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Qetesh Hoodie

Such a cheeky bat. 

Commission for :iconqeteshpony:
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So cute. (Then again... they all are.) ;p
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To kawaii .... -dies-
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OMG so cute :D THANK YOU!!!
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Ever so welcome!!
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OMG this looks so cute! I want one of these so bad but can't do papal, oh well...

eeee her face looks so cute!
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I can also take the equivalent amount in points or take these as art trades :la: 
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--gasps- how mich points?! O.o
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They would be 800 points!!
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Omg and I have it only for a hoodie picture like that or what else can I get for 800 points XD
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I could do you up a hoodie or a shaded icon!
Something kinda fishy by Glitter-Bell Why?! by Glitter-Bell
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Oh man oh man oh man eeee! Um I don't know what to choose!!! I really love the hoodie ones you do...but those icons?! Man.....

ill go with a hoodie please <3
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Alrighty hon! Can you please note me with, 
Sorry for the hard choice aaaa

Character name:
Character reference:
Hoodie colour(s):
Slogan on sleeve:
(Please keep slogans small, there is only so much room!)
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