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Jade White
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:star: W E L C O M E T O M Y :dalove: P R O F I L E :star:

I'm a bit messy girl that hides inside her a real genius, hero and wise girl. :kitty:
I would like to talk more about me but... I want the beautyful skin before. Eheh.
Maybe, you can know me with the arts and writing each others! :happybounce:


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"In a perfect world, a broken heart is fixed :peace: " (Unknown cit.)
That day was empty, without something particular. With her happyness, Kirby could play carefree with his friends Tuff, Spike and Jiro. She knew it because she stay to observe them for a while.

Now she was walking, wondering what were doing all the Cappys, and the people in the Castle. Was a bit boring having nothing to do. Went to spy the King, and he was watching tv with the poor Escargoon cleaning all his rubbish on the floor. Then, spy the minister quarter, seeing that Sir Ebrum was watching tv (what? Him too?) and Lady like was looking outside. Looked for her brother, and found him to the fountain training with the ball alone. And Tiff was near there, reading a book.

She ambled inside the castle for maybe an hour, then decided to have finding a place to stay.
Was so bored, that went towards the fountain, for playing with her brother, but when arrived, she didn't find anyone.

"So? They're already gone?"

Steared at the view, then jumped on the fountain border and looked the crystal water for some time. She began to think, and wondered what the King knights used to do without danger. She didn't have any willing to fight Meta Knight. In the long term, that thing became useless. What was wrong with the lady? Was a weird thought from her. She for sure still hated him, but the Valentines happening made her feel in some way different. And remember something very old, and very far. Far light years. She felt very dazed, because the things that she was remembering hindered considerably what she always felt for Meta Knight.

"Is his fault, he plays with my women heart! Dammit!" commented, alone, punching one time the water of the fountain, with anger on the face.

Chance wanted that rightly in that moment (or even before), a blue knight was stearing at her, behind a wall.
He didn't really wanted to eavesdrop and spy her, he just wanted to overthink about his memories looking at the water fountain, for the common boredom. But he found someone before him, occupying his space.

She sat on that border, thinking that maybe she could try to take a bath there. But she didn't know how much was clean that water, so lied down that border looking at the sky becoming purple dusk. She closed the eyes, and was in that moment that Meta Knight decided to chat up.

"Hello, Moonlight". That sudden words made Moonlight get scared, and fall in the water.

"Dammit, Meta Knight!" she scream, as routine. "Look, look at what you made!" sayd stearing directly at him, splashing the hands inside the water unintentionally. He chuckled, and Moonlight thought only that he didn't know the third-party respect. Came out the fountain, then wringed out her long soaked hair. "What do you want from me?" asked annoyed.

He steared her a bit, then aswered. "I just wanted to ask if I can remain here too".
She suddently blushed, and her heart beated faster. "The fountain isn't mine, you can do whatever you want" answered, and walked away. Meta was a bit embittered. He always had been patient and tolerant, but that time his feelings didn't allow him to letting go.

"Moonlight" shouted out, with an angry tone, and instantly stopped her from the left arm.
"Let me go!" ordered fidgetting herself, but he for sure didn't let go.

"You keep avoiding me, why?" asked smartly Meta Knight. She blocked, and steared at him surprised. Was the first time that he asked a thing like that.

Her gaze became serious, and calmly answered.
"In that big and far NME war in my planet, you came to save me, while I was already fighting to free myself" meanwhile he was deeply stearing at her. "My parents for my looking and heart, always thought that I wasn't made for become a Star Warrior, even if I always insisted for being trained and becoming it" Meta eyes transformed in green. "So arrived the war, and I wasn't ready, but I wanted to show everybody that I could become a Star Warrior". She made a pause. "But you arrived to save me, ruining everything!" cryed out, with that anger. He let go his arm. "Nevertheless, lately you made me remember how I felt the first istants I saw you..." became red saying it, and looked to her right.

The knight had a hit in his chest, and his yellow eyes glowed. "R-really?"
He got nervous, but he tryed to hide it, wrapping again inside his mantle. "And how did you feel?" Asked, with a lot of curiosity.
"It isn't important" answered, with a serious gaze, and trying again to go away. "Moonlight no!" told the knight again, stopping her.

"Okay" told, becoming determinate and serious. "Now I want that we do a game"
"A-a game?" asked the girl, embarassed. "You wanna unclothe from all your bad feelings, and I'll help you doing it".
She was a bit confused, but interested too. "Go on" told, curious.
"I'll tell you what you'll have to take out, and you'll do it". She got nervous, but knowing that she had serious problems of anger towards him, se didn't oppose. "Okay" told simply.

"I want you to take out your armor, that is your willing to revenge and prove" told serious and commanding. She shattered a bit then, slowly, she freed herself from the shoulders protections, and Meta Knight did it too, at her same velocity.
The Knight smiled under his mask, satisfied and a bit nervous, for the strong air that it was going to create. She steared at him with big eyes, at his mercy. They were a lot near, one in front of the other.

"Now, I want you to take out your mask, that is your deep anger towards me and towards your happenings" told, with a low tone, and still commanding. She taked out her mask, with slow motions and with the heart beating like a drum. He made the same, feeling a lot nervous. Meta shown rarely his face to the others. And never shown his face to a girl.

She stear at his diamond yellow eyes, and as a tsunami felt that far feelings, that old feelings she felt when she was a baby, and seen for the first time a young Star Warrior very handsome, came to save her. He was misterious, with deep wonderful colors, and the eyes where glowing as the Moon and the powers of her Kingdom.

Meta Knight talked to her, very slow and deeply. "What do you feel now, my lady?"
She steared at him, very fascinated and nervous. "I-I..........." tried to answer, but she didn't know for sure.

In the meantime, Meta steared at her eyes free from her mask. He remembered very well that eyes, that naive but brave eyes of the color of dayly sunny sky, that steared at him with surprise the first time that their eyes met. He remember her princess looking, and that he liked her so much, that he couldn't wait a second to save her. Thinking all this things, he untied her hair and he took her right hand, then playing with a tuft of her very long hairs. All still stearing at her.

She stear at him back mixed up, in difficulty, so he tried to help her a bit more.

"If you felt attraction? If you felt desire, if you felt love?" asked, without leaving her hair.


She was red pepper after all that, and was more sure about her feelings. She obviously fell in love with him the first time, but she was so angry that forgot it. What a silly, stupid, fool thing. Love should be most powerfull thing in the word, how did she allow something like that? But, if she didn't get angry, she maybe never become a Star Warrior, and she wouldn't be in front of him now.
Was all a destiny game, a perfect puzzle created from him.

She was too much nervous to tell the truth, so she answered with a snare. "I feel something like this" told sweetly and gave him a kiss slow and sweet on his left cheek. He wasn't satisfied, but he thought that was a big step further of her.

"Don't forget all this, Moonlight" told then, smiling at her with his mask on the left hand. He wore again his armor and mask, then went away wrapped inside his blue cape. Moolight steared at the sky became darker, with a complete lost gaze. She was in love.
She was in love with Meta Knight...


Kurby Super Hero!
I don't know why I did it. Kirby the Super Hero of Dream Land!!! *
Save Me
"Come on and save me I'm loosing my mind, day after day 'cause I miss you so much. Come on and same me I'm loosing my mind. Waiting and wainting for you to me be mine.

Come and save me, from me..... Me."…
Tiff Adult Remake
Nothing, I am doing a lot of remakes, and this is one of them. That time I didn't see al the episodes, so I didn't know that Tiff would be different from her mother a time grown up. Cute anyways, no?
HEELLOOO! I've a good piece of news! I do commissions!
If you ask Kirby releated commissions are free!
If you ask others things, you'll have to pay only 3 €! Is a special price, you cannot find a price lower!
Contact me on a note! Or send me a mail!
My mail is
(Maybe note is better, but if you don't find me, mail could be better)


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