Freebie Island has faded into existence!

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Rising from the dark nothingness and shadowed in the hidden places of the internet that Google cannot find, it beckons to curious adventurers with the promise of ebooks, printables, tutorials, and many other ways to enjoy your new jewelry.

I wanted a way to reward people who subscribe to www.starlit-sorceress-jewelry.… my monthly email newsletter , and this seemed like the most awesome way to do it.

What's in the newsletter? Well, it's pretty much the same thing as watching me here on deviantART, only more convenient, more content, all in one place, and only once a month.

Thinking about it? You can browse past issues here: www.starlit-sorceress-jewelry.…

Vague hints as to what I've added so far:
-Fantasy-inspired game boards
-Stationery and notepaper

Working on:
-2 Tutorials
(I don't think I'll ever stop adding things.)
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cool I might do one to for the contest .