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Evil Snitch

Red leathery wings flapped frantically as the intricate black sphere
lunged murderously at Draco's face.

He jumped, and Marcus Flint, captain of the Slytherin Quidditch team,
laughed as he put the snitch back into its cage.

Draco watched the thing as it gnawed at the bars with tiny razor fangs.
"So..." he asked hesitantly, "the Dark Lord has only been in power for
a few months, and he's already changed the rules of Quidditch?"

"Improved them!" Marcus grinned. He adjusted his grip on the handle of
the small cage, and the snitch let out a piercing, high-pitched shriek
and lunged at the bars, trying to get at Marcus's fingers. The cage
swung wildly and Marcus almost lost his balance.

"If you ask me," he went on, "the position of seeker is the best
improvement of them all. A fine opportunity to prove your cunning and
bloodthirsty ambition. Instead of flying around with your head in the
clouds, you'll be locked in a desperate struggle for your life. The
snitch flies faster than any broomstick. MUCH faster. You can out-
maneuver it for a while, maybe, but if you really want to keep your
team from losing that 150 points when you get taken out, you'll have to
make sure the snitch gets the other seeker first." He flashed an even
bigger grin. "One way or another."

Draco was nodding appreciatively, but inside, he desperately wished his
father hadn't bought those Nimbus 2001s for the team. Or at least he
wished there had been an opening for a chaser or keeper instead.


Starlit Sorceress Jewelry

Edit: I added a link, so feel free to share this wherever you like as long as you don't crop the link.

Edit 2: It's up for voting on Memebase Made the front page at Memebase right here [link] :boogie: Apparently they changed the name to "Snitches give Stitches" which is a little less obvious, but a lot funnier!

Collaboration with :iconnikita-the-furry-one: who made the wings.

Unfortunately, this is too fragile for a necklace, so it will have to be a sun catcher.

To order one just like it, first send a note to :iconnikita-the-furry-one: to arrange for some more evil red wings to be sent my way. Her price is now over $5 because she's developed a much sturdier wing design: [link] with an optional iridescent coating.

On my end, the price for putting everything together and adding the intricate swirls is $24.

I have a huge variety of different wings she's made. Tune in for more sun catchers soon!

More of my jewelry:
:thumb272168094: :thumb314444556: :thumb312986101: :thumb215626634: Gallery: [link]
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