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Fantasy-Inspired Art Jewelry
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Dragon Age II - Anders


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Dragon Age II - Anders


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Red and Gold Spear Earrings


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Tali'Zorah vas Normandy Dress

Not Jewelry

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Misc Sci Fi Fantasy

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Finite Incantatem

Fantasy Fandoms

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Doctor Who!

The Turn of the Universe by alicexz ( Malus Lupus by kellymckernan ( Breathe by oO-Fotisha-Oo ( Alone by gph-artist ( Vincent and the Doctor by JamesBousema ( The Oncoming Storm by jhimmelman ( "I stole you" by viria13 ( Vincent by euclase ( Mad Man With a Box by 0viper0 ( Doctor Who Warm by MitchGerads ( Page One by Lasse17 ( Jack Harkness by Lasse17 ( The Girl Who Waited by chelseakenna ( Doctor Who and Clara Oswald by kevinwada ( "Doctor Who v3, #9 - GameStop Exclusive Cover" by onegemini ( I'm running to you before you fade from me by Fantaasiatoidab ( The Doctor's Wife by lortay ( Doctor whomas by kissyushka ( Doctor Whoever by @Quirkilici

Sci-Fi Fandoms

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Paint Eruption

Fantasy Paintings

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Impending Doom

Sci Fi Paintings

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follow the bubble


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calm and solitude


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journey to the center

Nature Photos

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The Monster Within

Space Art

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Simple Wire Wrap Tree Tutorial


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snow leopard - mug

Cute Animals

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Car Chase (5 pgs)

Fandom Funny

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Unshakeable Determination

Powerful Non-Objectified Women

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Fem Shepard Being Awesome

Mass Effect

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KotOR: Off To A Good Start


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Cold [Writing Prompt]

Writing prompt: - a magic ring - three witches - the words "if you love it so much, why don't you marry it" - a fortune cookie with an evil fortune ---------------------------------------------------- The sun is shining, but really, it's too cold to be at the park.  And too... strange.  The big slide is smaller, today.  The climbing tree has grown fragile. An old and well-known gateway to magic hangs limp, an ordinary tire. Was the play structure once a space for buliding adventures?  "I love Star Wars," someone's scratched into the plastic.  "If you love it so much, why don't you marry it," someone's scratched underneath.  What would hav


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The power of flight


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Gimp Smoke  Brushes - Animated


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The mist


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10 things to do while looking at a photo

Training your eye is very important. To take your photography to the next level and grow as an artist, you need to know what looks good, have an open mind and build your own style. Point at the first thing that attracts your attention (often being the brightest point in the image) Try to mentally trace the path your eye takes around the image (it's like connecting the dots in order to discover the story, in this case) Has the photographer used the rule of thirds? Or a different type of placing the elements in the image? Has the photographer shot from his eye level? Or chose a different point of view? What is the photographer trying to t

Journals and News

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TileMap Editor-b55-pokemon

Featured Favorites--Highly Recommended

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SYAC Booth Strips

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Tolkien - contest #8

This contest has ended. The winners announement can be found here. -Mr. Bilbo, where are you off to? -I'm going on an adventure! The very recent release of The Desolation of Smaug trailer quite inspired this contest's theme. It's just six months to go! Your task in this contest is not simply to draw a character or place from the Middle-earth, that would be just another boring Tolkien competition, wouldn't it? Fire. Mountain(s). Ruins. Shadow. Flower. Treasure. Couple. Smoke. Lights. 9 words for one quest! Your entry must include at least 3 of these things (and you should mention the ones you've picked in your deviation's description). It m

Ongoing Contests

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Contest 2

Hello all To Celebrate our 555th member ~vanilia13 ( . This group we have decided to announce our second Contest :) The theme is; A Fairy Tale Heroine/ Princess in the Wrong Fairy Tale (eg. Little red riding hood in Rapunzel’s Tower) Rules: In this we want submission that illustrates a fairy tale heroine/Princess in the wrong fairy tale (any form of art is accepted). In which the artwork there needs to be a description of the fairy tales story or situation. You have to submit a new picture, not one that has already been submitted. A submission will also have to have a description of what the tale is about and the groups name and

Neat Contest Concepts for Artistic Prompt

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Blue seaweeds $1

Catalog of Glass Gem Images

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Nagis and crystal orbs

Art For Me

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I Miss U'

Art From My Jewelry

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Nagis and crystal orbs

Art Inspired by my Jewelry

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Slave Leia Redesign 1

Contest Entries

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LEGO gravestone

DDs I Suggested

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