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RWBY X Male Reader
Chapter 1
Here we have it folks, my first attempt at writing in a very long time. Hopefully you enjoy the new perspective, this is the first time I've ever written in the second person. I'm not completely happy with the results of this, I need to polish the writing style more than anything else. But, that only comes with practice, which equals more chapters for you! Enjoy the story!
Beginnings. Beginnings are strange. Always hard to start, but once something kicks off, it goes and goes and goes. Beginnings, naturally, always lead to endings. But one should never begin just to look forward to the end. Life becomes short and meaningless otherwise. On
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X Reader Around the World(s)
Disclaimer: Let me be frank. This is going to make me sound like a complete asshole, but I’m being 100% real with the way I feel and about the direction of this story. This is in no way an effort to belittle any other authors or claim some type of superiority, I have a high level of respect to those who have contributed to this story.
My chapter (below) is going to be complete shit. The reason is I cannot understand the absolute clusterfuck of what every author contributed. This story has been polluted with OCs and pointless storylines. I like the Death Game idea, but its spiraled out of control because most parts of the story authors have just added themselves in and pushed it onto their people without any character development. I don’t see any discernible plot to follow besides the all encompassing “Death Game.” As a result, this story has become a mess and the only way I could think to save it is to completely reset everything that’s happened and start
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Chapter 2: Our Shining Beacon (Equality)
Every time I need to get somewhere early in the morning I stay really late to write for you, my amazing readers. It really screws me up the next day... but hey, it's worth it, right?
I know, everyone, including me, is very pissed about my updating schedule, or lack of it. My apologies, between suicide contemplations, finals, depression, concussions, fights, school, drama (not acting, but school and social drama) , and writer's block I haven't been able to focus on the story.
It's rude of me to ask if this, but would shorter chapters (5,000 words) be acceptable, rather than my longer chapters (10,000 words)? It would be easier for me to update and take the looming overwhelming pressure off of me. Plus, 5,000 words is easy enough for me, I would be able to keep coming out with chapters weekly or biweekly, assuming my life doesn't f*** me over.
Do you hate me as much as I do for releasing this so late? Probably.
Per usual, RoosterTeeth owns RWBY and the universe surrounding it. I only con
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Equality: A Male Reader X Ruby Rose Insert
Here lies your sanity, it will be missed... RIP.
I imagine that's how everyone felt when I said I would release this but never did. My computer broke, I've been trying to type this on my phone but I can't concentrate when on my phone. So, I realized that I was not giving you my best with my first attempt of the story... I've decided to fix that. Things have been changed because I feel this is the way my story should go. Also apparently Wattpad doesn't let me indent paragraphs and that's really annoying because I don't want to spam the space bar at the start of a new paragraph. Plus it would take me about 80 years before I got everything even so there will be no indents. I'm sure my Language Arts teacher is somewhere shaking her head at me.  So, as the usual, I do not own RWBY or you, just the plot. If I did own RWBY I'd make Volume 4 come quicker, that's for sure.
(Y/N) = Your name
(S/N) = Sister name ((Should I leave this open for you to insert or should I have a vote and the
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Yang X Gender Neutral Reader Songfic
You gotta play this [link]
It’s the same as the huge video, but if the video doesn’t show you’ll have the link       
I did it and have no regrets  
(There will be swearing) 
(Y/N)= Your Name
When he/she or him/her comes up it means that you choose the one according to the gender you are
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
    Yang and (Y/N) thought it was just going a normal day, hanging about, walking into Vale, going to shops, pranking people, a perfect day. (Y/N) saw the woods, a smaller section that branches off Emerald Forest, but not technically connected and small enough to be labeled as woods. Yang a
:iconstarlord57:starlord57 7 16
Chapters 1 2 male child (13) X RWBY insert
Ok, so this addition will be special. I realized that this isn't mature content material and DA won't let me change it, so I'm publishing chapters 1 & 2 together, sorry if this is an inconvenience. Anyway enjoy the story:D
11:00 PM, Atlas, 6 years ago (making you seven years old)
It all started with a bang. Four bangs to be precise. A pull of the trigger that changed (Y/N)'s life forever. 3 shots to the head and one to the right shoulder. Three bodies on the floor, and one losing conscious rapidly. The dark alley fading in and out.
Goon #1: Should I end the boy?
Goon #2: Do it, the boss would never know.
Goon #1 reloads and prepares to shoot
???: Now what do we have here?
Goons 1 and 2 stand to attention
Goon #1: B-Bossman (Authors note: I meant for that text to be stuttering, I hope I did that right) what are you doing here?
???: I came to check the mission, as you incompetent fools could do anything right. You almost kille
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Mature content
RWBY X male child(13) year old male!reader ch.1 :iconstarlord57:starlord57 22 88


Male Reader x Leaf (School AU) - Better Than You
A (H/c) male sleeps underneath a tree on the outskirts of a school field. His Umbreon has curled himself on top of his chest whilst his Infernape leans against the tree. The young trainer's Gardevoir sits just beside him, smiling lightly as the legendary pokemon Mew flies and barrel rolls through the air around the fairy and psychic type pokemon with (Y/n)'s hat on their head. The male student's soft snoring is the only thing that fills the silent air as time passes by, or that is until he is woken up by a voice.
???: Hey!
Slowly opening his eyes and propping himself up against the tree (gently placing the still sleeping Umbreon in his lap) the (E/c) eyed trainer sees a brown-haired girl with a red and white hat confidently striding toward him. The Eevee on her shoulder smiles stupidly at the confused male as he rubs the sleep from his eyes.
(Y/n): Who are you?
The female pokemon trainer sighs before standing over (Y/n), pointing at his face.
Leaf: My name's Leaf, which you should know
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RWBY series 2 by sakimichan RWBY series 2 :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 2,309 27 Woof!Ruby by NaitouRSE Woof!Ruby :iconnaitourse:NaitouRSE 183 4
RWBY: Nora x M!Reader
Shit...what was the great faunas revolt caused by again? I look over at Ren’s desk hoping he’s got it down already, god knows I’d fail this test without him. But he doesn’t have anything down which is a huge shock to me. I look at the clock and it spins quickly in the opposite direction. My breathing gets faster and faster while I look back down at my test. Suddenly the whole room starts to shake and a loud siren goes off. I can feel my heart pounding like I’m about to-
(Y/n): *gasp* Ugh….
Only a dream...These classes are killing me. I sit up in my bed and look around the room at my teammates. On the bed closest to me lies my girlfriend Nora who’s currently sleeping at the foot of her bed rather than the front. She also has one of her arms dangling off the bed, nearly touching the cold floor below. Across the otherside of the bookshelf is Pyrrha who appears to be sleeping on her back. I have to sit up to see Jaune; he’s cuddingling his pi
:iconwriter-of-da:Writer-of-DA 40 4
Tracer and Widowmaker by aromasensei Tracer and Widowmaker :iconaromasensei:aromasensei 563 7 Adult RWBY series: Ruby Rose pinup by sakimichan Adult RWBY series: Ruby Rose pinup :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 3,145 42 Adult RWBY series: Blake Belladonna by sakimichan Adult RWBY series: Blake Belladonna :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 5,205 80 Adult RWBY series: Weiss Schnee by sakimichan Adult RWBY series: Weiss Schnee :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 3,629 40
One Sky, One Destiny Aqua x Male Reader

Art By: Nijuuko:
One Sky, One Destiny.
Requested By: Drag0riz3r on Deviantart
Aqua (Kingdom Hearts) x Male Reader
(F/c) = Favorite Color
(H/c) = Hair Color
(H/l) = Hair Length
(E/c) = Eye Color
(F/n) = First Name
(L/n) = Last Name
(M/n) = Main Or Preferred Name
(Riku’s POV)
Yen Sid: “Before you leave on your quest… There is someone else you and the others should know about. Someone I and Mickey miss greatly.” I heard Yen Sid say behind me. I turn around and place my bag on the ground and nod. He does have a… Sadder demeanor about him though. “I had two apprentices in my time as a master key blade wielder. Mickey was my second… My first was a man named (F/n) (L/n).” Yen Sid said in a surprisingly sad tone.
Mickey: “I remember him. He was one of the nicest people I ever met. Much like Sora though he knew when to be mature.” Mickey said a bit sadly but t
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Male!Reader x Belarus - Pulled Ch. 13
        Like Romano and (f/n) swore with each other, they made sure that Arthur got out once every day away from the spell he’s working on. Arthur thrashes around each time they do but relents when he stubbornly agrees that he needs some time away from his project. Holing himself away is not the best thing to do at a time like this no matter how dire (f/n)’s situation is. The (nationality) is fine with being in this world until the spell is ready so there is no real need to rush things.
        Each night at the gala, (f/n) seems to be in different groups with the countries he’s been with the past few weeks. One night he’ll be with Romano, Spain, Italy, Germany, and Japan; another night he’ll be with England, America, France, Canada, and Prussia. Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus always stay close so as not to lose him. He feels like a child at times but doesn’t blame them. He’s just happy to sp
:iconchamirhatake101:ChamirHatake101 10 5
2B by nataliebernard 2B :iconnataliebernard:nataliebernard 77 3 Guild Wars 2 - Bethel The Sinister by Tarakanovich Guild Wars 2 - Bethel The Sinister :icontarakanovich:Tarakanovich 680 8 Neopolitan RWBY 3.0 by dishwasher1910 Neopolitan RWBY 3.0 :icondishwasher1910:dishwasher1910 2,194 80 Ms.Redfield by Ron-faure Ms.Redfield :iconron-faure:Ron-faure 204 7
Final Fantasy Seven Minutes in Heaven - Quistis
      "Well, here I am again. I bet you all thought I wouldn't be back for another turn, but I am." Grinning just a little too wide for the smile to have been natural, Yuffie placed her hands on her hips and quickly looked around the room. "I don't care who goes next, anyone's fine. It's not like it really matters anyway." Before anyone could even think to stand, Yuffie shook her head and pointed at you. "How about you? Hurry up here before I change my mind and pick someone else."
"I'm already up here, just calm down." By the time Yuffie's sentence was through, you had already walked to the center of the room and placed your hand in the hat. After giving the contents a little twirl, just to mix things up a bit, you pulled a thick black length of cord from within. "Is this part of a whip? That's what it looks like."
"If that's the case, then it belongs to me." Though still not sure if the item was hers, Quistis left her seat and joined you. Once she saw the item in your h
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 11 0
Final Fantasy Seven Minutes in Heaven - Lulu
      “Alright, there's going to be a little change of plans.” Moving aside the hat full of items, Reno replaced it with a much smaller bowl, which was also filled to the top with the belongings of other players. “I'm going to let the guys take the lead for a little bit. Maybe until Yuffie wakes back up or something, I don't know.” With a shrug, he halfheartedly pointed in your general direction. “Anyway, you're next, so get to it.”
Completely ignoring the fact that there were plenty of other players around you, who Reno very well may have meant to have the next turn, you quickly scrambled to your feet and started for the bowl. If he hadn't meant for you to go next, it was too late now. “Let's see here.” Hand as far into the large bowl as possible, you began your search. No matter how hard you tried, you couldn't identify any of the items within. Due to this fact, you wound up picking something at random. It was a small, fl
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 16 0



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Chapter 1

Here we have it folks, my first attempt at writing in a very long time. Hopefully you enjoy the new perspective, this is the first time I've ever written in the second person. I'm not completely happy with the results of this, I need to polish the writing style more than anything else. But, that only comes with practice, which equals more chapters for you! Enjoy the story!


Beginnings. Beginnings are strange. Always hard to start, but once something kicks off, it goes and goes and goes. Beginnings, naturally, always lead to endings. But one should never begin just to look forward to the end. Life becomes short and meaningless otherwise. One should begin and just live. Live in the moment. Live in the scene. Live without care of what comes next. Live and love freely, because after all, that's what life is all about.

Unfortunately, beginnings are not always what one would expect. You might not even know something is a beginning until it has already begun. And once it has begun, you cannot restart or even stop it.

For some, changing beginnings would be helpful. Like you, for example. Your journey began with a rough start. But hey, don't dwell on the past. For your story is full of hardship and heartache, success and serendipity, serenity and chaos. But to tell all that, we must start from the beginning.


At first, it started as a faint noise. Just a rhythmic annoyance that you could push to the back of your mind and block out. Gradually, it grew louder, ringing with forgotten importance, reaching the ears of a semi-conscious teenager. And as all most teenagers do, you ignored it, until something in your mind clicked. With sudden clarity, you were brought to reality.

The world turned on as you opened your eyes, squinting into the bright light of your open window. Bright light huh, not something you're used to so early in the... morning? Fuck.

Turning to your alarm clock, you read it once and rubbed your eyes, before reading it again and smacking it to silence with a panicked urgency. It was 9:30 AM. Shit fuck.

Throwing yourself out of bed you rushed into the bathroom, squirting some toothpaste onto your toothbrush before rushing into the shower, using the water there and one hand to brush your teeth and the other hand to wash and shampoo your hair. This wasn't uncommon for you and you started to do this more frequently when you switched combat schools, the move to Vale unfortunately and unforgivingly brought your wake-up time to two hours earlier than you were used to.

Speaking of school, you're going to be late. At the very least, you'll miss your airship. Today was the day everyone had to meet at Beacon Academy. If you weren't there, you could kiss your spot and scholarship goodbye. The last airship leaving from Vale was at 10:00 AM. You lived 20 minutes away from the skyport, without traffic. With city traffic, it takes 45 minutes to get there. To make matters worse, that doesn't include security checks and baggage check, another hour of steps.

With reckless abandon you turn off the water in the shower and dry your hair quickly, styling it into a messier version of your usual hairdo. Drying of most of your body, you take your razor and some shaving gel, hastily shaving. You couldn't care less about cutting your face, your Aura took healed cuts anyway. Little nicks closed on your face as fast as they appeared

With your internal monologue screaming fuck repeatedly to the tune of Eine Klein Nachtmusik Allegro, you threw on your favorite zip-up hoodie, dark blue jeans, a faded black t-shirt, and a fancier jacket over your hoodie. One with a collar and made you look good in an urban way. Taking a second to throw on your shoes, you checked yourself out in the full body mirror in your room. Damn, you look good. Grabbing your Scroll and putting on a pair fingerless gloves that bore a resemblance to a cross lifting gloves and Mixed Martial Arts gloves, you ran out on your apartment.

Clicking the down button on the elevator, you checked your wrist, before sighing. You forgot to put on your watch. You pulled out your Scroll. Shit, no time to go back, it's 9:45 now.

Looking back at the elevator and the floor number gauge above it, you deduced to was going way to slow for you. Bolting towards the staircase, you vaulted over the railing, falling down between the floors until the bottom neared.

You had three options at this point. Option A: Try to grab the railing to stop yourself and potentially rip your arms off. Option B: Hit the bottom with no plan and just fucking die. Option C: Roll when you hit the bottom and hope for the best.

Out of all the options, you thought C was the best. Although B was looking pretty sweet to you as well. Fuck it.

With no concern for your wellbeing, you got into a position akin to an upside-down pencil dive, curling yourself into a ball just as you hit the bottom. That somehow transferred all your momentum forward and you rolled onto your feet at the speed of a full sprint, kicking open the door to the lobby. You checked your Scroll as you ran past the receptionist desk, 9:47.

Sprinting out the door, you had the strangest feeling you were forgetting something. Fuck. It was your luggage. All nicely packed next to your open window. There is literally no time to back and missing this airship was not an option. Looks like you're going to have to break some laws, for a good cause, of course.

You continued to sprint, raising your left hand in the direction of your apartment window. Spotting a biker at the gas station fueling up his motorcycle, you ran towards him.

"This is an emergency, find your bike at the skyport."

With those parting words, you kicked him in the shin and dropped some Lien cards next to him. Grabbing onto his bike, you revved the engine and sped off. Back at your apartment, your suitcase and backpack were going a bit bonkers, sliding gradually up the wall until they found the open window, flying off in the direction of you.

Back to you on the motorcycle. This wasn't your first-time riding, but it wasn't your third time either. If it wasn't obvious, this was your second time very riding a motorcycle. And the first time wasn't really a full "ride." It was more like "A very tiny joyride that you regretted instantly." So, this was more like your first and a half ride. But no time to live in the past here, the future is now.

Weaving in and out of traffic, your gloves started vibrating, alerting you to your luggage's' almost immediate arrival. Going full throttle to avoid being beaned by a backpack and suitcase, you managed to stay a good five feet ahead of them. Turning your borrowed vehicle down an alleyway, you took a shortcut across a few blocks, trying to make it to the skyport.

The landing pads were in view and wouldn't you know it, your airship was the only one left. The only issue was, the bridge was retracting, the airship was fueling up, and you were still outside the port itself.

In order to make an omelet, one must break a few eggs. Using the Transitive Property, in order to achieve greatness, one must break a few laws. That's a given. So, in the best interest of the betterment of the world, you needed to abandon all of your common sense.

Speeding down a slope towards the skyport fence, you lowered your body on the motorcycle, achieving the most aerodynamic shape possible. With the help of a wooden plank propped against the fence by some construction company, you did what you were born to do; reach great heights.

You hit the makeshift ramp dead on, abandoning the motorcycle in midair as the airship began to take off. That extra momentum from pushing off of the motorcycle helped you land on one of the wings of the airship. Or at least, hang from it. Your luggage also followed you in that journey, smacking against you in an attempt to reach your gloves. That built up momentum launched you on top of the airship, your luggage unrelenting in its quest to shit on you. Quickly making a grabbing motion, you deactivated the magnets in your gloves, watching as the luggage settled onto the airship.

With a panic, you realized you've jumped out of the pan and into fucking hell. The airship began to rise and the pilot didn't know or didn't care that you were on the roof. This wasn't a good sign, because a fall from an airship isn't something you can just combat roll away from. Plus, you need to go where the airship was going, so you couldn't just abandon it and save yourself.

At least airships were big, so the probability of you finding a spot to enter was good. Hunters and Huntresses do this type of shit all the time, right? Unzipping your backpack, you used your gloves' magnetic ability once again. The handle of a knife slid its way into your hand. You quickly unsheathed it, before zipping up your backpack. Clipping the sheath onto your leg, you proceeded to shoulder said backpack, making sure it was tightly secured to your body. You had a pair of knives, each built in a way that a special electromagnet was fitted into the hilt. This magnet was strong, as shown by your flying luggage and its escapades. Each magnet was paired with a specific glove, although it didn't matter if you held one of your knife with your left or right hand. The knives repelled each other to a slight degree, so they wouldn't end up going for the same glove magnet.

In addition to electromagnetic attraction, your knives could create a rope of energy between each other and between your gloves. So, by taking once knife out, you can use it to maneuver around the airship.

Taking both out would be ideal, but you can't carry your suitcase and do what you wanted to do, so one knife had to stay in the suitcase to fly it to your location, once you found an entry point.

Testing the weight of your knife in your hand and taking a deep breath, you sprinted at the edge of the airship. Leaping with all of your might, you turned and threw the knife into the side of the airship, embedding it into the metal. Snapping your fingers on your right hand, a rope of energy appeared between you and the knife.

The rope wasn't damaging to the airship, not unless you wanted to be. It took some dicking around, but eventually, you figured out you could control every aspect of the rope. There was a touchpad on the palm of each glove that controlled various aspects of the weapons. In addition, it strengthened the connection between the gloves and your Scroll, which was a nifty little feature. Using said touchpad, you lengthened the rope so you could swing around the back of the airship, looking for an emergency exit you could force open.

The good news is: you found it. The bad news is: it's right next to an engine. It's going to take some serious precision to land there without getting charred. And unfortunately, precision isn't exactly your strong suit. But you had no choice, the ship was gaining speed and you really didn't want to test how much drag would rip out your arms.

Taking a deep breath, preferably not your last, you sever the connection to your knife and call it to your hand, in free fall behind the airship. Mustering all the strength you possess in your body, you throw the knife just above the emergency exit, snapping your fingers when it made contact. Good news for you, it embedded solidly into the metal frame of the airship. The bad news is, you were picking up speed, so much so that you flew behind the ship like a banner.

With your right hand occupied, you called your luggage into your left, before slowly shortening the length of the energy rope. The heat of the engine slowly grew as you inched towards your salvation. The strain on your shoulder grew, with your arm slowly being dislocated. You had to make it to the door. With a boost of strength that can be credited only to adrenaline, you launched yourself up along the energy rope, twisting your body in a corkscrew motion to escape being roasted by the engine.

Miraculously, you managed to grasp the handle of your knife, turning on the electromagnet and essentially cementing yourself to the back of the airship. With one foot you began to kick the exit, trying to alert someone that you needed entrance to the ship. The small window on the exit did not provide you with a glimpse inside; you were at too steep of an angle.


Jaune Arc was having an unpleasant ride to Beacon. He was already feeling queasy, something about sending in fake transcripts not exactly sitting right with him. But on top of that, he was being hit seriously hard with motion sickness. In his excitement, while leaving for Beacon, he had forgotten to take any form of motion sickness medicine. After puking on some girls' shoes, he had exiled himself to the back of the airship. The storage area he found had plenty of industrial sized trash cans and plenty of hiding spots. Not that he was hiding from an angry blonde girl, of course. Why would Jaune Arc, slayer of Grimm and Women, hide from a girl?

At least, that's something his mom would tell him back hope. He missed her, along with the rest of his family. It was a gamble, taking off to Beacon like he did. He normally has someone looking out for him. Hell, his seven sisters kept a constant eye on him, whenever he liked it or not. They wouldn't stop knocking on the bathroom door last time he was on an airship, trying to make sure he was ok.

Huh, it's weird, it's almost like he can hear them knocking now. Although this one is a bit faint, almost drowned out by the dull rumble of the engine. But that can't be right. You can't drown out a memory, can you? Concentrating, Jaune tried to increase the volume of the memory in his head. With his eyes closed and jaw set, he's never been so concentrated before.

Hugging the trash can, Jaune's eyes flew open as he puked once again. With his concentration broken, he could determine two things; the knocking was real, and he really hates motion sickness. With a strangled groan he puked again, before standing up, albeit shakily.

Wobbling around, Jaune tried to find the source of the knocking. Looking around slowly, his eyes skimmed over the room. There were boxes, crates with the Schnee Dust Company's Logo, an assortment of weapons, an emergency exit with a leg on the outside of it, a fire alarm switch, more boxes, an— wait, what?

Stumbling over to the emergency exit, Jaune peered out of the small porthole window. The sky was clear, but he could've sworn he saw a leg outside just a second ago. Leaning in closer, he fell backward in surprise with a leg kicked against the spot where his face was. Jaune stood up and looked at the leg again.

In times of inner turmoil, Jaune has a habit of pacing around and talking to himself. Because he is on an airship, Jaune voted against pacing. Talking to himself would have to do.

"I can't just leave them there, can I? What if it's someone trying to break in? What do I do, what do I do? Should I get the captain? But what if someone needs help?"

Jaune thought for a moment. He couldn't exactly leave someone there and every moment they were there was very moment their life was in danger. Plus, Jaune has combat training, sort of. He could take them if he needed to, right? They were probably tired from handing the outside of the airship for so long.

Without much of a second thought, Jaune inspected the door, before turning a big, central valve on said door and opening it with a smaller handle on its side to disengage the lock. Immediately the difference in air pressure made him dizzy, and on top of that, he got kicked in the face. On the ground, he vomited as a stranger closed the door.


"For fucking finally."

You swung your body through the entryway, pulling your knife out of the airship and entering legs first. You expected the captain to be there, ready to chew your ass out for your actions. What you didn't expect was to kick some poor sod in the face before narrowly avoiding the vomit comet he unleashed right after.

Bracing against the ground, you pushed the door shut, turning the valve and sealing the door in place. Taking a deep breath, you finally breathed in air that wasn't thin. You gagged as you did so. The smell of vomit was pungent. You sheathed your knife in the strap on your leg. Disengaging the electromagnet, you took your other knife out of your suitcase and sheathed it in the opposite leg holster. Chucking your suitcase and backpack where the rest of everyone's luggage was, you stretched your arms, before feeling ready enough to leave. Carefully stepping around the blond teen who let you into the airship, you simply pat him on the shoulder before entering the main cabin on the airship.

You took in the scene around you. Groups of people stood around talking you, but none of them were really attention-grabbing. Well, save all but two. In some strange color coding catastrophe, a girl dressed in mainly red and a girl dressed in mainly yellow were talking beside the window. Yellow had her shoes off and a wet wipe in hand, while Red seemed to be purposely trying not to breathe too deeply while this happened. Deciding they were the most interesting of the bunch on the airship, you walked over to them.

Once again, the smell hit you like a boxing glove to the face. "Oh Oum, did tall, blond, and scraggly hit you with a puke nuke too?"

Although not the most conventional conversation starter, Red and Yellow laughed, although Yellow looked slightly annoyed with the comment.

"Yeah, and these were new shoes too!"

Yellow replied passionately, while Red didn't seem fazed by her Amarillo Amiga's little outburst. Yellow recovered her cool and nudged Red on the shoulder, prompting her to introduce herself.

You noted that Red seemed to have a bit of a confidence issue if she needed prompting to introduce herself, but you didn't really mind that. A push here and a shove there never really hurt anyone. Since she didn't seem so ready, you decided to make the first move.

You smiled, reaching out at hand to shake hers.

"I'm (Y/N), (Y/N) (L/N). Who do I have the pleasure of meeting this fine Monday morning?"

"H-Hi, my name's Ruby, Ruby Rose. This is my sister, well, half-sister Ya—."

Before Ruby could shake your hand, Yang took it, sidling herself up to your side and placing your arm around herself.

"I'm Yang Xiao Long, but you can call me anytime."

Never one to back away from a hot girl, you embraced the situation and flirted back.

"Alright Hot Stuff, I see you're already undressing for me."

You gestured to her shoes and she sheepishly looked away, before smiling sweetly.

"Oooh, you're good."

"I'm even better in bed."

"Ew! Gross!"

With the moment ruined by Ruby, the airship landed and everyone started to filter out. Removing herself from you and following her sister out the door, Yang turned back and mouthed "Call me." to you. Replying with a simple wink, you head back and retrieve your luggage, before walking out and finally taking a look at the school around you.

Beacon reminded you of a fairytale. The place just looked magical. It had a very castlesque look to it, it's large presence only adding to its mysticality. You were tempted to grab a dog Faunus and say something along the lines of "Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Vale anymore." Unfortunately, you saw no dog Faunus around. Plus, that would be racially insensitive, which is not how you want everyone's first impression of you to be.

Surveying the area, you had no fucking idea where to go. Students were everywhere. There was no flow of the crowd, no signs pointing first years where to go, nothing of any sort to help you get your bearings. At some point today, there's supposed to be an orientation assembly, but you didn't know where or when the damned thing took place. It was frustrating to say the very least.

Flagging down the nearest student you could find, you got some information. The assembly was to take place in the auditorium and it was set to start in about 45 minutes. That gives you time to explore and acquaint yourself with some of the students at Beacon.

You were new to the city of Vale and by consequence, the combat school systems in Vale. You've had to move all over Remnant since you were just a kid. From the deserts of Vacuo to the tundras of Atlas, there's no continent in Remnant that you haven't been too. Although this lifestyle was definitely excited, it didn't leave room for permanent friends. Hopefully, your time at Beacon would change that.

Seemingly lost in your thoughts, you are shaken from your musings by a very loud noise. It was deeper and too gravely to be a gunshot, so you had to guess it was an explosion.

But where could that be?

Spinning on your heels, you scanned the area from any signs of an explosion. Trees, students, the academy, and bingo: smoke. Shouldering your backpack and grabbing your suitcase, you made your way over to where the smoke came from.

Arriving at the scene, you felt like you had just walked into a boxing ring. On one side, a gothic styled girl with a book was holding a dust vial, marked with the Schnee Dust Company's logo. On the other side, was the heiress of said company, yelling at a slightly smoldering, red-clad younger girl. The tension between Miss Schnee and Little Red Riding Hood was so poignant, you could almost see it materialize.

"—complete dolt! What are you even doing here? Aren't you a—"

The heiress droned on and on, not giving the younger girl a chance to defend herself. Having enough of the heiress's arrogant attitude, you opened your mouth to step in and diffuse, well, maybe not diffuse, but at least shift the attention towards yourself. Before you could say anything, the wannabe Evanescence groupie piped up.

"It's heiress, actually. Weiss Schnee, heiress to the Schnee Dust Company, one of the largest producers of energy propellant in the world."

Inflating the heiress's ego wasn't top on your "Ways to Shame an Arrogant Bitch" list. With the situation not going the way you wanted it to, you decided to step in.

"Heir to a maj—"

"The same company infamous for its controversial labor forces and questionable business partners"

"Wha—! How dare—! The... The nerve of—!"

The girl identified as Weiss was in utter disbelief as the unidentified savage cut you off and absolutely humiliated Weiss. You, on the other hand, was laughing your ass off, with the turn of events providing quality entertainment for your enjoyment.

"Normally I don't like being cut off, but that was fucking great."

Short, white, and angry turned her attention to you, all while snatching the red dust vial from the girl who verbally dismembered her.

"And you exactly do you think you are?"

Not being one who likes being spoken to in such a condescending tone, you snapped your fingers, activating your gloves' electromagnetic function and grasping ahold of the twin knives that leaped into your hands.

"I'm the dude who's about to giving you a fucking haircut in a second if you're not careful."

Your eyes locked with Weiss, tension much greater than ever before. She glared back, before turning sharply and walking off. Ruby, apparently not being one for bad blood, called out after Weiss.

"I promise I'll make this up to you!"

Weiss didn't reply, and Ruby sighed, obviously disappointed with the results. You grabbed your suitcase from where you left it previously on the ground, before walking a bit closer to the two girls. The one who never mentioned her name walked off, leaving you with Ruby.

The young girl was disheartened. Her first experience in Beacon was with an arrogant jerk, so you couldn't really blame her. She sunk to her knees and laid back, not really caring that she was in the middle of a courtyard. You leaned over her, duly noting at Vomit Boy from the airship meandered his way over to you. Still not entirely comfortable with him, you moved away from his intended target, Ruby.


He created her in the dullest, most underwhelming way, before extending a hand to her.

"I'm Jaune."


"And I wouldn't touch him, not offense Jaune, but you kinda puked over yourself on the airship."

Taken aback, Jaune retracted his hand, before you walked over to Ruby and grabbed her by the hood, not unlike how a mother cat would grab its young by the scruff of their neck. Hoisting her up with one arm, you dusted her off, ignoring her blush as you did so.

"I'm (Y/N), but you may call me sir."

You looked at Jaune with complete seriousness, before breaking your composure and laughing a bit. Jaune let out a laugh too, although his was more of a nervous chuckle.

"It's all good man, try not to puke on me."


"All I'm saying is motion sickness is a much more common problem then people let on."

"Look, I'm sorry, Vomit Boy was the first thing that came to mind."

"Dude, I mean, come on, that's literally the first impression everyone got of you."

"Oh yeah, what if I called you Crater Face. And what if I called you..."

Jaune trailed off, not being able to find a negative quality of yours that he could make an insulting nickname out of.


You suggested this rather quickly, making Ruby and Jaune laugh.

"Hey, that explosion was an accident!"

Ruby returned to the previous train of thought, remembering that Jaune just insulted her.

"Well, the name's Jaune Arc. Short, sweet, rolls off the tongue, ladies' love it."

You looked at his face, trying to find any reason to believe that this was a joke, and not what the gangly teenager actually believed.

"Do they though?"

Ruby voiced the question that popped into your mind as soon as Jaune introduced himself fully.

"Th-They will. Well, I-I hope that they will. I mean, my mom always says that—eh, never mind."

Trying to avoid an awkward silence, Ruby seamlessly transitioned into a topic you could tell she was very passionate about.

"Sooo, I got this thing."

Pulling out a metal rectangle from under her cape, Ruby unfolded a huge, red scythe, seemingly impossibly huge from the proportion of the box.

"Holy shit!"

In utter shock a girl that size could wield a weapon the, you failed to notice Jaune nervously backing up, until he accidentally elbowed you. Ignored him, you took note of the ammo pouches on Ruby's belt, the scope, the magazine, and the barrel hole built into the top of the scythe. If you had to guess, it served a dual purpose as a firearm. Due to the size of the barrel and magazine, you could assume this was most likely a sniper rifle.

"Woah, it's that a scythe?"

Leave it to Jaune to ask the most obvious questions.

"It's also a customizable, high-impact sniper rifle."

Bingo, you were glad you weren't getting rusty.

"A wha—?"

You facepalmed, before cutting Jaune off from being even more stupid.

"It's also a gun."

"Oh, that's cool!"

Jaune, master of the mediocre comments.

"So, what've you got?"

Ruby asked that so fast, your brain nearly registered it as one word.

"Oh, uh, I got this sword."

Jaune unceremoniously unsheathes his sword.

"Yeah, I got a shield too!"

Gaining a bit more confidence, Jaune displayed his means of survival. You forced interest in this. Jaune, so far, seems to be one of the most boring people you've ever met.

"So, what do they do?"

Ruby lightly tapped on the shield, collapsing it back into its sheathe form and sending it rocketing out of Jaune's hands. You took the time to appreciate the scenery as Jaune fumbled like a buffoon. Gray, stone archways lined the way up to the main campus, where it looked very much like a castle from a distance. Ozpin's tower was the highest vantage point. You made a note to climb up and scope out the surroundings later. Spinning 360°, you took note of the well-maintained landscape and fountains dotting the grounds. You were shaken out of your reverie by Ruby, you tapped you on the shoulder, her conversation with Jaune over.

"So, what do you have?"

Snapping your fingers, your knives flew into your hands, causing Jaune to jolt back once more. He really was a jumpy person.

Ruby fawned over your knives. You didn't blame her, you put your heart and soul into making them functional and aesthetic. Let's start with the blade. Your blades were long for knife standards, long enough to be almost be called a shorter short sword. The blades were a polished black, with cracks of gold running through them. All of this was tied together with a slight iridescent sheen. The shape of the blade was not unlikely that of a throwing knife, being symmetrical and sharpened on both edges. The edges were constantly sharp, with no nicks along the blade. In addition, your sheathes contained a sharpened, so every time you returned them to their sheathe, the knives were sharpened further.

The guards were small and simple, only made to prevent other blades from running down the length and chopping off your arms. You used the same piece of metal while constructing each knife, which meant it was the same as the handle. This was useful for two reasons. Firstly, the knife's blade could not separate from the handle, which was especially useful when you threw them. Secondly, the allows the handle of the knife to double as a blunt force weapon.

On the subject of the handle, it was partly hollowed out and retrofitted with an electromagnet, before welding the gap shut. After forging and reforging your knives after they broke several times, they were practically indestructible now, as well as being able to retain their sharpness very well.

A simple, grip was fitted onto the handle, with the highly durable, black rubber grip being molded to the shape of your hand. A thin layer of liquid rubber was fitted between the rubber grip and the handle, serving the purpose of sealing and nicks or scratched the rubber grip maybe have acquired. Several veins of gold snaked themselves through the handle and grip, to the blade itself. At the very base of the knives were access points to load Dust into the blade, able to take uncut Dust crystals. You had a powered form of that residing inside your gloves, which you were able to release from the top of the glove, opposite to your palm. The veins of gold all coalesced at the slot where you could unload your Dust.

Now for the gloves. They were as much an innovation as the knives were. They contain a strong electromagnet in the palm of each glove. On the surface of the palm of each glove was an ultra-thin, ultra-flexible touchscreen. This controlled the energy line that could extend from glove-to-glove and glove-to-knife. The line of energy was customizable in terms of whatever color you wanted it to be, at least in terms of aesthetic. Its functionality was superb, with the user able to control the intensity, length, elasticity, stiffness, and strength of the energy line from the aforementioned touchscreen of the glove. The lines of energy were also able to act like actual ropes, with the user being able to grab them if they had the paired gloves on. The energy ropes connected to the same cluster of gold veins that the Dust was loaded into on the base of the knives.

The touchscreens were able to pair with Scrolls and other electronic devices, allowing for one to check their Aura level much more effectively in combat. In addition, the could turn off the energy limiters in the gloves for extreme emergencies. A small two-way mic and camera were also built into the palm and around the touchscreen. Kinetic energy and body heat powered the touchscreen, as well as every other powered system in the gloves. The more the user wore and used them, the more energy they had.

On the back of the glove was were Dust powder could be loaded. A small nozzle ran opposite of where the touchscreen was on the palm. With a simple command, one could release a cloud of Dust and activate it, producing a varying effect depending on what Dust was released.

Both gloves, as well as both knives, were identical in terms of looks and function. Besides the gold cracks in blades that is, because one could not get identical results while using actual gold. As one final feature, the knuckles of the gloves were padded on the inside, with a metal cap on each glove on the outside, just in case you had to resort to hand to hand combat.

Jaune looked at the knives with interest, although not nearly as much as what Ruby had.

"What do they do?"

"I'm so glad you asked, Jauney boy."

Making sure to not main Ruby, you threw one knife at your friend, snapping your fingers at the last second and triggering the energy line as the knife point nearly touched Jaune's nose.

Yanking your hand back, you snapped again and the knife flew back into your hands. Quickly, you sheathed your weapons and checked the display on your gloves.

"Do they have a name?"

Ruby piped up from your side. Your eyes glaze over momentarily before you answered.

"Shit, no, I haven't found a good name yet."

Ruby and giggled at that. For all the design time it took and the complexity that your weapons had, you still haven't named them yet. Weird, but understandable in a loose sense.

"Hey, where are we going?"

"I don't know, I was following you."

You looked at the pair and sighed. Deciding to be a responsible person for once, you told them what they needed to do.

"There'll be a meeting in the auditorium, in about, let's see, five minutes. We should probably haul ass and figure out where to go."


"Ruby, over here, I saved you a spot!"

Yang's cheerful voice called out to your new friend as Jaune, Ruby, and you all walked into the auditorium.

"I gotta go, I'll see you after the ceremony."

Despite Jaune's protests, Ruby rushed over to where her sister was. Not wanting to be left with the full boy alone, you followed Ruby, figuring Yang wouldn't mind, especially after your flirting on the airship.

"How's your first day going little sister?"

Yang, playing the role of the responsible older sister, checked up on Ruby, no entirely expecting the answer to follow.

"You mean since you ditched me and I exploded?"

"Yikes, meltdown already?"

"You wish it was only a meltdown, Blondie." You mentally quipped to yourself as you listened in on the half-sisters' conversation.

"No, I literally exploded a hole in front of the school. And there was some fire, and I-I think some ice."

"Are you being sarcastic?"

"I wish. I tripped over some crabby girl's luggage. And then she yelled at me. And then I sneezed. And then I exploded. And then she yelled again. And it felt really, really bad and I just wanted her to stop yelling at me.

Ruby's voice grew more hysterical with each sentence.


The haughty heiress's voice rang directly behind Ruby. Startled, the younger girl suddenly sprung backward, jumping into your arms.

"Oh god, it's happening again!"

Had it not been for this situation, Ruby would be a blushing mess, but she was quite obviously distracted by the girl who had already traumatized her once.

"You're lucky we weren't blown off of the side of the cliff!"

"Oh my god, you really exploded."

"It was an accident! It was an accident."

You set Ruby down as she got over the surprise of being startled. Weiss continued to ramble something about Dust application to Ruby, her voice getting more and more chipmunkesque as she continued.


"You really want to start making things up to me?"


"Then read this and don't ever speak to me again."

"Look, eh, it sounds like you two just got off on the wrong foot. Why don't you start over and try to be friends, ok?"

Yang interjected, playing the role of moderator, something you did not expect.

"Yeah! Great idea sis. Hello Weiss, I'm Ruby. Wanna hang out? We can go shopping for school supplies."

"Yeah! And we can paint our nails, and try on clothes, and talk about cute boys like tall, blond, and scraggly over there."

Weiss's voice adopted a sickly sweet tone as she ridiculed Ruby. You clenched your fist. The short, stuck up heiress was really getting on your nerves, especially the way she treated Ruby, who only tried to make amends and nice.

"Wow really?"

Ruby couldn't contain her childlike excitement, maybe she gained a new friend!


Weiss's eyes narrowed as she finally registered that you were there and in the conversation. She took a step closer, opening her mouth the belittle you, before stopping dead in her tracks. She could feel the point of a knife pressed against where she would have an Adam's Apple if she was a guy.

"Listen here you little shit. I don't care who you are, I don't care what family you come from. If you ever, speak to my friends that way again I'll personally make sure your singing days are over."'

You threatened the now terrified girl in a low voice, digging your knife point a bit deeper to emphasize your point. The sound of a microphone turning on alerted you Ozpin was ready to commence the ceremony. Weiss took that opportunity to flee, disappearing into the crowd of seemingly featureless students.

Ruby looked at you in admiration, not just for your bold action but also because you defended her. Yang approved of this and was actually turned on a bit because of what you did, when you got all serious and when your voice got all low, she felt something inside of herself stirring. Not only were you incredibly good looking, with a rugged type of look, but you also stood up for her little sister, something that earns you major points in her book.

You did see either of their expressions as you focused your gaze into the stage, staring Ozpin dead in the eye.

"I'll... keep this brief. You have traveled here today in search of knowledge. To hone your craft and acquire new skills. And when you are finished, you plan to dedicate your life to the protection of the people. But I look amongst you, and all I see is wasted energy. "

Ozpin's gaze lingered on you after his last sentence, before he continued with his speech.

"In need of purpose, direction. You assume knowledge will free you of this, but your time at this school will prove that knowledge can only carry you so far. It is up to you to take the first step."

With those closing remarks, Ozpin left the stage and Miss Glynda Goodwitch took the microphone.

"You will gather in the ballroom tonight. Tomorrow your imitation begins. Be ready. You are dismissed."

Curt and straight to the point, Ms. Goodwitch left the students to their own devices. Shouldering your pack and grabbing your suitcase, you made your way to the ballroom, before finding a spot and setting your things down.


Night befell about Beacon as every incoming student settled down into the ballroom. All that is, except you.

"It's like a big slumber party!"

Yang's voice descended from the heavens as she dropped on her sleeping back next to Ruby. Ruby replied without looking, laser-focused on what she was writing.

"I don't think dad would approve of all the boys though."

"I know I do."

With that closing sentence, Yang let out a very catlike purr, her eyes sweeping over the multitude of boys without their shirts on. Jaune entered her field of view, wearing a steel blue onesie, with matching bunny slippers, of course.

"Ugh, speaking of boys, where's (Y/N)?"

Yang's eyes scanned the room once more, not finding your figure among the others. She could spot your stuff, with your backpack and suitcase unmistakably propped against the back wall, where you had left it about three hours earlier.

Ruby sat up, genuinely curious about where you were too.

"Oh, I know! I'll just call him!"

Ruby's eyes lit up for a brief second as she congratulated herself on her stroke of genius.

"Sweet! What's his Scroll number?"

Yang mentally cheered, with Ruby providing the perfect opportunity to get closer to you. She sat up and grabbed her Scroll, ready to create a new contact for you.

"I... don't have it?"

Ruby looked down with a slight blush on her face fueled by her folly. Yang facepalmed and fell backward, laying back down onto her sleeping back, obviously visually disappointed.

"Now, what's with the Xiao Long face, pal?"

Ruby groaned and sat up, with Yang doing the latter, both of them looking as you sauntered over to them, still dressed in the same outfit you arrived at Beacon in.

"That was, the worst pun, I've ever heard, period."

Yang's vocal displeasure contradicted her broad smile on her face. As much as she hated to have competition in the pun game, it was refreshing to have someone else play as well.

"Eh, you can't talk Yang, your puns are awful."

"That's not true, I always start them off with a Yang."

Completing her rebuttal to Ruby, Yang looked over at you and winked. You smirked, before kicking a pillow off of the ground and at her head.

"That was worse than mine."

Ruby laughed as she watched her older half-sister get plastered by a pillow. You sat down next to Ruby, playing a game on the touchscreen of your glove. You looked over to what the young huntress-in-training was doing.

"So, what's that about?"

You gestured to the letter she was composing, powering off your touchscreen and devoting your full attention to Ruby.

"Oh, this? It's a letter to the gang back at Signal. I promised to tell them about Beacon and how things are going?"

"Aww, that's so cute!"

Yang squealed at her younger sister's response, having recovered from the first pillow just to be met with another one to the face.

"Shut up! I didn't get to take my friends with me to school, it's weird not knowing anybody here."

"What about Jaune? He's... nice. There you go, plus one friend! That's a 100% increase."

"I'm pretty sure Weiss counts as a negative friend, back to zero."

"There's no such thing as negative friends. You just made one friend and one enemy."

And with that phrase, Yang Xiao Long was hit with her third pillow of the night.

"Look, it's only been one day. You've got friends all around you, you just haven't met them yet."

While Yang switched her personality to a more nurturing, comforting-her-little-sibling type, thought for a second. Looking down at the slightly crestfallen girl, you put your hand on her shoulder, attracting her full attention.

"Look, kid, chill out, take a deep breathe, and relax. You've got Yang, Jaune, and me. That's a net positive right there. Plus, this type of thing takes time. You'll get there."

You paused, wanting to say more, mainly curious about why she was younger than the rest of the incoming students and why the rest of the "gang" was back in Signal Academy. But alas, you felt the time wasn't right to grill her with questions.

"Just trust me and be you, I'm sure everyone will like you."

With that closing remark, Ruby smiled, before turning her head so she could look at you better.

"Yeah, I guess. Thank you!"

Ruby grew more confident with every word.

"Soooo, where were you?"


"Just now, you walked in. Plus, you're still wearing your regular clothes, so it's not like you set up your sleeping back somewhere else."

Ruby questioned you, being surprisingly more observant than you expected; a welcome and pleasant realization. You smiled sheepishly, twiddling your thumbs as you tried to think of an appropriate response.

"I was— y'know what? That story is for another day."

"Aw c'mon!"

"Yeah, no fair."

Ruby and Yang both protested at this. Thankful, you didn't have to defend yourself further as a distraction took place. The sound of a match igniting directed all of your attention to a lit candelabra and the girl sitting next to it.

This girl was the same one who dissected Weiss earlier in the day. She wore a two-piece pajama set, with the bottoms being simple black and white short shorts and top being a matching, kimonoesque full sleeve, with a cord tied around her midriff. The outfit was very monochrome, with it following her pattern of wearing mostly dark outfits. The black bow on her head was the same one, or maybe an identical one, as the one she donned earlier today.

The most interesting part about her was her eyes, in which the iris consisted of a rich amber color. Come to think about it, the Ruby and Yang's eyes were also oddities, with Ruby having silver irises and Yang possessing lilac irises. Not dwelling on the fact for too long, your concentration was broken when Ruby's voice reached your ears.

"That girl..."

"You know her?"

"Not really, she saw what happened this morning but left before I could say anything."

"Well, now's your chance."

"W-Wait! What are you doing?"

Ruby's voice grew more high-pitched as Yang dragged her up to talk to the mysterious girl. Having nothing better to do, you followed the odd pair over to where the solitary girl was sitting. 

"Hellooo~! I believe you two may know each other."

Yang's singsong voice reaches Blake's ears, causing the girl to look up and away from her book to where Yang was standing. Ruby was standing a bit of the way back, with her arms crossed across her chest. Ruby's eyes met yours as you nodded your reassurance. Find the confidence, Ruby turned and approached Blake.

"Aren't you that girl that exploded?"

"Uh, yeah. My name's Ruby, but you can just call me Crater... ah, actually you can just call me Ruby."

You facepalmed at Ruby's attempt to make friends. Honestly, how can the girl be so nervous? It baffled you, but it wasn't your place to judge in the first place.


"What are you doing?"

"I don't know, help me!"

You watched with interest at the scene before you, not entirely sure what was going on.

"Sooo, what's your name?"

Yang's bid at breaking the ice succeeded somewhat, with Blake only responding in monotone, monosyllabic answers.


"Well Blake, I'm Yang, Ruby's older sister. I like your bow!"


"It goes great with your... pajamas."


"Nice night, don't you think?"

"Yes, it's lovely, almost as lovely as this book. That I will continue to read. As soon as you leave."

"Yeah, this girl is a lost cause."

"What's it about?"


"Your book, does it have a name?"

Ruby's question was met with a surprising deal of words and tone changes. Maybe this girl only talked greatly about the subjects she enjoyed.

"Well, it's about a man with two souls. Each fighting for control over his body."

"Oh yeah, that's, lovely?"

Yang's uneasy response was warranted, as Blake put out such an odd vibe. She didn't seem to know how to socialize, but unlike Ruby, she wasn't even trying regardless.

"I love books. Yang used to read to me every night before bed. Stories of heroes and monsters. Their one of the reason I want to be a huntress."

You found Ruby's effort to engage Blake in a conversation and her little backstory extremely endearing. It really showcases her personality and beliefs, if you wanted to psychoanalyze her, that is.

"Oh, why is that? Hoping you'll live happily ever after?"

Blake's response brought a little smile to your face as you watched Ruby succeed and coaxing a bit more of a personality out of the bland girl. 

"Well, I'm hoping we all will. As a girl, I wanted to be just like those heroes in the books. Someone who fought for what was right and protected people who couldn't protect themselves."

"That's very ambitious for a child. Unfortunately, the real world isn't the same as a fairy tale."

Blake's response was as off-putting as your impression of her. She had a pessimistic view, that's for certain.

"Well, that's why we're here. To make it better."

Ruby actually handled a situation with social grace, something that actually made you a bit proud. You don't know what it was with this girl, but you wanted her to succeed.

"Ooh, I'm so proud of my baby sister."

"Gah! Cut it out!

Yang picked up and hugged her half-sister, causing a small scuffle between the two. During this time, you walked over to Blake to introduce yourself.

"I'm (Y/N), a pleasure to meet you."


Blake's response grew bland again and you figured you could get anything more out of her tonight. Resigning yourself to watch the clash between the two sisters, you cringed as you saw the heiress walking in your direction.

"What in the world is going on over here! Don't you realize some of us are trying to sleep?"

"Not you again!"

Weiss and Yang yelled in tandem, as Weiss turned to hypocrisy and grew louder. Thankfully, she didn't notice you standing next to Blake.

"Chill out grandma, it's not that late, you'll survive."

Ignoring you, Weiss continued to yell at Ruby and Yang. Sighing, you caught balled attention and pointed to the candelabra. Catching your drift, Blake nodded and picked it up. Not wanting to see the result, you walked over to your stuff and grabbed your pajamas, going to the bathroom and changing quickly.

Replacing your worm clothes in your suitcase, you grabbed your sleeping bag and flung it down spring where you thought Ruby and Yang's stuff was. Sliding into your sleeping bag not a moment too soon, the candelabra was blown out, plunging the room into darkness. Your eyes adjusted to the soft light of the moon coming through the windows.

Reflecting on your first day at Beacon, you concluded that it wasn't bad, but you need more time to figure things out. Your schedule would be weird anyway, with initiation tomorrow morning, and the subsequent sorting of teams. You weren't worried though, everything seems to work out in your favor eventually. Closing your eyes, you heard two bodies slide into the sleeping bags around you. Allowing the others' rhythmic breathing to lull you to sleep, you couldn't wait to see what tomorrow brought.


This concludes the first chapter. Hopefully you enjoyed it! I'm really sorry for my absence, but I can't seem to figure things out for the life of me. I'll get into a groove eventually, probably.

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Maybe it’s a stretch to call my story idea complex, it’s convoluted, at its best. I don’t know what I’ll keeping doing with writing, or even if I’ll continue at all. Currently I’m trying to write a Yang X Reader oneshot to get my creative process back into full swing. You guys might like it, if I ever finish it.

I’ve always had problems beginning stories. I can write and choreograph action scenes with no problem, and I can cram a story full of fluff, but I can’t progress plot in a logical manner for the life of me. At least in the beginning. The transition from exposition to action is very difficult for me to materialize on paper.

Another problem is I hate everything I publish. With a passion, every time I review my old work I’m never happy with it. Maybe it’s because when I finish the bare bones of everything a rush of euphoria hits me and I want to share it with everyone. I don’t honesty know. But every time I turn and reflect on what I wrote, I end up hating every bit of it.

Personally, I’ve gotten worse in terms of mental health since I started this account. I recognize the problems I have (very heavy depression) but seeking professional help is out of the question, in any circumstance. I am not and will never be able to deal with the fallout of treating what I have, so it just worsens. Maybe because of this, my creative drive has been extinguished. I don’t know. I’m useless in giving you all answers, as I have none.

I hope you don’t pity me. I don’t want everyone to pity me. Because I’ve failed you. I promised I’d start writing and publishing my stories for you to enjoy, but I haven’t and therefore broke said promise. It’s a fact, nothing can dispute it. Pity should be bestowed upon those who deserve it. I do not.

To end this shitshow of a note, I’ll add two things.

Firstly, even if I cannot write on my own, I’m happy to give advice to any writers if they so choose to ask. Don’t be afraid to ask and talk to me like I’m a real person.

Secondly, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for anyone who ever enjoyed my stories. I’m not giving up, but I’m so far from any goal I’ve set for myself that I will probably never reach it. I’m sorry to all of those who watched me, I’m sorry to those who hope for my stories to continue. I’m sorry to all of those who I’ve let down. I know by now, my apology is useless, but this will help me rest my guilt conscience, even if I’m wrong in apologizing.  

I have so many snippets of stories, but I’ll probably never finish them. I’m sorry.

I don’t know how to end this, I really don’t. There’s so much more I can say, but I can’t vocalize it. I’m not sure what my stories need. I’m not even sure what I need. Maybe a fresh start? Who knows? I sure as hell don’t. I’m just going to put this out here and hope that someone reads it and find closure, or even just helps them understand why I’ve been absent a bit more. It probably won’t happen, nobody reads my messages anyway.

- Love


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