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General Questions

Q: Who are Starlit Horizon Studios?

Starlit Horizon is composed of two people currently. Christina/Kal (better known as Jae or Jeonjaeng in suit) and Briana "Bri" (better known as GatorBeagle in suit). Kal has been an artist in Furry Fandom since 2011 and has been making costumes since 2012. Kal performs all of the main tasks of creating fursuits from start to finish, they also handle designing artistic liberty suits and pricing quotes. Bri is an artist who helps Kal by digitalizing concept art or helping to create predesigns.. She also helps with pricing.

Q: I am new to the furry community, but I am considering purchasing a fursuit. What should I know beforehand?

First of all, welcome! This community is amazing and we're happy to have you here. To start, be aware of what you're getting into. Fursuits are rather expensive and can take quite a while to make. We strongly advise that you wait until you're at least 16-18 before getting a fullsuit to avoid growing out of it within a year, nothings worse than your $500+ body suit no longer fitting.
We take a lot of precautions to ensure your suit is as comfortable as possible. That being said, these costumes are roughly between 10-15 pounds of faux fur and upholstery foam and are very hot to wear, they get even hotter when you consider resin bases and extra padding like in digitigrade legs. They are not for the claustrophobic, and reduce the wearer’s visibility and intricate motor skills noticeably. We suggest that you have a friend or family member get you dressed and keep an eye you while you perform. The costumes also need maintenance as they age. Cleaning these costumes is also time-consuming and should be treated with care. We highly recommend, if possible, trying out a costume by borrowing one from a friend before purchasing one. Not everyone enjoys wearing them, and we would prefer you understand that and be happy with your purchase!

Q: How much are your costumes/Where can I find your prices?

The price varies depending on the specific commission. If you're only looking for base prices, we would very much prefer that you either check our pinned post on Facebook, or our Base Pricing Journal here! You can get in contact with us here or most other social media platforms in order to get a quote.

Q: Can I just give you measurements instead of sending a DTD (Duct Tape Dummy)?

We used to allow this, however because it is so extremely difficult and the suit often doesn't fit, we do not anymore. DTDs will be required for fullsuits and half suits.

Q: How long does it take to make a costume/How long does it take to finish a commission?

Costume-making is time consuming, and each studio treats this process differently. We give out estimated completion dates when we take commissions. It is usually several months out from when we accept a commission. We DO NOT accept deadlines as sometimes problems arise that prevent the suit from being completed on time.

Q: Where do you get your fur?

We purchase fur from various online shops. 

Q: How many yards of material does it typically take to make each suit?

Generally, it takes about 4-5 yards of material depending on the type of commission and the character. Typically we do purchase a bit more than needed just to ensure that we have enough if there's any issues.

Q: What does digitigrade vs. plantigrade mean?

Implementing digitigrade padding is a matter of personal preference in aesthetics. Humans and bears are plantigrade, our heels touch the ground naturally when we walk. Dogs and cats have digitigrade legs, they walk on their toes, with their heels off of the ground. Creatures such as horses that are unguligrade (walk on toenails) will be considered digitigrade for the purposes of fursuit making. Digitigrade legs will be more expensive, as it requires extra materials and time.

Q: Do you require a reference sheet/concept art?

Yes. If you have something specific in mind, then we need a very thorough reference sheet. However, if you want something very generic, then we don’t. If you ask for a pure white wolf with blue eyes and a purple tongue, and these are the only guidelines you care about, then you don’t need a reference sheet. The visuals on a reference sheet will take precedence to any designs described. The reference sheet MUST have a front and back view. A side view in addition to the front and back views is also preferred but not necessary. We do provide reference sheets if you would like to commission that on the 

Q: Where are the zippers located on your suits?

Back zippers are standard, but front zippers are just as easily done by request of the client. For suits with large tails, we add zippers to them as well for ease of stuffing, washing, and travel.
   -Do you add zippers for bathroom purposes?
   No. It is best to remove your suit completely for bathroom purposes, as not to expose the faux fur to bacteria and other potentially harmful pathogens in bathrooms.

Q: Where is the vision located on your suits/How good is the visibility?

Realistic suits have tear duct vision. The toony suits will have vision through the iris and pupil of the actual eye. Toony eyes have the best vision. Peripheral vision will always be limited in any costume. Always remember to take breaks, these masks require some getting used to, but can also lead to headaches if you don’t take adequate breaks or drink enough water.

Q: What is your body padding material made out of?

Digitigrade legs are made from upholstery foam or stuffed pillows, manes are typically made of just faux fur and polyfil (if needed). Over time, these pillows may become flatter. To avoid this, make sure to only use cold water when washing them. To fix this entirely, you can also strip a small hole in the pillows and re-stuff them. Stuffing can be found at most craft stores. Ankles and other padding which needs to be pointier may be made from carved upholstery foam.

Q: Do you use real materials (fur, leather, hair) on your suits?

For the most part, no. There are no organic materials being used in my standard suits. All furs are synthetic, and noses/handpaws are all silicone, vinyl, fleece or minky.

Q: Are your suits hypoallergenic?

Not completely. I have two dog and several cats. They are not allowed in the studio, but fur can travel. Let me know of any allergies, and I will do my best to accommodate your suit in an allergen-free zone. I sometimes snack on things in the studio as well, so please mention food allergies as well. However, if your allergies are severe or you aren’t sure, consider commissioning someone else and put your own safety first! - Christina

Q: Which paws have the greatest dexterity?

Normal paws that have no extras (pawpads and claws) will be best. Precision is lost a great deal with pawpads, silicone ones especially. Puffy paws and feral paws have little dexterity, plush paws have next to none.

Q: Do you line your suits?

Not typically, I will line the hands and feet at the request of the commissioner. Bodysuits are not lined except for on the legs if they are digitigrade (to hold the padding in). Repairs are much simpler without lining, and lining may trap excess heat. There are steps that can be taken to protect sensitive skin from rough faux fur. I highly recommend lycra shirts and pants to wear under the suit. Not only does it protect your skin, but it also helps keep your suit clean by wicking away sweat. Do not wear your suit naked, or in just underwear. Sweat is very corrosive to faux fur over time. If desired, heads can be sent with a balaclava, but I do not line them myself.

Q: What will you NOT make?

I do not make copyright characters that are not owned by you. I don’t want any legal battles. Period. However a ‘style’ is different. If you aren’t sure where your commission would lay in this category, just ask. I do not make duplicate suits, and I do not make characters that are owned by other people for you. I also do not make "murrsuits" or add breast padding to suits, do not ask for it.

Q: Can I request that you keep my suit a secret until (date)?

Absolutely. If you don’t want your suit associated with you, or for me to include your username or what-have-you with your suit, that is your right. I will eventually post your suit to my site, since every suit is a significant portion of my portfolio, but only after said date has passed or if I lose contact with you without a deadline.

Q: Do you have any cooling systems?

Yes, we may add fans on request. Amount of fan-power is dependent on the size of the muzzle of the head that is commissioned. Smaller heads have smaller fans, larger heads may have larger fans.

Q: Do you make any non-traditional species?

I will make any species, but if the species has not been done by myself before, it is likely that the completion time will increase. This is due to the research and having to attempt a new build. It is possible that I may need to decline your commission if it is too non-standard.

Q: Can you accommodate for glasses?

Foam based masks can accommodate glasses. Be sure to tell me right away if you need space for glasses in your commission.

Q: I just sent in a quote form. Now what?

After you have sent in a quote request, you should receive a response within ten days. Often quote requests fill up the company inbox quickly and take some time to answer and situate each individual case. Sometimes we will need more information before I can give an exact quote. Quotes will not include shipping cost. Quotes will expire or change if a deposit is not placed within 14 days of the quote response. To be sure, you can always e-mail us to confirm if the price is the same after this 14 day period. If your character has not changed at all, then it is best just to e-mail rather than send an additional quote form.

Faux fur colors are limited... know your colors!

    Reliable faux fur manufacturers have limited dye lots, and not all colors can be matched. This applies equally to the fact that not all faux fur colors may come in the correct length. In cases where a costume’s design colors cannot be matched, fur is matched as closely as possible. For smaller areas, airbrushing can be utilized to match the colors to the reference.

Here are some available fur colors and lengths just to give you an idea:

-3 INCH FUR – Mostly natural tones and some unnatural

-2 INCH FUR – Natural and unnatural tones

-1-1.5 INCH FUR (more realistic furs) – more realistic tones, some unnatural colours

-¼” FUR (silky, short fur) – more realistic tones.

This is by no means a complete list of all available furs, only the most widely available and in-stock. If you have a very specific color in mind, please e-mail us first.

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