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I craft what I want, Thor!

Happy Birthday to :icontavoriel:, a proud member of Loki's Army!

Everyone else, if you want me to make you a necklace like this one, I have four more cubes left. Note me for a price quote. I don't feel like putting a price tag on my sister's birthday present :P

If this is the first piece of my jewelry you've seen, check out the rest of my gallery: [link] (Nerdy jewelry folder: [link] )

Vote for it on MemeBase right here: [link]

If the two little pictures didn't make it clear enough, the blue thing on the staff is a light blue Swarovski crystal cube. So basically, in this necklace, Loki has attached the tessaract to his staff!

(About 3 1/2 inches long, and the wire is enameled copper and aluminum.)

The title is based on the line, "I do what I want, Thor", from an animated Avengers series. The guy who played Loki posted it on Twitter one day, and the internet went wild. The phrase, "I do what I want", is now Loki's unofficial catchphrase.

Here's the obligatory fanfic to go along with the necklace:

"Nick! Clint!" The Black Widow sprinted around the
last corner and into the cargo hold. "It's a
trap!" she shouted. "Loki's released the Hulk

"Calm down, Natasha," Hawkeye said, putting his
hands on her shoulders. "Bruce is on the flight
deck with the Captain and Agent Hill getting ready
for the rendezvous with Tony. We already found out
who's been causing the commotion."

"Natasha, meet Kelly Keebler," Nick guestured to a
scared-looking girl with strange, scaly, green
patches of skin. "She's had an unfortunate run-in
with some gamma rays and her pet lizard. She still
won't tell us how she came aboard or why she felt
the urge to knock our supplies around--" he raised
an eyebrow at her "--but she seems satisfied for

"Nick, Loki's on the ship," Natasha said, "or was
at least. He appeard on the bridge suddenly, not
too long after you two went to investigate down
here. We talked for a while, then he made a cryptic
remark about Bruce. Not just about a generic
monster, or even a green monster," she added with a
nod to Kelly," but about Bruce specifically. Then
he left through the emergency exit, laughing
hysterically the whole--"

"Lady Romanoff! Proceed with the utmost caution!
My brother has decieved you!" Thor's umistakable
voice accompanied thundering footsteps, and soon he
was in the cargo bay too.

"It's okay, Thor," Clint reassured him. "We know
it's not the Hulk, and there was no nasty surprise
waiting for us." He guestured to Kelly. "She's

"What happened?" Nick asked. "I take it Loki's
escaped again. Did he take the tessaract?"

Thor shook his head. "He attempted such a venture,
but we put a stop to it. I pursued him all the way
to your vessel. We battled for a time, until he
warned me that I would 'have my hands full on the
ship.' Then he evaded me. The technitian on the
bridge confided that Loki had indeed been there,
but not for long, and that Lady Romanoff left in
great haste at my brother's remark on Doctor
Banner. I asked him to recite the precise wording
of the remark."

"He said: 'Still think Bruce marches under your...
banner?'," Natasha told him.

"Exactly!" Thor said. "Far too trite for my
brother's style. He was mocking you. Then I
recalled seeing Doctor Banner with Captain Rogers
and Agent Hill on the flight deck. And so I knew
then of my brother's trickery."

More footsteps echoed from the doorway on the other
end of the cargo bay.

"Nick! Natasha!" Steve was running toward them,
already suited up in his stars and stripes. "What's
going on?"

Bruce and Agent Hill were right behind him.

"Thor!" Bruce said in surprise. "So we DID see you
fighting Loki in the clouds."

"We thought you'd run into some trouble, with the
intruder sir," Agent Hill added. "We're almost in
position to re-inforce Mr. Stark, and I wanted to
avoid a delay."

"I think it's under control now," Clint reassured

Nick was deep in thought. Finally he said what the
seven of them were thinking.

"Then what did Loki want?"

* * *

"Status report!" Loki called briskly as he paced
across the bridge.

"Both engine displays are free from flashing red
lights," Loki answered from his terminal.

"Our present course shall bring us to the city of
New York in five minutes' time," Loki added from the
navigation console. "Do you wish to go someplace

"Not yet," Loki sank back into the comfiest chair he
could find. "Let us see where they were going in
such a hurry."

He couldn't help but chuckle to himself. After all,
even the god of trickery (who does what he wants)
needs to find some way to indulge himself on his


-No, :icontavoriel:'s real name isn't Kelly Keebler. It was an alias. Obviously :D

-When the Black Widow talks to Hawkeye, she doesn't call him "Hawkeye", she calls him "Clint" because that's his name. But you guys probably don't know that. Which makes it hard to write stories where they talk to each other. I tried to make it easy to understand who's who, but here's a handy chart just in case:

Natasha Romanoff=Black Widow
Nick Fury=Samuel Jackson's character with the eyepatch
Clint Barton=Hawkeye
Bruce Banner=The Hulk
Steve Rogers=Captain America
Tony Stark=Iron Man
Loki=Loki :P

I really don't know what happens next. Any ideas? I'll post any funny suggestions :D

Mine: The Lokis drop the Avengers off so they can go help Iron Man. Nobody notices he's at the controls. Three days later they find half the ship in a field outside Vegas and the other half floating a few miles off the coast of Rio.

Here are some of :icontavoriel:'s Loki comics:

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This is beautiful! Great work