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United Kingdom
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GRARRRRRRR w/ new css

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 30, 2008, 8:54 PM
:heart: :iconstarlight-usagi::icontsuren: :heart:

new css featuring scared nui and pissed off shi-ou
why is nui scared of ghosts that looks like deformed octoweiners?

first of all my laptop was taken from me my precious to be fixed which was VERY inconvienent considering i've got a lot to get done, it's only just back with me now @_____<
seriously, i was so bored during this time it was gone that i practically ate the house T______T;; there are things i wanted to eat that i couldn't find, i think i must have eaten them in a trance
i've also watched too much tv, i really dont like watching television much unless it's gordon ramsay, he amuses me and makes me hungry.....for his food not him >____o eww [i was probably the only one that took that sentance that way xD]

secondly my PC is screwed beyond belief and repair and we spent like, 3 days talking to this IDIOT named fez on the phone on a helpline who was reading from a manual and who didn't even help a little bit and after 3 tries he finally forwarded us to customer services where my mom gave an earfull [or as i heard a welsh couple say on gordon ramsay's kitchen nightmares, a "titfull", lol i love that, from there i also learned the phrase "i couldn't give two shiny shites" oh fun xD]
my computer cant even turn on anymore, when we get a new one i will be beating it up with a baseball bat

thirdly and most importantly i have no more lucky charms left *emotear* breakfast isn't fun anymore lol bad times

fourthly the one that makes me veeeeeeeery mad is that this year i could have gone to university instead of being stuck in the final year of highschool i could be studying law in a few weeks but NOOOOOOOOOOO thanks to some incorrect information from some teachers who should have known this [i'll get them] i'm still a high school kid maybe i should just drop most of my subjects so i can go home for most of this year and sleep u_____u;;
i fail at life

on the bright side me and my mom made millionaire shortbread today and it's orgasmic *A*, except i got fed up at the end because my mom is a bitch in the kitchen, lol i love her really… COMMISSIONS: FULL

1. :iconroko-san: // paid // waiting to scan
2. :icontsuren: //paid // 0%
3. :iconde-ja: // paid // 0%
4. :iconblueundine: // reserved //

shi-ou & nui
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