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Never Cross Me by StarlitProductions, visual art

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My Bio

Those who dox my actual name will be reported immediately. I do not give permission to anyone who doxes my actual name to use. Doxing my name is a violation of my privacy.

Please Join my Contest~:

"I need caffeine now and then to maintain my sanity"

- Me (lol)

-NEW SOCIALS COMING SOON- Since Username is changed, it's no longer tied to my other socials. This will be tied to new socials regarding my new upcoming animated series. -Currently on Hiatus due to getting repairs done on laptop-

It will have to wait a bit longer.


COMMISSIONS - Closed (until my computer is fixed) (will open 3 slots) Adopts will be up more (until my computer is fixed)

I will not be doing art trades nor requests. ToS: TBA Blacklist: TBA (Those I will not be doing any art for.)


Current VTubers (All/most of my vtubers are Star themed): KatiaSunna - Main and artist vtuber Kuustella - Gaming Miko Vtuber Astera Skye - Vsinger Starvixia - Writing Vtuber Kitty Belle - Reddit Vtuber (Only vtuber who is not star themed) TO BE ADDED/ANNOUNCED (Season 2 Lineup): Unnamed Butterfly/Star/Sun Vtuber Unnamed Phoenix/Star Vtuber (Reason for unnamed: Haven't figured out names yet)



PLEASE DO NOT USE MY ART FOR AI ART/PROFIT PLEASE! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

.:ABOUT ME~:. - I am a self taught Artist and Animator - I am a Vtuber (most of my vtubers are mainly Star Themed) - I am currently teaching myself ASL (American Sign Language) due to having co-workers who are deaf/hard of hearing. - I am a cat mom to 3 kitties: Female Orange Tabby (Aisha), Brown Tabby/Calico (Jade), and Black medium hair (Cleo) - I'm going back to school to get my degree - I am not religious. It doesn't mean I am anti religion. I do respect all forms of religion but not the ones who preach suppression of others. - I'm thinking of moving out of the country in a few years (probably in Europe) - I am a singer and working on some song covers (English ones) and writing out my own original songs. (secret, secret~) - I am a gamer

.:Likes:. - Gaming (Been gaming since I was little mostly with learning games or Nancy Drew) - Art and animation - Cooking (I love doing meal preps for the week for my job so I can eat in between shifts) - Anything Peanut Butter (I am nicknamed Reeses by a fellow co worker at my job. I love reeses candy) - Anything Space stuff (I believe in the multiverse) (I do love planets and stars and such) - Anime and manga/manhua - Amazing and Talented Artists - Collecting Crystals - Singing - Tea and Coffee - Comedy Shows .:DIslikes:. - Art theft

- Stalkers and Liars (like certain people) - people who spread rumors and lies about me

- People who dox my name and personal info

- Horror Movies (There are some that are good though)

- Procrastinating

- AI Art (people who use AI art and call it art. It's not real art)

- Having Art Block - Certain foods. I'm pretty picky and some I am allergic to. - Exremely spicy food


"Dammit! There are so many idiots whose asses I have to kick! I'll have to start carrying a list just to keep track of 'em all!" - Edward Elrich (Fullmetal Alchemist 2003 series) Please do keep in mind everyone. I do not tolerate any false accusations or rumors against me. Any Accusations and rumors will automatically be reported and blocked. Like I said prior... IP Block needs to be a thing. I'm here on deviantArt to share my art and improving my skills. I also want to keep cheering for others as well and stay connected with my friends.

There will be a point where I will be migrating to a new account under a different name just to keep stalkers away from me and yes, they will be blocked. Love you all!

Favourite Visual Artist
Drachea Rannak, Qinni, AudityDraws, Naschi, Margaret Morales
Favourite TV Shows
Pretty Little Liars, Sailor Moon, Miraculous, Hazbin Hotel, Little House on the Prairie (1970's)
Favourite Books
Anything Manhua
Favourite Games
Slime Rancher, Poppy Playtime, Fire Emblem
Favourite Gaming Platform
My Laptop and Nintendo Switch
Tools of the Trade
Clip Paint Studio, Gaomon PD1320


.:Projects I Am Working On:.

- Song Cover 'Idol' - OriginalhySong (SECRET~~) - Animated Series for Youtube: Miko Trinity and Progress Storyboard <--- IN PROGRESS Scripts <--- IN PROGRESS Sketching Backgrounds

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