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Photo and Painting Jewelry

I've developed a way to make jewelry out of round photos and paintings attached to clear glass gems.

I'm putting together a catalog/gallery (W.I.P.) of images to choose from: [link]

What makes an image good for jewelry?
-New deviation
-Dreamlike elegant fantasy feeling
-Simple enough to still distinguish at 3 cm
-No important design elements near the edges
-No fanart or anything not created by you
-A link to my page with a brief description

Terms and Conditions (Just so we're both on the same page)

1. I will do the following:
-Print it out, attach it to a glass gem, wrap it into a piece of jewelry.
-Use photos of the jewelry to promote my art.
-Use small thumbnails of your art to show people they can order it as jewelry.
-Credit you whenever your art appears.
-Pay you your rate (through PayPal) whenever I sell jewelry made with your image. (or make jewelry with your image intending to not sell it.)
-Not use your art for any other purposes

2. If one of us decides to end the arrangement:
-I will immediately remove any thumbnails promoting your image.
-Existing pieces and photographs will still exist.
-I will finish any current orders involving your image, but won't accept any new ones.
-Any pieces made for in-person sales will still be offered for sale.

Questions or comments?
If you see something in these terms that you don't like or if I didn't word something clearly, you're welcome to ask me about it.
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I'd like to give this a try, though I ain't invited and I'm rather new to dA. It seems like a fun challenge and it's a great idea!
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Give it a shot!

I'd recommend some sort of landscape without pencil lines. (I like the sky in your unicorn picture.)

If you like writing, you could put together a short, stylized block of text on PowerPoint.

You could also try photography.
Lizardhound's avatar

I draw a lot of eyes, think you can use some? Landscapes aren't really my strong side...

... though writing is. Short poems and verse would work, right?

As soon as I get a camera!
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Thank you for inviting me. I might be interested, but I need some time to think if it's really what I want. Could I contact you later if I do decide to go with it? :aww:
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Whenever you want. :) Just save a link to this page or my account, so you'll know how to find me later.
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oh too much to read on english...
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I don't know why I didn't read the description the first time D: I think this is really cool, actually. Do you get lots of sales? I'd be interested in participating in the future, but I cant right now <:c
Starlit-Sorceress's avatar
My scraps folder has all my photos of finished commissions. I wouldn't call it "a lot", but that's only because I'm always striving to reach more customers. I don't think I'll ever call it "a lot" until I'm so swamped that I have to double the price and start opening limited commission slots.

Feel free to submit as many as you want! I tried to design this to be pretty low-maintenance on both sides. The extensive terms of service is just so I don't get charged with art theft because a 14-year-old misunderstood something.
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Wow! Im very interested! Thank you for telling me about this.
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Awesome! I'd like to start getting some examples in the catalog/gallery to show other prospective submitters.
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Oooh. Cool! If I were to draw something for this, what do you think your clientelle would most appreciate?
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I'm still trying to figure out how to describe what I'm looking for. Basically any image that would enhance and complement my jewelry designs. Elegant and pretty. Fantasy-like (but not bizarre or weirdly surreal.)

Looking through your gallery...I really like this style: [link]

Also, I'm sure a wolf portrait or two would go over pretty well. :D
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What a cool concept! :D
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Thanks! If you have a favorite fantasy artist, feel free to bug them about this!
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Thanks! Be sure to spread the word to your favorite artists!
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