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To Be A Woman Part Two :iconstarlightofdawn:starlightofdawn 239 311
To Be A Woman by starlightofdawn
Mature content
To Be A Woman :iconstarlightofdawn:starlightofdawn 16 22


Etched Still-Life by Gearmond Etched Still-Life :icongearmond:Gearmond 2 5 Angela by kupmilizaka Angela :iconkupmilizaka:kupmilizaka 2 1 The roots of spring. by jsut The roots of spring. :iconjsut:jsut 2 4 Gretel's Just Dessert by rosiehardy Gretel's Just Dessert :iconrosiehardy:rosiehardy 192 16
Marillion music video contest - GBP5k up for g
Chances are, many of you have  heard of Marillion. You know, Kayleigh, the lot? Well, no. Many years have passed, many a change has been made, but Marillion are still around, recording spectacular albums and winning over a new generation. They are also the musical pioneers of the Internet: in 1997 they gathered $61k through their mailing list to fund a tour of the US; in 2001 their fans financed the recording of Anoraknophobia, raising over £100k. Always keen on reaching out their fans and those not yet converted, Marillion have now announced a competition in which you make their video.
Of course, it wouldn’t be a competition without a prize. And so Marillion are offering £5k to the person who will make the best Marillion music video. It is really quite simple – you make the video to their latest song, post it on Youtube, and the video that gets most views will win. Yes, that’s right, none of this “band chooses their favourite” malarkey. Qui
:iconkourinthellama:kourinthellama 10 16
Same Differences by grantalexander Same Differences :icongrantalexander:grantalexander 10 3
quiver or talentless drunk
from a second story fire escape
I watch the prostitutes waltz
to the cry of the car alarm symphony
the hum of this city is my warm orgasm
ripening, spreading and pulsating
concealing our worst fears that occupy these streets
kids setting their hands on fire
and coffee stained books leaking
into bent necks and modern dance
oh how we danced
oh how we fucked
:iconcuntsss:cuntsss 10 4
dA-Scavenger-Hunt, win prizes and have fun!
nokari and I are pleased to announce a brand new community game, dA-Scavenger-Hunt! It is open to any member of deviantART, we don't care if you are unsubscribed, subscribed, a senior, or a staff member, you're all invited to join in on the fun.
But what is dA-Scavenger-Hunt? It is is a community game that was created to expose members of dA to the seniors and staff, all while they have fun and get rewarded along the way. Figure out the clues, search senior and staff members pages, and solve our riddles to earn prizes!
The game itself is simple. Each month there will be four scavenger hunts. Each is one week long, and there will be one winner each week. The first 10 people each week to send us the correct answers will be entered into a Grand Prize drawing at the end of the month. There will be 40 slots and 3 finalists. So, the more hunts you complete the higher your chance of winning! For a more detailed explanation of the game please read our jou
:iconomahanebraska:OmahaNebraska 63 51
Elegancia by Espeton Elegancia :iconespeton:Espeton 7 8 Wolf by violet-angel07 Wolf :iconviolet-angel07:violet-angel07 9 23 Abandoned By Ghosts by paddimir Abandoned By Ghosts :iconpaddimir:paddimir 30 19 How to clean a lens by FallisPhoto How to clean a lens :iconfallisphoto:FallisPhoto 83 55 Rachel by levdir Rachel :iconlevdir:levdir 4 13
Defining Indie
What is indie really?
Is it a trend, something that fads in and out of popularity?
or Maybe it's a genre, a classification?
Even still... maybe it stands for something... maybe, just maybe, it stands for the word independent, or maybe even by a single person? NO. That would be ridiculous!
Let's see what what the dictionary has to say about it:
"independent record company," 1945, shortening of independent; used of film production companies since 1920s, of theaters from 1942; extended by 1984 to a type of pop music by such labels."
Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2001 Douglas Harper
So it's fair to say that anything within the genre of "indie" is produced independently, by a small group of people. No? Now that we've laid the ground work for a definition of "indie" let's investigate it's root word:   
"1. Not governed by a foreign power; self-governing.
2. Free from the influence, guidance, or control of another or others; self-reliant: a
:iconjo-po-17:jo-po-17 29 41
Beautiful by levdir Beautiful :iconlevdir:levdir 36 44



Breaking knees since 1971
United Kingdom
I live in London. I study photography. I break things frequently and I enjoy aimless wandering.

Current Residence: London
Favourite genre of music: Dubstep, drum and bass, hip hop, occasional bursts of pop.
Favourite photographer: Hiroshi Sugimoto, Jim Goldberg
I got my grades for this year (80% average).

I met Yan for 30 minutes in a crowded train station. I didn't want to mention it, but I felt like we were having a secret spy meeting to discuss undercover info. It seemed inappropriate to mention, especially when he took a photo of my goofy expression.

I got a job at an ice cream parlour that's opening soon. Ice cream!

I got another job serving canapes and drinks and other things with a catering company. I had my first shift yesterday and today I'm struggling to put on my coat, my arms hurt so bad.

I've walked up and down many many stairs. My thighs feel firm.

I've just agreed to collaborate with a friend to help write a play for her to design during her last year in theatre design, starting in October.

I am happy, on a whole. Mostly when realising things in my life have changed most definitely for the better, from losing a couple of centimetres on my waist to passing first year. I'm so happy that I didn't stand still.


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if i were drunk and japanese, i would call u up n sey:


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AI SURU :la:
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