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Starlit Sorceress Jewelry - Art Summary 2012

Art summary time! Hope you enjoy :)

Keep reading for a link to each piece and a summary of my projects this year.

January: [link]

February: [link]
I made this piece at a jewelry show I put together at a local coffee/sandwich shop. The necklace taught me how truly expressive my style can be, and the show taught me that if I want to sell jewelry, my good pieces can't all just be in the catalog!

March: [link]
I drifted away from jewelry-making a little during March and April. Classes were stressful, and I was addicted to two games: Knights of the Old Republic and Travian. (KotOR was worth it. Travian wasn't.)

April: [link]
An extremely successful commission that combines Victorian and techno styles. I really like how this design turned out.

May: [link]
Another favorite design. I like it so much that I included it here instead of the three bridesmaids' necklaces [link] I was commissioned to make during this month.

June: [link]

July: [link]
I didn't make as much jewelry as I wanted to this summer, but the awesomeness of these earrings almost makes up for it. (I'm wearing them now!) It was an almost-forgotten item on my to-do list to make a pair of earrings inspired by a beautiful photograph of a dark branch and a bright blue background. Also, July was when I first set up my web domain and hosting, although I didn't do anything about the website until later.

August: [link]

September: [link]
Free Stock Photo Friday launched this month on my Facebook page [link]
Got a Twitter. (@ColleenSSJ) Improved succinctness of writing style.

October: [link]
Finally launched my website [link] As a computer engineer, new programming languages don't scare me, so HTML was mostly a breeze, although I'm still "cautiously avoiding" CSS.

November: [link]
I launched the first of what will hopefully be an infinite stretch of monthly contests. It was for everyone who's collected my jewelry to show off how they wear it. Nobody got the chance to submit an entry this year, but I hope to increase the number of eligable constestants by next November.

December: [link]
The next big thing after my website was a monthly newsletter (sign up on my website [link]) It's going to be a short summary of new pieces and maybe a little chit-chat about what's new. Ideal for people with swamped deviation inboxes or for people who don't have an account on dA.

A few misc. notes......................

I started working on ear cuffs in the spring, ran into some difficulties with sizing, worked on a few more in the fall, and it's still not quite
right. The project is stil in the testing phase at the moment, but if you want an ear cuff, I could always use some test-subjects!

Plans for next year include a rehaul of my shipping process. Anyone who's ordered from me before knows my dark secret: I ship jewelry in inside-out poptart boxes padded with crumpled newspaper. Starting in January, I'm switching over to pretty cloth bags, bubble wrap, and special shipping boxes. I will also include a business card bookmark and a care-instructions sheet with every purchase.

About half of these are for sale, and most of the rest can be re-made to some degree. Hurry before my prices go up in January!

When I was looking through all of my 2012 art, it got harder to choose a favorite piece as I looked farther into the year. This pleases me. :)
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Wow! What beautiful designs you have here. I always loved the "wire" look- they are all so unique and incredible! Beautiful work you have here. I like February and October for some reason. I don't usually go for hearts but I love that design- it's so unique.

Great work!
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Funny, I don't usually like hearts either, but I'm almost always satisfied every time I make a heart design. (They're all in this gallery: [link] ) I guess I'm good at making hearts that don't bash the viewer over the head with the associated symbology.

(Symbols and stereotypes are a way of adding visual weight in art. A green four-leaf clover, for example, draws more of the viewer's attention than a green square or a red four-leaf clover. These weighted symbols can be useful when their area of the image needs more weight, but otherwise it's up to the artist to soften the weight of the symbol.)
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I LOVE this one- [link] . Your hearts aren't the usual which is really refreshing- it's a completely different spin to the subject.

That's a good understanding to have. I never thought too much into symbols personally- but it is true, people often refer to symbols and their meanings. I often enjoy the out of the norm looks and absract renditions of the concepts due to the fact often so many symbols seem to have that stereotypical feel to it (ex- a plain heart sitting there that sparkles.). Yes it is pretty (and I have one), at the same time it can be applied in a different way- like how you have incorporated the heart. Not to mention many of the designs are so mass produced it's almost like it isn't as personal anymore if you were to give it as a gift to someone. At least that's how I look at it.