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Brian Kesinger: Character Driven

Brian Kesinger: Character Driven

Share |Archive    Disney Artist Brian Kesinger on Creating Story through Character Foreword by techgnotic ( It is with great pleasure we welcome BrianKesinger ( as a guest writer to the Today Page Editorial Team. Considering his authentic citizenship within the deviantART community, his thoughts and insights will be of great value to all aspiring artists, illustrators, writers and others involved in any creative endeavor. For over 18 years, Brian has worked for Walt Disney Studios on films like Big Hero 6, Winnie the Pooh, Tarzan, Tangled, Wreck It Ralph and Bolt. Brian is author and illustrator of his own octovictorian creation, the wild


Rhyanna Puppet

Artist // Student // Artisan Crafts
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My Bio
I make original and innovative costumes and puppets. My costumes and puppets have won awards at various UK anime conventions, including London ComicCon's masquerade, and I am currently in professional training to improve my craft even further. A perfectionist at heart, I always try to provide the highest quality work I can! Feel free to message me with questions or queries, but as a general guide here are some of the services I offer:

Puppets - start at £200. Hand puppet is my standard design, but can also make cable controls for certain designs. My personal specialty :)
Fairy wings - start at £30 for a small set in custom colours with glitter design
Bird wings - start at £30
Dragon wings - start at £40
Tails - start at £20
Headband ears - start at £10
Swaying dragon tail - £50
Fursuit head - start at £300 and can be made in a variety of styles
Hand paws - start at £50
Foot paws - start at £50
Silicone noses - £8 unpainted, £12 painted, feline nose currently available
Silicone paw pads - £20 per left and right set. Hand and foot paws are both available
Other silicone pieces may be commissioned. Send me a query for more details on availability for custom sculpts.

Lighting effects
I can incorporate LED's, fibre optics, UV reactive paint or EL wire into your commission! Solution will vary depending on project, so let me know and I'll work something out.

Single character sketch - £10
Pencil or marker coloured single character skecth - £20
A3 Watercolour - £100 (they take a very long time)

Too varied to quote for, but I can make everything from plushies to light up lanterns to 17th Century inspired halberds!

Fully painted small character sculpt in milliput - start at £70
Fully painted cast resin wolf - £100

P&P is worked out separately for all orders. Please bear in mind that I live in the UK, so costs will depend on where I'm posting to!

I look forward to making your project a reality!

Favourite Visual Artist
Ask me again later, I need to think about that
Favourite Movies
Spirited Away
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Favourite Writers
Diana Wynne Jones
Other Interests
Disney, animation, anime, fantasy, writing, art, film

Open for Commissions!

Open for Commissions!

Hi all, I've finally gotten around to opening up for commissions.  I'm a fursuiter, puppet builder, costumier and artist who can make a variety of props and costumes so feel free to ask for quotes and availability.  If you look through my gallery you'll get a pretty good idea of what I do :) I'll also be producing wings which will be put up for sale.  If you've ever wanted to be a fabulous fairy or have angelic aspirations keep watching my gallery.  Most wings will be unique, so you can have a one of a kind costume piece you won't see anywhere else. You can also follow me on Facebook at I tend

Will add Expo cosplay soon!

Will add Expo cosplay soon!

I hope anyway.  Sorry, I lose interest in my own costumes once I've finished them.  I'm going to try to put up some pics of my Expo fursuit soon.

Now on FA...

Now on FA...

Hey y'all, I've set up an account on FA to give see if the furries like my art :)  I'll still be posting up on here, but if you prefer to follow FA you'll be able to see me over there too. My username is StarlightGlow, because what I lack in originality I make up for in consistency -

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kittys727 Digital Artist
hello i found your chicken smoothie account lmao. is there anything i can offer for your rarest pets?
TheCosplayerMokaHobbyist Artist
Hey it's me the one from the student from college that came looking at your university and befriended you :D

The one with Twlight Wolf Link cosplay :P
That-Rito-PostmanHobbyist General Artist
Saw you at the furmeet today. Turns out I was already watching you xD
Hello Again ^^
StarlightGlowStudent Artisan Crafter
Hello again!  It was nice seeing you yesterday :) That's kind of funny!
Hiyas Starlight, I met some folks you might recognize, a few months back.…

hope all is going well with you! :)
StarlightGlowStudent Artisan Crafter
Very cool!  Guess I need to get out to more cons!

I'm doing good.  I went back to university to learn professional model making, so I'm currently up to my neck in studying.  Hope all's going well with you too.
That sounds like a good idea and should help you a lot too. All is good here too. Maybe run into you again some day. Take care!