 Bwaah! Template by SJ-ToongamerG Bwaah! Template :iconsj-toongamerg:SJ-ToongamerG 3 3 Mega City preview by SJ-ToongamerG Mega City preview :iconsj-toongamerg:SJ-ToongamerG 1 2 Dragged up Gen by SJ-ToongamerG Dragged up Gen :iconsj-toongamerg:SJ-ToongamerG 1 0 Stupid Irate Gamer toy by SJ-ToongamerG Stupid Irate Gamer toy :iconsj-toongamerg:SJ-ToongamerG 1 4 Ourworld 1 by NekoBash Ourworld 1 :iconnekobash:NekoBash 1,324 838 Scumbag CBS by SWSU-Master Scumbag CBS :iconswsu-master:SWSU-Master 2 22 Doug by ChadRocco Doug :iconchadrocco:ChadRocco 382 79 Nicole tickles Anais by SJ-ToongamerG Nicole tickles Anais :iconsj-toongamerg:SJ-ToongamerG 3 1 Baby Toaster by metalik-fairy Baby Toaster :iconmetalik-fairy:metalik-fairy 115 48
My Top 10 Most Hated Characters
Hi, Tiny! Finally refreshing his journal! :D Now, I know that Christmas is around the corner and it is a time of loving and caring but I saw my friends doing this new fad and what I can say, I gave in into peer pressure. It is just like the title suggests. This is a list of my top 10 most hated characters. Maybe not of all-time since they may be someone I forgot about. Lucky them. :XD:
Anyway, this is my opinion. If you like any of them on the list, I don't mean to offend you. This is how I feel about them. Also, I will try to be as mature as possible about this. On some characters it may be hard to do but I'll try anyway. So let's dig in.
10. Ash Crimson from King Of Fighters
I don't know why but this guy REALLY creeps me out. Maybe it is his effeminate appearance. (no offense) Maybe it is his way of speaking but it just gives me shivers down my spine. Also, he is quite the creep enjoying berating other people for fun. He stole the powers of Iori and Chizuru. What really ticks
:icontinyhammer:Tinyhammer 2 46
Survivor: Redemption Island Rankings
I didn't even watch the last three episodes, and the finale isn't airing yet where I live, but I already know enough to rank everyone fairly.
#18-11. Ometepe minus Philip:  This whole tribe was HORRIBLE AND BORING.  Philip was the only reason I would ever watch them.
#10. Russell:  Annoying as always, but only lasted 4 episodes and got ZAPATEROWNED.
#9-7. Krista, Sarita Steve: The three Zaps who were boring/I didn't care about.
#6. Philip:  Got annoying quickly, but had his moments.
#5. Mike:  Boring, but nice enough.
#4. Ralph: He owned Russell.  Died out after episode 2 sadly.
#3. David: Apparently people hate him because he praised Rob at FTC?  ...Well, I can't blame him, Rob's opponents were terrible players.  David was a very interesting character for the most part otherwise, and I loved his quadruple Rob vote.
#2. Julie: I really liked her, she was charming, goofy, and was so
:iconvilecheese2:Vilecheese2 1 12
Survivor Nicaragua Rankings
Since everyone else is doing them!
#20. Na Onka (9th place) - Okay, let's get this all straight.  I do not hate the fact that Na Onka was a contestant on the show.  She was part of what made the season good, actually, but the reason WHY was because I hated her so freaking much.  Whenever she was on screen, I was interested in what was going on, to see if she would do something that would make me hate her even more, or finally get voted off the show already in an embarrassing way.  Well, she kinda did.  She got Probstowned <3.  So yeah, I hate her obviously because she's probably the most entitled, overrated, nasty, horrible person I've ever seen.  I think I hate her even more than Russell 0.o.
#19. Shannon (19th place) - Homophobic, sexist, asshole.  Like Na Onka, he was just a disgusting individual.  I'm so glad he left so early...
#18. Sash (3rd place) - Ew, he actually TRIED to have a Russel
:iconvilecheese2:Vilecheese2 2 14
This is pretty interesting!  You can fave journal entries now?  Awesome!  I think I'm going to like this!
:iconorange-ratchet:Orange-Ratchet 1 2
Touch the Stars by SonicFreak4455 Touch the Stars :iconsonicfreak4455:SonicFreak4455 3 6



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The hell with Gangnam Style. This Korean song is the s***!


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