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I am composed from the unidentifiable black bits at the bottom of a noodle bowl and trace amounts of vespene gas. I can run a four-minute mile, headbutt a bullet back into its chamber and I take my tequila without lemons. I also enjoy drawing and long walks on the Arctic tundra.


You Were Never Prepared
You were never prepared for the cut to the quick.

The comfortable lies you had told yourself, that there was a contract, an agreement, or even a vague understanding of sorts - did nothing to salve the final blow.

Northrop's throat was cut by a decree of the Crimson Council, leaving him barely able to speak at a hoarse whisper. The dragons were afraid that the other starfire fauns would gather their people and resist, after the uprisings began. In the Western rifts, the nymphs of wind and fire joined with Faranik and his kind to take back their land. Faranik had acquired a new, unholy power that rivalled the strength of dragons; he had allowed a bey demon to take his heart and soul in exchange for revenge. Northrop's masters had cut his throat with no small measure of regret. They liked their faun, but they were obligated to follow the law.

Northrop would later sketch quick messages on the backs of turtles to communicate his thoughts to Faranik. Certainly there were more efficient methods of communication available. But Northrop found comfort in cradling the creatures. Perhaps he wished for a impenetrable shell to surround him to keep away the knives, politics and women. 
Speaker of Lions
Thelsis, a speaker of lions and head of the University Watch.

Ordinarily, each Lynarian is paired with one protector lion at birth. Some Lynarian, like Thelsis, would have the gift to link with more than one lion. The ability is rare. This Lynarian may lead a pride of lions into battle. They were revered among their people for this gift.

Thelsis was charged with the internal security of Altramirano, the only university that would accept students of any race, whether it be Lynarian, witch, dragon, human, faun, gentle dead or nymph. She has held the position for the past decade. Altramirano is located across an archipelago in the southern seas. Altramirano possesses other names - the Tip of the Spear, the Southern Bastion, the University. It boasts of the brightest researchers, academics largely unconcerned with the politics of their homelands. With so many races and creeds packed into one location, policing with the pointy end of a spear was unfortunately necessary. Like many of her race, she holds a deep-seated belief in justice and the rule of law. While deeply wishing to believe in the goodness of civilized species, Thelsis remains a deeply suspicious, committed cynic. Like Altramirano, the University Watch is an equal opportunity organization accepting members of all races. Thelsis is not particularly fond of any species. Her tenure as the head of the University Watch is seen by many as successful and a positive factor for student enrollment. No faun wishes to wake up in a pile of its own ashes, nor does any dragon wish to turn into a pincushion as it slept. 

In addition to being a centre of research and learning, Altramirano possessed an older, darker purpose. As the Southern Bastion, it was the first bright beacon of civilized life at the edge of the Southern Seas. Beyond the Southern Seas is the territory of the Bey Demons. A barrier ward is erected along the south, generated from Altramirano using an ancient power that is not replicated easily. Bey Demons who attempt to pass the barrier are stripped of their most powerful abilities.

The guardians of the Southern Seas are two powerful water nymphs known as Morpheus and Diavolo. They monitor the vast expanse of storms and salt, waiting for the day the Bey Demons will come again.

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0.3 mechanical pencil (lineart); Photoshop CC 2019 (colour touch up).


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