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lone watcher's monologue
There’s this idea of boundaries representing thresholds — states of transition with nothing more or less than the in-between. Liminal spaces. Mine, I think, is the horizon. Let me paint the scene: the edge of the Dead Sea, with nothing but endless stretches of sea and sky. The still sea reflects the moody grey sky, lightened from its natural pitch-black by the rising sun. It’s 6 in the morning — the cusp of dawn. The horizon is just about to open up; but not quite, not yet.
Have a seat, please. Waiting for sunrise is always worth it, but it’s agonizingly slow when you do. I’m sorry, I would have taken you here whilst the portal was open, but I’m afraid that it wouldn’t have accepted you otherwise. I don’t know why, but you have to actually watch the sun rise to enter. It’s beautiful though, isn’t it? I never get tired of it, because there’s something ephemeral, gauzy, uncapturable about the dawn. Think about
:iconstarmz123:starmz123 1 0
i want to write poems about you
but i am afraid that what we have
is chaste morning mist blue
(nothing to write home about)
i want to write poems about you
because writing is in my blood
i live and die by my words
and to write is to expose; to love
i want to write poems about you
about the way you smile
about how you are kind and gentle and smart
about the way you love our world
i want to write poems about you
but maybe i can't, or i won't
maybe we're just unpoetic.
:iconstarmz123:starmz123 1 0
raw, bleeding heart
that’s how you like to describe yourself.
or maybe it should be:
open, gaping wound
you like to think you’re emotional;
sensitive (and you are, that);
good-natured (hah);
idealistic (perhaps in the past).
let’s unpack that, shall we?
sometimes you’re not quite sure
what’s real and what’s not
your entire existence, it just –
it feels like a fantasy
an illusion
a delusion
like everything else is too much
so overwhelmingly real
and you, you aren’t.
in fact, you live your life in words
(but not the good kind)
you surround yourself with media
(you are unflinchingly honest about this)
books, movies, musicals:
you wish your life was one.
you think you’re authentic
but how can that be, if
you’re just following a script?
if you ever only expect others
to do the very same?
you want to have perfect things
you want others to be perfect
you want to be perfect.
and i, i just wish you’d get it in your head:
:iconstarmz123:starmz123 0 0
Jade Harley Vector by starmz123 Jade Harley Vector :iconstarmz123:starmz123 9 3
you are...
the kind of person
who is beautiful, and inspires perfect storms, and gives inanimate objects emotions;
the hurricane to my drizzle, a bigger infinity; the guiding light, my home away from home; with constellations for freckles and quiet, understated affection; who steals moonlight for her hair and pretends like she accepts all my imperfections; the dandelion to my forest fire, the spring breeze to my arid earth, the iridescent raindrop to my howling gale, the steadfast blaze to my turbulent waves; the girl behind my ink, the boy behind my words; the freedom, the poetry, the good and the bad; an ending - which, as we all know, is where beginnings come from; who got away; who inspires revolutions and recklessness and something that could pass as courage; a symphony of colours that are larger than life; the rising sun painting the sky with blues, purples, hope, happiness, bliss; who is silk and steel and ice; who is made of stardust and carries a neverending galaxy in their head; who is
:iconstarmz123:starmz123 1 0
a long time ago,
she once asked,
"you would give me up
for the stars?"
how could i explain,
that i would do it in a heartbeat,
because at least the stars
looked as lonely as i
i think i should feel guilty
for occasionally thinking
that perhaps moving away
wouldn't be such a bad thing after all
how could i explain,
that despite being able
to frequent many groups,
nobody made me feel wanted?
i think i should feel guilty
for believing that things would get better
because perhaps i'd just be cliched and
lock myself inside the toilet at lunch
but then i would remember
that that isn't so different
from what i do here,
i think i should feel guilty
for wanting a clean slate
because maybe i alienate everyone eventually
and it's easier to run away
and because maybe
i want to start over
instead of figuring out why
the common factor is always me
how could i explain
that if i left
all my goodbyes would be said for me,
in one fell swoop
and finally,
i should feel guilty,
for ever wanting to
:iconstarmz123:starmz123 1 0
you trail bruises across my clavicle
as you whisper sweet nothings
i apologise to you, thinking
that my skin is just too soft
you brush my hair away from my face
and lean down to touch my forehead
i smile at you and laugh,
knowing you only mean well
you hug me until i can't breathe
as i cry into your shoulder
you say that you understand
and you'll try to change
i kiss you long and hard
and try to memorise your features
it's only when i start to dissolve away
that i think
    maybe this wasn't such a good idea.
:iconstarmz123:starmz123 1 0
sounding board
she toils on her labour of love
unconsciously putting pieces of herself in it
cutting her heart open and
exposing its vulnerability
all the while,
she meticulously prepares
a birthday gift
personalised not for them, but by her
then, the day before the giving
they ring her up to say
'why don't you give this to me
in public?'
and she protests
without really knowing why
except that it feels
strangely, ridiculously wrong
then she realises,
oh of course.
she'd put too much of herself
in this gift.
so she packs away
her vulnerability
her little notes
she strips herself from the gift
and becomes fully content
with giving this soulless,
heartless object
one day hoping
for the impossible eventuality
that someone would be okay
with her vulnerability
:iconstarmz123:starmz123 1 0
sometimes i wonder if
i merely enjoy my own suffering
or if i rather wickedly
enjoy my own misery
because sometimes
in the shower
i sit down and
enjoy the free-flowing water
perhaps i find it cathartic
or maybe i just want to
it could be that
i'm just too emotional
and it's nice to not be mercurial
but rather, to stay in one state
then again, maybe something's wrong
after all, enjoying sadness?
that sounds like a symptom
that should be diagnosed
and after all this thinking
and self-reflection
i fluff my pillows
and lie back down
but then all i do
is wrap myself up
in my blanket of tears
and snuggle back into oblivion
:iconstarmz123:starmz123 1 3
    when the stars come out
    and the moon waltzes alone
    peel back your blanket
    and tiptoe quietly out
    into the night
    do not tarry
    do not gaze
    up at the sky
    and admire a shooting star
    or a meteor shower
    (such pleasures can
    and will happen again)
    troop briskly across the plains
    run for six miles
    following the broken dirt road
    do not stop,
    not until you reach a mountain ablaze
    make your way
    now, be careful!
    keep your balance
    as you peer down
    into the abyss
    feel the sweltering heat
    watch the rivers of liquid sun
    smell the toxi
:iconstarmz123:starmz123 1 0
    encase your heart within seas of stone and
    numb it to the world
    (w a r n i n g: do not use ice
    remember what happened the last time you believed,
    maybe, it's okay if they bring spring for a little while)
    curl it up and
    place its sleeping form inside
    seal the cracks with concrete
    and never let it out
    let it rest
    until it is ready
    but time will ebb and flow
    it does not wait
    in its place
    cradle a mask of plaster
    smile and wave to show the world,
    i'm okay.
    (r e m i n d e r: do not fail
    lest all your work be for nothing
    fade away into a blur of similarly happy faces
    trust me; it won't be so hard)
    one day
    the guards will lay down their spear
:iconstarmz123:starmz123 1 0
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I honestly quite like this, it's fairly intricate and the characters have an adequate amount of detail on them. However, to me, it feel...


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Alrighty - to incite people a little, here's a run-down of what I'm willing to do if you donate (obviously these are all optional - please message me if you want something!) c:

For 5 points: One text banner
For 10 points: One graphic of your choice
For 15 points: Two graphics (this means any kind of 'digital' photo manipulation) OR a quick sketch under 30 minutes
For 20 points: Three graphics OR a drawing that takes less than an hour and a one-shot/poem, OR a dA journal entry template (NEW!)
For 35 points: A short story that is three-to-five chapters maximum (depending on the complexity and general concept[s]) OR five graphics
For 50 points: A full-length story OR a character design and free graphics for a week
For 100 points: I will be your creative 'slave' for a month (this includes graphics, HTML/BB-code coding (I can do tables/'templates' though I need to see what kind of coding your site uses), drawings and written art) - however, this slot can only be taken by one person at a time and you must be reasonable(':

If you wish, you can give me a time limit. However, please note that I am fairly busy as a diligent student and I do have a 'life', as people like to say. Also, everything will be under my terms as I am the artist (as in, how long I take to complete it, though if I take too long I will start to discuss things with you).

I do try my best to complete things ASAP, but my muse fluctuates often. n___n

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