My Sailor Moon Wedding + some DA Love
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Published: February 6, 2017
kaomoji set 1 13/19 So the last time I updated a journal entry here was October 2015... ! I let my core membership expire last year (after nearly 10 years of consecutively having premium/core) and I think it hurt my motivation for Deviantart. I know a lot of people are moving on from DA but I decided to renew my membership and breathe new life into my gallery here. DA helped me grow as an artist and connect with so many people over the years. I also find so much inspiration here from others. I've been putting most of my time on facebook/Etsy and dabbling with pinterest, paigeeworld, and other sites but this still feels like my art home. kaomoji set 1 4/19  

I'm going to do my best to organize and update my gallery and journal and post more often! I'll be moving things around and may upload some chibi art individually (what do you guys think, is this a bad idea when I can have 5-11 for a series???) Either way, I'm excited for a lot of cons planned this year! I updated the section on my profile which ones I'll be attending. I'm thankful for everyone's support, both at cons and online, even if it's as simple as leaving a comment it can make my day. And while I'm at it, thank you for all the birthday wishes! 

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 A few may know this, already but I was married in October! And... I may have made it a bit Sailor Moon themed. For the invitations, I designed my own and had pink shimmery envelopes and silver star magnets. My bridesmaids dresses were custom ordered from a seamstress and I had two flower girls in pink and handsome little rose bearer. The music was custom chosen, including instrumental music from Sailor Moon (my father-daughter dance was 'Daddy's Girl' from the old Dic English soundtrack...) My best friend's mother helped me make custom bouquets and boutonnieres including cell phone wand charms set I splurged on and they turned out perfect! Her mother in law also made the cherry blossom cake for us and my father built a moon photobooth bench guests could take photos at. Overall it was so much planning but turned out magical!
RomanceFrame1 by StarMasayume
WeddingShare1 by StarMasayume

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(I didn't realize these pens actually became wands! lol 

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MetaCynthHobbyist General Artist
Gorgeous photos. I bet the wedding was beautiful. Congratulations. Good for you following your heart and doing your wedding your way. That's exactly how weddings should be, a showcase of love, love shared between the couple, and love for what makes them unique. 
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StarMasayumeProfessional Digital Artist
Glad you liked the photos and I couldn't agree more <3 Everything was more beautiful than I expected and I have no regrets. 
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circusdreamsandmagicHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh my goodness, I LOVE your sailor moon wedding <3 what a cute idea!! all the little touches are so sweet and perfect :D I hope it was absolutely everything you wished for~
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StarMasayumeProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you! I was worried about being cheesy initially but everything turned out so great and it made it that much more special and fun to me. Also I was lucky to have bridesmaids (and a lot of friends) who like Sailor Moon too ;)  I think I managed to make it a nice balance of details and little tributes so everything still came together really classy and beautiful. 
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circusdreamsandmagicHobbyist Traditional Artist
You're very welcome! It looks wonderful and whimsical :) So glad it was special for you!!