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This contest was extremely hard to judge, and once I'd narrowed it down to half the entries, it was almost impossible. If I hadn't added a runner-up prize level, I'd still be judging now.

Thank you so much to everyone who entered. The variety of entries was better than I could have imagined! I was really amazed by all the creativity. I saw the bra turned into a vest. I saw the neck chain used as a signature weapon. I saw the red drapery turned into skirts and loose, baggy pants. I was amused to notice so many people leaving the boots as they were after I mentioned that I liked them. I saw Leias suited for ballroom dancing, sneaking around dark city streets, firebending, brawling, and just being awesome!

Runners up: (Prize: Half price on all orders until September)

Everyone who entered wins free US shipping until September ($5 off international shipping)

Ready for more? Here are the prizes for this month's new contest: starlit-sorceress.deviantart.c…

Edit 2:  Just over a week left to submit your entries! Because so many people have entered already, I will definitely be offering a second tier of prizes, so there's even more of a chance that you'll win something.
Edit: I've gotten a lot of stunningly awesome entries so far. You can browse them here: starlit-sorceress.deviantart.c… Thank you to everyone who entered!
For those who haven't entered yet, the contest doesn't end until June 30th, and you can submit up to three entries.

(Here are the earrings you can win! starlit-sorceress.deviantart.c… )

The slave Leia costume was created when Carrie Fisher complained that her other costumes were too modest, but several scenes had to be re-shot because of wardrobe malfunctions.

Female characters shouldn't be forced to choose between a shapeleses wrist-to-ankle turtlneck dress and a defective metal bikini!

Here's where you come in.

Keeping the original colors, materials, and style, re-design the slave Leia costume into something the princess would wear willingly (and proudly) for practical everyday galaxy-saving.

Prove that female characters can still look great without showing THAT much skin.

Costume rules
-In general the purpose of this costume should be to show off a woman's personality and powerful presence...instead of going out of the way to show off her body.
-Nothing really tight, no cleavage, nothing above the knee, and no bare skin in between (bare arms are okay)
-The costume's function doesn't have to make sense for Leia or even the Star Wars universe. Any kind of clothing is okay.

(I shouldn't have to say this, but if you draw Leia wearing the costume, keep the anatomy realistic and the pose neutral or action-related...i.e. no sultry pinups.)

Contest Rules
One winner will receive these earrings: starlit-sorceress.deviantart.c…
(If there are more than 3 entries, I'll throw in free U.S. shipping and $5 off international shipping.)

Everyone else will get free U.S. shipping / $5 off international shipping until the end of July.

Entries will be accepted between May 15th and June 30th
(My birthday is in June, so I decided that this month's contest should be extra special.)

No more than three entries per person.

Entries will be judged almost completely by design of the costume, but artistic skill might help convey your vision more strongly.

Once you upload your entry to dA (with a link back to this contest please!)  you can either comment here with a link, or send me a note.

A good reference of the original costume:…

Where I learned about the origin of the costume and the wardrobe malfunctions:……

A great resource for how to NOT draw female characters (and how to fix them when they're poorly-drawn)

Important note! This isn't a discussion on whether or not Carrie Fisher should have worn the costume in Return of the Jedi. There's also nothing wrong with you if you cosplay Slave Leia. Once again, the only point of this contest is to demonstrate that female characters can still look good without ridiculously skimpy costumes. (I only chose Slave Leia because it's arguably the most well-known skimpy costume in nerd culture.)
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Yuki-Hitori's avatar

Alas, I cannot see the winning entry. orz
Starlit-Sorceress's avatar
Aah, how did I not check that?? Oh, the suspense...

(Fixed. Thank you!)
Yuki-Hitori's avatar
HaiDaiyu's avatar
So.... Is this contest over?
Starlit-Sorceress's avatar
It ended on July 1. I'm just having a hard time choosing a winner right now. It's a combination of real life stuff and SO many awesome entries.
Chainese's avatar
Finally done! That was fun. :D

Sorry, I couldn't decide on one design so I made 3. >_<
SvalaW's avatar
Finally finished my entry [link]
Hope you like it.
HaiDaiyu's avatar
Alright, finally got my hands on a scanner; here's my entry!
SvalaW's avatar
My entry: [link]
Coloured version coming soon!
ShaylaWroe's avatar
my entry: jedi leia and rebel princess
KiusLady's avatar
Here's my entry!! [link]
What a cool idea. I'm pretty excited!! :)
Wirrer's avatar
I also came up with an entry :) [link]
It was so fun to design :D
Princess-Anakin's avatar
Here's my submission! :) [link]
RA-SE-N's avatar
Here's my submission; [link]
PayRoo's avatar
here is my entry: [link]

this contest was super fun to design for :) thanks for hosting it!
phantom-darkwings's avatar
Will you still accept them if they're a bit more fantasy than sci-fi? I love star wars, but I've had more exposure to fantasy, so my design is coming out a little bit closer to fantasy armour than I expected
Starlit-Sorceress's avatar
It can be any type of clothing for any time period.
Hyaroo's avatar
Okay, I decided to have a go at it! Here is my idea for a redesign.
Nocta-Aeterna's avatar
I take it my entry ([link] was disqualified? May I ask for some feedback?
Starlit-Sorceress's avatar
No entries have been disqualified. Did I forget to add it to the contest folder?
Nocta-Aeterna's avatar
I think so, yes. It's somewhere below in the comments, and after checking it's the only one missing from the folder.
Starlit-Sorceress's avatar
Wow, that's pretty awesome! I'm surprised I didn't see it before.
scythemantis's avatar
Also, I wouldn't link to Eschergirls as a resource. They are often dead wrong about anatomy - just as wrong or more wrong than the art they critique :p
Starlit-Sorceress's avatar
I didn't link to Eschergirls as a resource for anatomy.
(I'm not even going to choose a winner based on anatomy.)

I linked to Eschergirls as a resource on how to draw women without objectifying them.
(Something I will definitely look at when I select a winner. :))

Don't get me wrong, anatomy is important, just like shading, coloring, scanning, digital image cleanup, and writing a description for your art, but it doesn't seem fair to judge any of those in a contest about composition.
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